Children’s song singer makes her maid sleep in bathroom

On 2012.6.25, Headline Daily published an interview of “The Queen of children’s songs “, singer Purple Lee, in which she showed off her 1,800 sq. ft. home in Tiu Keng Leng. Strangely, the interview includes a photo of her maid’s room, which is a bathroom. Many netizens found this act repulsing.

Maid’s room
It is located inside the bathroom. The bed is over the toilet, therefore it had to be tailor-made. She explained that, “Because my mother doesn’t want to share the bathroom with the maid, so I have to divide space.”

Floor Plan of Lee’s home

The red glow is where the maid’s room is located.

Netizens’ reactions

NASALHYGIENE: Actually, the richer one gets, the lesser one regards the lower class as human?

1生1代1雙人: Her mother discriminates her maid and thinks that her maid would make the bathroom stinky. The maid has to use the bathroom for maid. Her mother uses her own bathroom.

Some netizens looked up the floor plan of Metro Town and deduce that Purple Lee and her family tore down the all purpose room, which is circled with green glow and generally used as a maid’s room, to expand the kitchen. Some suspect that the merging of 2 flats (Flat G & H) might belong to unauthorised building works.

派膠皇后: She lives in Metro Town and merged two 900 sq. ft. 3 beds 2 baths flats into one. It has 6  beds, 4 baths and 2 kitchens totally. She has so f**king big place, it is not difficult to find a room, which can also be used as a storage room, for her maid. Her maid doesn’t need to sleep in the bathroom at all.

源起綠滅: So mean

_□: She refuses to give a 100 sq. ft. room for her maid. (clown) You are really compassionate and the model of children. (thumbs-up)

A netizen compared her maid’s room with a prison cell.

Dis: I can’t believe that the stinky cell of the police station is more comfortable than the maid’s room. (*The gang language of prison cell is “stinky cell” in Cantonese)

Later, Purple Lee uploaded a picture of her maid reading in a bedroom.

Purple Lee: Today, there is a mistake in a home report. I would like to correct it in here. The bathroom in the report is the bathroom of my maid and the storage room for my family. It is not a maid’s room because she has her own bedroom. I hope that everyone would not misunderstand me. In here, I thank everyone for your concern.

However, netizens discovered that Purple posted a picture of her on the same bed in May.

Purple Lee: My feet swelled after finishing 8 musicals. It seems that I need to rest.

DramtM: They hold each other tight when they sleep? //@mrwasabi: Immigration Department and Equal Opportunities Commission, please take action! //@Kengo健吾: It turns out that Sister Purple and her maid share the same room and bed~

豬呀_Gia: Why didn’t you ask your maid to change the bed sheet?

WWWiNSS: I think that you pretend to be innocent to cheat children. Who would have thought that you treat your foreign maid badly despite the fact that you own a big house because you earn money from children and parents. I feel sad for your supporters!

Wai: I have photographed many luxury homes. The maid’s rooms are really scary…A less than 5 ft bed is put inside a storage room…Don’t even have a window!

Ken: Damn, the middle class is the meanest. They force their maids to go down to the clubhouses of their housing estates to take bath.

up2u: Many people treat their maids like animals. When I read news about maids maltreat their young masters, I will always give my sympathy towards maids on the first impression.

Phoebe: I think her and many Hong Kong middle class don’t think that this is a problem. I once watched “The Scoop” (*a TV show) introducing a several thousands sq. ft.  luxury home. It has two doors to the living room. The maid’s room is so narrow that a fatter person can’t get in.

Many Hongkongers think that they have bought a salve simply because they pay several thousands a month.

全程封口: I think that the employers of Hong Kong are like Sister Purple. They think that paying employees salaries means everything. Hong Kong salves (*勞工 labourer is a homophone of 奴工 slave workers in Cantonese) are like the maid of Sister Purple. They are forced to live an inhuman life and can’t rebel. Goldeners (*members of HKGOLDEN forum) are just keyboard fighters who can only f**k in front of computer monitors.

Janet: Most adults in here are always disappointing.

皮爾修: The sociey of Hong Kong is f**king scary. When everyf**kingbody makes mistakes, he either evades responsibility or lies. No one admits mistakes – from high government officials, the Chief Executive to unimportant queen of children’s songs.

According to 2012.6.26 The Sun,

Since the incident drew wide concern, Immigration Department, which is responsible for approval of foreign domestic helper’s’ application, has intervened and started to investigate whether there is violation of employment agreement.

Purple Lee took picture with her Indonesian maid Lisa in Lisa’s room yesterday to clear up the misunderstanding.

-莫名-: She depends on your salary. You make her say that she lives in the White House and she will still say “Yeah”.

咩呀: The smile of the sister is so forceful.

kingcccc: bump again. I feel very angry when rich people bully workers.

From 2012.6.27 Headline Daily

The Truth of Bathroom Room

According to the reporter of the interview, Purple felt no shame when she introduced her maid’s room. She even used her hands to keep the door open so that the reporter could photograph. In that several minutes, she mentioned “over-the-toilet-bed” and was very proud of it. The content of the interview is 100% from Purple and there is no lie. Actually, the so-called maid’s room that Purple attempted to clam people down is her temporary makeup room. It was also photographed on the day of the interview. As for the “bathroom room”, is it a “mistake”? What do you think?

The following is the MV “Sky and Dream”, which is composed, written and sang by Purple Lee. Here’s a line of lyric  – “最美麗的心充滿着愛”, the most beautiful heart is full of love.

On July 7th, a netizen posted an email from Dr Kong, a footware company which hires Purple Lee as its spokesperson, says that it has suspended her from appearing in the company’s campaigns.

13 thoughts on “Children’s song singer makes her maid sleep in bathroom

  1. This is disgraceful! She is a very bad example to children, for what she did is racist! How would she like it if she has to sleep in the bathroom? think we should boycott her until she sees the error of her ways. Someone shoul also report her to Immigration Department.

  2. The importation of foreign maids has created a racist slave society in Hong Kong…it is really ugly. There is very little regard for these maids’ rights.

    Meanwhile, low-income Hong Kongers are trapped in a rentier debt society.

    The rich people of Hong Kong have no sense of responsibility and little regard for society.

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  4. If there are people like yourselves here, then there is hope yet for HK. Speak out and expose ethnocentric, racist and class-motivated discrimination, don’t stop, get louder, and more power to you. Catch the lies, bare the hypocrisies and demand change…demand that the HK government outlaws all transgressions to human rights. Lip service will no longer do. Legislate and enforce, punish and deter…no matter how elevated the social class or status. We want a more civilised HK, not just a richer one. Everyone counts.

  5. This bathroom is terribly small! I can not believe how tiny it is. I think a good remodel could be done rather inexpensively and make it into a really beautiful room!

  6. Absolutely disgusting. Very bad for the karma of those who treat others like this. What’s the bet that its the ‘purples’ of this world that complain the most about racism etc?

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  9. What a dumb bitch Purple Lee, she needs to act more human. I can understand her mom is from an era of no education but humanity comes first. The mom could put up with the maid’s cooking but not the toliet. Where’s the sense in that, this so called purple lee might be someone in hk but outside she’s just another good for nothing flat chested geek. Get a life people!

  10. Some people are just wearing a beautiful mask, a famous singer doesn’t mean have good
    character. She made a big mistake, she should never show her house to the public, this
    matter already hurts her reputation a lot.

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