Shenzhen’s “Queen Mary Hospital” Exhausts Hong Kong Public Health System

2012.6.25 Mingpao via 醒吓啦,香港人! Up for Hong Kong (*Only major points are translated.)

HKU Shenzhen hospital is nicknamed as Shenzhen’s “Queen Mary Hospital” as Hong Kong Queen Mary Hospital is the teaching hospital of HKU.

The Faculty of HKU Internal Medicine Refuses to Sign Going North Agreement

Take turns to be on duty at Shenzhen Hospital, Worry about teaching quality in Hong Kong

HKU Shenzhen Hospital starts test operation next week. Faculties and doctors from all HKU medical branches are going to take turns to be on duty. HKU gave “HKU Shenzhen Hospital Hong Kong Staffs Working Agreement” to all professors in the middle of this month. It is said that the Department of Internal Medicine has halted to sign the agreement. Those who refuse to sign include high-level and senior professors. A professor questioned, “We work for HKU. Why do we have to sign another contract with another organisation? HKU doesn’t let us to view the agreement between our college and Shenzhen. Someone has sought legal advice and doesn’t sign the agreement because it is problematic. Whether the hospital can test operate next week is uncertain.”

Feel “coerced” to go to the North, The agreement doesn’t clearly state duties

A professor who refuses to sign expressed that besides orthopedics, most departments have never consulted wishes of their faculties. Besides, the agreement doesn’t clearly state duties. It is impossible to sign. “The department constantly urges you to return the form, and makes you feel that you can only return the form or give the resignation letter. ”

The School of Medicine claims that the agreement is of voluntary nature, refuses to answer the consequence for not signing it

A professor who has signed the agreement said frankly, “There is no choice. The department said everyone had to go. Everybody doesn’t know jobs they are going to do. Of course we don’t want to go. Even if every department recruited 3 more people, it would not be enough as the university system is being switched from 3 years to 4 years. Also, if the plan of building a private hospital succeeded, we would have to carry out the job. In the end, the quality of health care and teaching will be affected.”

HKU Internal Medicine Department neurosurgery professor Chueng Tak Fai didn’t comment on the agreement. However, he expressed bluntly that some of his colleagues feel “dispirited” as internal medicine in Hong Kong is divided into many branches and in Shenzhen they to see cases from every branch. Besides, the work of Hong Kong is busy enough. Some people want to resign because they worry about going North. He said that the Department of Internal Medicine will arrange over 10 professors to Shenzhen. Each person has to go to Shenzhen every 2 weeks.

Netizens’ reactions

Wong: Even our doctors are robbed. Rob and rob. F**k

Angela: This government is extremely bad! They can do anything to curry favour with the Strong Country. It is hard not to be Mainlandised. This can be used as an excuse to import Mainland Chinese doctors to Hong Kong. Hongkongers are in a very big trouble. Everything is robbed!

Ka: Thay have already robbed social welfare, public housing, school quotas and Yukult. Now, they even rob doctors?

Lam: I know a public hospital nurse and she said that if a medical staff refuses to be on duty in the North, his or her contract won’t be renewed.

Arthur: You say one should not care about politics and only care about people’s welfare. Only an idiot doesn’t know that politics and people’s welfare are intimately related. Now, Hong Kong doesn’t even have enough doctors and has to mobolise doctors to the North. This is the result of Hongkonger for not caring about politics and willing to be an idiot. Yes, if you don’t fight, then your life is that worthless.

Lui: Top Hong Kong doctors are made to serve Mainland Chinese officials and rich people. The shamelessness is speechless. To be peaceful and logical with local commie, does it work anymore?

Chan: I think we are like a blood bag. We are going to be disposed once the blood transfusion has finished.

Hong Kong in the map of Shenzhen

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