Protesting under July 1st Firework

Photo by Yoyo Sham

“63,000 vs 400,000” by 仙地 of vjmedia (The following is not a full translation.)

This year July 1st protest is extra exhausting.

I started off from Causeway Bay Sogo at 3:30pm. My companions and I only walked a distance of two stores in one and half hour. (*less than 100m) We did not know what were we waiting for. We only knew that there were too many people in the front and therefore we were stuck. Luckily, Sister Mark of Hong Kong Journalists Association suddenly walked up to the stage nearby and made everyone excited…”Open the path! Open the path! Open the path!” we shouted loudly. The sun is hot in the sky, a little girl next to me was pulling her mother and cried that she wanted to leave. My friend couldn’t help saying, “Kid, be patient, don’t give up easily!”

Not until 5 pm could we go forward in a very slow pace. However, not one person left. We did not complain and waited in silence. We reached the new government headquarters around 7pm. In this four-hour journey, there were no conflicts and only clapping and cheering sound for mutual encouragement. At the moment when the Handover celebrating fireworks were set off, protesters were still coming in. I could not hold up my tears anymore. A person nearby asked, “Are you Honngkonger?” My sister and I nodded. The person asked again, “Don’t you think that ironic? Protesting while fireworks were setting off.”

Today, we shared our thoughts while we were walking together. First, political issues should not be discussed in working environments. Because in the mind of businessmen (boss), protest means trouble-making and an idea conflict between baby boomers and generation Y.  I don’t agree with this. However, I got in trouble once. Second, besides religious background, political orientation also puts a couple to the test. Many female friends told me that their partners are indifferent to politics and only want to seek stability. They don’t understand why Hongkongers need to stand up. Some even think that our female friends are too naive and should not participate in protests. As a result, every time when I go to a protest, I have to find my old classmates from the School of Journalism and Communication. They are the only ones that understand my view. Luckily, my partner is even more enthusiastic about politics than me. However, why only classmates from journalism major share the same value with me? This point makes me sad. Hongkonger, oh, Hongkonger, even though we grew up under the rule of colonial government, we still have the rights and responsibilities of humankind.  We should not pretend to be deaf and dumb.

Hong Kong, like this, has passed 15 years after Handover. I hope that we would also have the persistence of Aung San Suu Kyi so that we could continue to strive for freedom.

“Deeply grieve for Hong Kong. Pay respect to the 15 anniversary of being occupied peacefully.”

Photo by Sky of Today

5 thoughts on “Protesting under July 1st Firework

    1. I wouldn’t call it occupation more like we are partially controlled by China. There’s no doubt that the pathetic HK government is influenced by CCP.

      When HK returned to China in 1997, HK became an tribute state to China, we gave them donations for their earthquake and disasters, tolerated mainlanders shitting and pissing on our streets like animals, tolerated them pouring in HK to steal our benefits, hospital beds, milk, food, products, HK passports ect

      1. Sounds like an occupation!!! Probably worse…. Invasion.. BOTH! Occupation and Invasion! Independence for HK is probably best way to turn. No more Colonial rule, No more Communist Rule, no more Chinese rule! Independent HK, Hong Kongers ruling Hong Kong! Hong Kong government reports to NO ONE, but their leader! No reporting to CCP, No reporting to Chinese Central Government, no reporting to Guangdong Provincial Government. HK Government reports to their people, tends to their people, and tends to Hong Kong, and no one else. It will be a brand new start. Hong Kong can concentrate on eliminating more important problems in HK like air pollution, controlling immigrants from China illegally gaining Hong Kong citizenship, promote Cantonese over Mandarin, and finally fix up Hong Kong!

  1. I would call it an occupation if the HK gov’t is a CCP puppet and PLA troops are stationed anywhere within Hong Kong terriority.

    I would call mainlanders invasion when mainlanders speaking manadrin and simplified characters outnumber cantonese and traditional chinese.

    I would call HK govt to man up and to develop industries and keep it in Hong Kong and provide incentives for R&D in HK. I would call all lands to build public estates and HOS schemes, no more private estates for a decade or so, go tell the real estate developers to take a hike. Tighten up the checks for people’s incomes and assets for public estates and HOS schemes, like having public housing talking to the revenue department. Break up the duopoly between PnS and Wellcome, CPL and HK Power, and the monopoly of PCCW and open up to market competition.

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