Cheung Kong’s Crown by the Sea Gets the Crown of Greediness

Recently, the Facebook page of Hong Kong Cable TV’s “樓盤傳真 Property Outlook” posted two pictures of a room from Cheung Kong’s Crown by the Sea 海譽 in which a bay window occupies half of the room. The two offending pictures immediately drew an angry mob of netizens. And the page has turned into a cursing feast of the property tycoon Li Ka Shing.

The following is from Now TV’s “樓市每日睇 Daily Property” and this episode featured the home above. The owner bought this property for $11M, around $7600 per sq. ft., in the end of last year. Watch from 4:00 to 4:25 for the offending room.

The window bay concerned is in the maid’s room and is 2.5 ft deep and 6 ft wide, which is almost half of the room.

A screen capture of the maid’s room from Cable TV’s Property Outlook.

Netizens’ reactions

Wong: In the 70s and 80s, the government wanted to embellish architecture and therefore bay windows were exempted from the plot ratio. Bay windows in the 70s and 80s were mostly 1 inch deep and there was no bay window design. These days, bay windows aren’t counted in the plot ratio. However, developers count them in the gross floor area. The bigger the bay window is, the more profits developers make. In addition, normal people don’t know many things. For instance, a modern housing estate has to build a very very big bus station (public transport interchange). However, there is no bus. There are 3 or 4 floors of parking, clubs etc.

Kenny: Bay windows aren’t counted in the plot ratio. It is a gift from the government and free. However, these bay windows are counted in the gross floor area to earn buyers’ money. Can you tell why the government approved these plans? Who let Cheung Kong earn maximum profit? The inflation degree is 96%! However, most citizens can’t afford to buy. The number of people who who buy for self use is even smaller.

Yeung: It is a maid’s room. Owners don’t sleep in there. Maids won’t complain because they are employees. You can criticise developer hegemony but they won’t change their greediness. You should be glad that you have no money to let them suck.

Ric Lee: So, isn’t maid a human? Is this room for human?

Kula: Is the design of the maid’s room like that? I would rather work for Sister Purple.

Tabris Siu: Actually, Sister purple doesn’t treat her maid too badly. Brother Shing (*Li Ka Shing) treats Hong Konger the worst!

So: People always say that one should learn from Li ** *****. He’s so bad. He earns the hard-earned money of Hong Kong people that way. Almost all the saving of the whole life was given to you. However, you don’t let me to extend my feet in my room.

Katrina: Mr Lee has so much money, why can’t he do more good deeds? We normal people use up all the financial resources to buy a house and have a small family. However, you use every ways to cheat our money to make your kingdom more powerful.

Mico Hui: It is a crime for hawkers to short the scale to cheat customers. It isn’t a crime for developers to cheat the gloss floor area?!  The government colludes with corporations to this level. It is the misfortune of Hongkonger.

Li Ka Shing once cited a quote from Confucius.

A man of noble character acquires his wealth by honorable means.


4 thoughts on “Cheung Kong’s Crown by the Sea Gets the Crown of Greediness

  1. Hope more people read this and more people finally wake up and protest so that we can do something about the greediness of developers. We are all essentially lifetime slaves to the major developers in HK for life, suffering in tiny boxes smaller than coffins.

  2. If I recall correctly, there was an article in the SCMP with a list of lawmakers who receive a huge percentage of their operational funds from developers. Many times you find someone directly related or from the extended family circle as a board member or (executie/non-executive) director of each other’s board. Unless all property tycoons disappear with their wealth, lawmakers won’t be able to voice their true opinion as they also need income, which the developers willingly provide. It should not be the government that is responsible. Until the people of HK get more involved in politics, i.e. casting the vote, making donations…etc) so that lawmakers can actually voice their own opinion instead of having developers put words into their mouths. The whole system itself is a mess and this is one of the thousands of issues the people of HK must resolve….

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