Hong Kong National Education: Two-Party System Makes American Suffer

A few days ago, a teacher posted a page of the teaching manual of national education on Facebook. In that page, Beijing authority is praised while American political system is disparaged. Later, young students of Scholarism photocopied the whole book and posted all pages online.

“The China Model – The Teaching Manual of the Current State of the Country”

The following is the page that praises single party system and disparages multiparty system. (P.16)

4. Progressive, Selfless and United Ruling Group

  • Before RoC and PRC, all ruling groups were hereditary monarchy. Bureaucracy structures were made up of Confucian scholars which were selected through imperial examination. Both beliefs are similar to Weltanschauung and deeply influenced by traditional citizen-oriented thinking.
  • After years of changes and transformations, democratic centralism archived a highly homogeneous and a relatively united ruling group. Unlike regime change of Western democratic countries, the ruling group of China mainly serves the country and people. The closeness of ruling philosophies and orientations inside the ruling group ensures the continuity of the regime and stability of the society.
  • In conclusion, the present ruling group has 4 main characteristics:
  1. It ensures stable administration, can effectively promote long-term policy and has strong continuity. It won’t make frequent and unpredictable changes in policy as there is no great change due to regime change.
  2. It ensures the intact of the territory and the unity of administration, legislation and military affairs. It solves catastrophes of warlord domination ever since Qing Dynasty, the splitting up of China by the Western powers and battles between parties.
  3. It increases cohesion between every ethnic group, every region in the country and overseas ethnic Chinese. It also promotes the unity and mutual assistance between Mainland and overseas Chinese to resist separatist movements
  4. It retains traditional Chinese culture and prevents the government from being a tool of a religion, a race and an interest group. It also gives a full display of the government function which balances interests between all groups in the society

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Fierce battles between Political Parties, People Suffer

  • America has many political parties. However, mainly two majority parties, Democratic Party and Republican Party, hold power in turns. The two parties always refuse to pass annual fiscal plan due needs of campaigning for votes or arguments. This makes governments shut down and public services stop and directly affects daily operations of people and the society.
  • Take 2011 April as example, two parties only reached an agreement on debt-ceiling at the last moment. It almost leaded to the shutdown of the government. In September of the same year, the House of the Representatives passed a bill that let the government to give $3.7 billion to victims (of Hurricane Irene). Part of the relieve fund was from 2 technology development loans. However, Republican thought that the measure passed by the house of Representatives was petty. Therefore, the Senate vetoed the bill by a 54-36 vote. Later, the temporary budget was passed only after bargains between 2 sides. This phenomenon always happens when the party in power doesn’t get control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  • According to records, the American federal government had been shut down for 17 times between 1977 to 1996. The shortest shut down is 1 day and the longest is 21 days.
  • Wall Street Journal pointed out that every time when the American government shut down, it leads to the decrease of 0.015% GDP. There was also another American media provide the statistic that the shut down of American government costs taxpayer $1 trillion daily.

Netizen’s reactions

胡: Hong Kong national education is so disgusting! It only praises Strong Country and doesn’t criticise her; It only critcises other countries but never praises them!

Ha: America = Fierce battles between Political Parties, People Suffer
CCP = Progressive, Selfless and United Ruling Group
No wonder families of CCP leaders all become foreigners. Leaders of my party, thanks for your trouble

Wong: If the Communist Party were that superior, they would not need to use violence to oppress people daily. The Communist Party is really ******.  Want to brainwash? Wash your a** first. The brain of the Communist Party is in the a** and always use a** to think and make **** idea.

Herman: Crazy! One party system doesn’t make frequent or unpredictable changes in policy? Why can this be written as an advantage? Fights between parties? You think these is none? Bo Xilai has changed from “sing red hit black” to being removed from office. What does “retained Chinese culture” mean? It is all ruined by simplified Chinese character and the Cultural Revolution.

If the next generation were taught like that, then they would be doomed. National education piss off!

方: Teachers teach like that. Students learn like that. Holy ****…. When Chai Chai and Chak Chak grew up, would they tie red neckerchiefs? Would they love Party chairmen more than their father and mother?

Students from Scholarism fight against the national education.

The headmaster of Fukien Secondary School, Wong Kwan Yu, said in an interview last year that he wish that national education could brainwash students.

Fukien Secondary School

Wong Kwan Yu: I really wish that it could brainwash students.


A netizen photoshopped the cover of the teaching manual to become “The Communist Model”

Hong Kong National Education: The Communist Model

9 thoughts on “Hong Kong National Education: Two-Party System Makes American Suffer

  1. thank you for posting all of this; i’m interested but have trouble keeping up with local news. it’s good to get a local perspective on things.

  2. That is the most stupidest thing I have ever read. There is no difference between the now Communist party-styled of ruling than the Dynasties before Republic of China.. They were all ruled by one person, who is unchallenged, and can do anything he or she wanted. The true warlord and barbarians are all those damn Northerners, especially those who work for the CCP.

  3. Quite apart from the mind-boggling bias and the intellectual level of an 11-year-old, the frightening part is the unthinking racism of favouring “overseas Chinese”, presumably including even Gary Locke. A paranoid, gerontocratic, megalomaniac regime: where will it all end?

  4. where do China send its elite for education? USA. Where do corrupt bureaucrats send their money for hiding? USA. what country do the Chinese leaders have rights of residence? USA. Should these topics be put in the curriculum of national education? Are Chinese leaders’ children patriotic? They are holders of foreign passports. What kind of patriotic education do you want/ Stupid.

  5. National education should be rational and objective. If I compell my son to love me by pointiong a pistoal against his head, I will most likely get the answer I wanted. This is tantamoumt to forcing people to tell lies agaist their conscience. The conclusion that China’s political system is better than that of the U.S. is really debatable. I voice my concern because I love China (MY MOTHERLAN). The mono political system may have its advantage in theory. Nevertheless I am disappointed to say that it works badly in reality. A lot of efforts by the leadship to perfect the system is requied.

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