Hong Kong Netizens on New Zealand Milk Powder Shortage

Earlier this year, International Herald Tribune implied that Hongkongers could only blame themselves for allowing smuggling.

Locals also complain that Chinese shoppers, scared about food purity and safety back home, have driven up the price of diapers, powdered milk and infant formula, stripping shelves and carting their goods back to the mainland. There’s often a fine line between shopping and smuggling.

On Jun 28th, New Zealand 3 News reported that there is still a milk powder shortage. The report featured a mother who experiences great difficulty in buying Karicare Gold 2.

New Zealand Milk Powder Shortage
“local Chinese families buying up milk powder in bulk, sending them to home in China, and causing a severe shortage in the market here”
A Kiwi child under NZ milk shortage
“The New Zealand children really should be given first.”
An empty Karicare Gold's shelf in a New Zealand supermarket
“not a can available”

A comment from 3 News

Input the keyword “Karicare” on Mainland Weibo

New Zealand Milk Powder Shortage

A buying agency from New Zealand put a piece of paper with its Taobao (*Chinese eBay) store name inside the shelf of Karicare Gold.


One buying agent from Australia bought a full cart of Karicare goat milk and even posed behind a little mountain of them.


A buying agent from New Zealand commented that the price of Karicare (*Gold) has just been raised.

U姿态_新西兰奶粉海外代购: In the supermarket, the price of Karicare infant formula has just been raised.

Supermarkets even specifically notify Chinese customers that only one tin of infant formula can be purchased by a customer/group/family daily.
New Zealand supermarket restricts Chinese from buying infant forumla

A Weibo user who lives in New Zealand thinks the restriction is ridiculous.

New Zealand supermarkets Impose buying restriction on infant forumla

Mainland Chinese Weibo used not happy with infant powder buying restrictions

GLORIAAAAAAAA_: When I was reading the buying restriction, a Caucasian old woman stared at me a few times. I don’t understand why f**king Kiwi blame us for buying too much milk powder. We have never stolen and robbed and it is a legal buying and selling. Why can’t we do it? Let’s not mention Chinese consumers give you revenue and markets, do you have that strong purchasing power yourself? You even impose that ridiculous buying restriction. You think that requiring babies’ birth certificates can prevent me from buying them? F***. Tomorrow, I am going to buy 6 tins for my granny.

Hong Kong netizens’ reactions

Ko: The name “locusts” is really suitable.

Lai (*He lives in New Zealand): New Zealand milk powder is in a great shortage, especially for goat milk. Some babies have allergy and have to drink goat milk, otherwise they will die. The manufacturer said it didn’t have its own products as well. All in all, it is a big mess.

Fung: This is a no-blood murder! It is even more shameful!

Li: Strong Country people, “We come to save your economy! Why don’t you say thank you?!”

關: Mainland Chinese sucking up all the baby formulas in New Zealand creating a major shortage for New Zealanders. One interviewed is quoted saying “In regards to New Zealanders are having shortage in baby formula I feel regrettable, but I will CONTINUE to do what I am doing…”
The mainlanders who buy up baby formulas outside of mainland China does so because Chinese producers have been caught using harmful chemical products in their formulas thus creating a scare that are now not only affecting Hong Kong parents but now apparently are affecting New Zealanders as well.
Those mainlanders responsible are a plague of locusts who don’t give a shit about other people’s needs other than their own, as if only their babies matter. Not only are baby formula being bought up, many mainlanders on tour in Hong Kong also buy up whatever food products they want due to many fakes and dangerous chemicals in food products. Although somewhat understandable, their selfish greed are inflating prices in Hong Kong making ordinary citizens with low income unable to purchase what was once cheap food. Long lines of mainlanders outside food shops are now a growing common sight throughout the Hong Kong regions.
Other shortages includes hospital places for pregnant Hong Kong women who are about to give birth due to mainland women, with no right to residency in Hongkong, illegally coming to Hong Kong to give birth thus robbing Hong Kong mothers of necessary natal care. Hong Kong mothers, who have just given birth, sleeping in hospital corridors are now growing in Hong Kong hospitals. It is ridiculous that mainland women barges into hospitals and demand beds while native Hong Kong mothers are reduced to sleeping on floors or benches.
This predicament in Hong Kong needs to be revealed outside of China and Hong Kong. There needs to be an international awareness and pressure on the commi regime to stop mainlanders further eroding the life of Hong Kong’s people!

Smugglers are packaging boxes of infant formula inside a Hong Kong train.

Smugglers packaging goods and blocking streets is a common scene in Hong Kong.
Smugglers packaging goods and blocking streets is a common scene in Hong Kong

Jolly: Your home has a problem but you don’t solve it. And you bring your trouble to other people’s homes and let others to bear the weight. Can this be counted as Strong Country’s pirate theory?

Blogger “UP for HK”

Up for HK: In here, I don’t mention moral, conscience and social responsibility. Because these are “cultural differences” and “single cases”. I just want to confirm the power of 1.3 billion. 0.03% of 1.3 billion is already the whole population of New Zealand. Buying infant formula outside of China is deemed to be “very correct” because milk powder of the Strong Country is tainted. This power can buy up the whole New Zealand easily. If you let 3% of Mainland Chinese tourists in, it is already 6 times of the Hong Kong population and 10 times of the New Zealand population! After serving Strong Country guests and earning money, the whole city is ruined. Towards this powerful country, people of the world have no reason to discriminate, just avoid her at most!

Lo: They finally get the feeling of Hong Kong moms.

Chan: That’s great. When we speak out, others say we are fussing out of nothing. Let them “feel” the same.

Chin: Other countries should learn that if they appease this evil regime and let this thief country poisons its people, disasters will spread to them.

A buying agent in Netherlands filmed herself  buying infant formula in a supermarket. One of the shelves was almost empty and she had to ask for assistance.

She even took a picture in front of the almost empty shelf with a piece of paper that has her store’s name.(*This picture was deleted in the original post but it is cached by Google.)

Another buying agent in Netherlands posted a photo of her stocks.

A buying agency in Germany posted pictures of boxes of German baby milk powder, Aptamil, in the cashier and in front of the entrance of a supermarket.

Chinese buying agency buying German milk powder

A Taobao seller from England promotes his store by putting a piece of paper with his store’s name and logo inside the shelf of infant formula.

A buying agent from Canada posted a picture of empty shelves in the infant formula aisle of a Toronto supermarket.

Toronto Milk Powder ShortageToronto Milk Powder Shortage Weibo钻石小叶子-Russell: In the past, I heard that ethnic Chinese panic-buy infant formula in American big cities. Today, I went to Toronto, shelves of infant formula were all empty. My farming village is quite good. Pay attention, what being hang on the top are all pictures.

A mother from Shenzhen posted a picture of her child sleeping with tins of Karicare Gold and Goat milk on Weibo.

8 thoughts on “Hong Kong Netizens on New Zealand Milk Powder Shortage

  1. Stumbled on to your blog recently and this article peaked my interest as I live in New Zealand and have personally seen these Chinese mainlanders hoarding away milk powder from our supermarket shelves. It never ceases to amaze me that these mainlanders feel a sense of righteousness saying they are contributing to the NZ economy when they are hoarding milk powder to sent to their noveau riche comrades while denying the real demand of local NZ families.

    Instead of feeling embarrassed, these people continue to go about their self-fulfilling and self-entitled ways and portraying themselves as inconsiderate and selfish foreigners. Their conducts serves nothing but for anti-immigrant sector of society and the increasing antagonising of Chinese and Asian people.

    The shame!

    1. Please think the problem more comprehensively Why did Chinese need to go so far away to buy milk powder in NZ? 80% of Chinese dairy imports come from New Zealand which definitly helps NZ economy. In addition. recently the milk powder importing from Fonterra’s, NZ has been discovered with dicyandiamide countained which poisons babies! More unethically, milk powder containing DCD was stopped in NZ, but with no plan to stop selling to China. This is putting on a “poison” show? (Pun on the term for the term for ‘standing above the crowd’ ). Moreover, some people consider that they are trying to coverup this evil problem because on January 24, more than four months after Fonterra’s testing, the ministry told the world about it. Compare to such unethical behavior the NZ company did,how nice Chinese is! The reason why Chinese hoard the milk powder is because such a shameful campany exporting such disgusting milk powder to poison the babies in the world!!

      1. what about all the tainted milk which is still being produced and sold in Mainland China? Is it ethical to sell tainted milk in Mainland China?!?!?!
        Why don’t you sort out the problem in your own bloody country before shouting at other countries? Oh, I forgot, you Mainland Chinese are not allowed to complain about the practises in your own country.

  2. The lack of civic values goes back millennia, when being loyal to your family and mistrustful of everyone else was the only way to survive.

    China people already have a reputation of being self-centred. The downfall of the evil regime may come, as it indeed fears, when foreigners realise to what extent the government and the people share the same weaknesses.

  3. People ignore China thinking if they don’t interfere, they won’t annoy them, but they have to realise that no country is ever truly safe from another. Once one country’s resources are nearly depleted, locusts will look for more, and more, until it has all been consumed.

  4. I do not understand how Chinese mainlander after clearing out the whole supermarket’s shelfs of infant formula then have the balls to say we are contributing to your economy. If you are “contributing” then register an export company, so the local goverment can tax you for your “contributions”. At the moment you are not contributing to anything, you are just ruining the econmy by creating hyper inflation due to an unbalance demand, and all the social complications with it. If you are really “contributing” then make ZERO profit on the products you buy and sell, then you are really contributing to the local economy. Otherwise, don’t even try to wave that bullcrap logic of your strong country here.

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