Hong Kong born ethnic Indian or Mainland Chinese, which one is Hongkonger?

TV actor Gill Mohinderpaul Singh aka 喬寶寶 Kiu Bobo (Baby Kiu literally) in Cantonese , who was born and raised in Hong Kong, speaks fluent Cantonese and is estimated to have earned an average of $800,000 a month, recently revealed that his Indian wife had just been denied a HKSAR passport despite the fact that she has lived in Hong Kong for 22 years. He and his family is moving to Scotland because of this. Netizens are angry that the government has a bias towards Mainland Chinese and discriminates against “Remnants of British Hong Kong”

According to July 9th Headline Daily,

Kiu Bobo is forced to emigrate out of Hong Kong and retire from the entertainment industry. His wife has been denied a HKSAR passport.


Kiu Bobo plays an Indian who is constantly discriminated in the job market in the drama “No Good Either Way”. In reality, he is suspected to be discriminated. Because his Indian wife of 22 years, who has lived in Hong Kong ever since they got married, has been denied a HKSAR passport for unknown reasons. For his two sons, who are studying  and getting treatment in Scotland, he is forced to move to there and even has to retire from the entertainment industry.

Indian nationality Gill Mohinderpaul Singh was born and raised in Hong Kong. At 19, he went back to India to have an arranged marriage with Gurinder Kaur Gill. Ever since, his wife has been lived in Hong Kong. His 21-year-old son Inderpal was born in Hong Kong and his 9-year-old younger son Arvin was born in Scotland because Hong Kong was hit by SARS.

He is moving to Scotland for his sons.

Younger son Arvin has problems in spinal nerves and requires long-term physical and movement therapies. He also has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. For better learning and living environment, Kiu Bobo has arranged his son to study in Scotland. His wife applied for HKSAR passport so that it would be more convenient for her to travel between Hong Kong and Scotland. However, her application is denied for unknown reasons. He is forced to immigrate to Scotland. When our reporter interviewed him, he was very discontented with the decision.

Kiu Bobo said, “After I received the notification letter, I had called the Immigration Department. They said that the case was confidential. I don’t even know what has gone wrong and can’t re-apply. Actually, I have many Indian friends who have lived in here for less than 10 years and speak  no Cantonese can get social welfare and HKSAR passports. Therefore, I don’t really understand.

Now, my wife has to take care of our sons in Scotland. She has no HKSAR passport and therefore we have to immigrate. However, I have to accompany her so that she can get Scotland citizenship. Therefore, when my contract with TVB expires in April next year, I will have to move to Scotland in August. At that time, only 30 days of departure period will be allowed. Therefore, I have to give up working in the entertainment industry! “

Poster of “No Good Way Either”

Kiu Bobo expressed on his Facebook page that he still wants to be a Hongkonger.

Kiu Bobo was interviewed by another Cantonese-speaking ethnic South Asian reporter Nabela Qoser (*Wiki says she’s an ethnic Pakistani.  However, netizens say she’s an ethnic Indian.) on this year Valentine’s day. The topic is about arranged marriage.

A netizen compared Kiu Bobo with Mainland Chinese and asked “which one is Hongkonger”.

Which one is Hongkonger?

(On the left) Hong Kong compatriot Kiu Bobo is forced to leave Hong Kong.
Local born and raised ethnic Indian Hongkonger Kiu Bobo, his wife was denied a HKSAR passport. He is forced to immigrate to Scotland and retire from the entertainment industry for his two sons who are going to study and get treatment in Scotland.

(On the right) “Double negative pregnant women”, robbing hospital beds, cheating Hong Kong residency.
“Double negative pregnant women” gave birth to “double negative babies” in Hong Kong. When these babies grow up, they compete with local children for school quotas. More than 170,000 “double negative babies” got Hong Kong residency”

Netizens’ reactions

Chan: Bobo is a Hongkonger.

Rich: While double negatives (*anchor babies) can stay in Hong Kong, Hongkongers have to leave Hong Kong.

Chan: Kiu Bobo is a Hongkonger who was born and raised in Hong Kong. His Cantonese is so much better than people of the locusts country, and he pays taxes every year, unlike those double negatives. In addition, his wife has lived in Hong Kong for twenty odd years and already integrated into the society. I would rather see him living in Hong Kong than those double negatives locusts. At least he has contributed to Hong Kong!

Tse: Kiu Bobo is basically a Hongkonger. He was born in Hong Kong and has HKID. He worked for the government in the past. And his wife has been in Hong Kong twenty odd years and has HKID. Why don’t give her a passport? Hongkonger doesn’t have to be an ethnic Chinese. He has more qualifications to call himself Hongkonger than those Mainland Chinese immigrants who write in simplified Chinese character. I have an Indian friend whose family has been in Hong Kong ever since grandfather’s generation and father was born in Hong Kong. Should he be counted as Hongkonger?

Many Hongkongers hold Canadian and American passports, especially those high-level officials! Why don’t they have problems? I don’t understand?

Showing off multi-nationality is not an uncommon scene in Hong Kong cyberspace.

Chan: I remember when he was in “Minutes to Fame”, he sang a song from Sam Hui and even rewrote the lyrics. Not many Hongkongers know how to rewrite lyrics of Cantonese songs.  Apart from his skin colour, which is as dark as Louis Koo, he has no differences from a Hongkonger.

Tanned skin becomes an unique icon of actor Louis Koo. He goes to tanning salon regularly as he found that darker skin tone had helped his career. (Source)

Kiu Bobo mimics the singing style of the forever pop icon Lesile Cheung and and sings Cheung’s hit of the 80’s, “Monica”.

Ken: A Hongkonger who was born and raised in Hong Kong and pays his taxes every year, however, his treatment is worse than double negatives and Mainlanders who have contributed nothing to Hong Kong.

Yuuji: Indian and Nepalese, who came to Hong Kong after colonial rule, respect Hongkonger and integrate into the society more than Mainland Chinese immigrants and those double negatives.

Why does Hong Kong open door to double negatives and Mainland Chinese immigrants who attempt to get free lunches in Hong Kong? And why doesn’t Hong Kong let people who really love Hong Kong to settle?

Arthur: You have no reasons not to believe. The whole system is to replace Hongkongers! Those who have received “national education” will replace Hongkongers. By the time of 2017 universal suffrage, the choice of Beijing will have been elected.

Lau: Sooner or later, Hongkongers will be forced to leave as well. Simple as that!

Kevin: Hong Kong doesn’t belong to Hongkonger. Bobo, Goodbye.

In a 2010 advertisement by Hong Kong government, “Faces of Hong Kong”,

local Hongkongers speak in English and Cantonese – movie star Chow Yun Fat narrates the ad in English and another Hongkonger speaks in Cantonese. Mainland Chinese immigrant, pianist Li Yundi, only speaks in Mandarin. A man appears to be of European ancestry only speaks in English and says “Cantonese, Never needed to speak it!” The line was once an internet meme and appeared constantly in forum threads about British Hong Kong government, white male expats, interracial relationship, especially for white man – Asian woman relationship, and Mainland Chinese. A woman who dresses in sari says “I am totally fluent in Cantonese”.

“Cantonese, Never needed to speak it!” was once an internet meme and appeared constantly in forum threads about British Hong Kong government, white male expats and interracial relationship, especially for white man – Asian woman relationship, and Mainland Chinese.

Last year, there was a news in which a drunk Indian man insulted and beat people randomly at a betting station. He insulted others loudly with Hong Kong accent Cantonese, “You Mainland pigs, Mainland dogs, have taken all social welfare , have wasted resources!” His act was greatly praised by netizens and he was called a genuine Hongkonger.

“You Mainland pigs, Mainland dogs, have taken all social welfare , have wasted resources!” said a drunk Indian man in Hong Kong accent Cantonese. The news got 636 thumbs-up.

2012.7.31 Mingpao

However, my wife can’t get HKSAR passport even though she is willing to give up Indian nationality to exchange for a Chinese one.

42 thoughts on “Hong Kong born ethnic Indian or Mainland Chinese, which one is Hongkonger?

  1. I am deeply disappointed at how low the HK government and even the Immigration department have sunken. This place I call HOME is being wrecked by power-hungry ass-kissing politicians.

  2. It’s just another sign of the racism that runs very deep in our society: in the language, in access to services and jobs and, more and more, in the attitude of the government.

    1. I’m half white, I’ve been told that I’m a gwailo many times before because of my appearance. My father is an Hong Kong Chinese while my mother is an British of Scottish descent. I speak Cantonese and write traditional Chinese even better than my English, I consider myself Hong Kong Chinese more than White.

      Many HK people are racist, I was once an victim myself but I realize there is racist people in everywhere in the world. However HK government is influenced by Chinese communist government so these mainland Chinese locusts will get better from the government. Where there is locusts there is trouble, even Singapore government and education sector has also been penetrated by mainland Chinese PRC people. HK and Singapore will become colonies of China in the future.

      I don’t think China will brake the international law, unless they want to feel international shame and negative image. I will say Hong Kong one country 2 system will last until 2047, the same for Macau in 2049.

      1. My dad is Korean, my mom is French, and I’m constantly being told I’m a foreigner. Of course, it’s true (I’m from Hawaii), but still, I don’t get why there is such an awareness of “us vs. them” in Hong Kong and China. Like any great culture of the world, Chinese culture can be arrogant. Where I come from, everyone is mixed and I love it. Just surround yourself with friends and good people and avoid the racists.

  3. Ugh. Hong Kong is so racist.

    How come Mainlanders who don’t even speak Cantonese be automatically allowed citizenship, whilst someone who was born there and speaks Cantonese and contributes to the media is denied it?

    1. Hong Kong SAR Government is racist, along with Beijing. I assume that people (Hong Kongers) actually do support Kiu Bo Bo’s cause, with the HKSAR government, and basically every single other political-based personnel that is pro-China are either silently supporting it, supporting it, or silent about it.

  4. Legally speaking, both should be Hong Kongers. Hong Konger can be anyone ranging from a Japanese man, to a German, as long as they are born within Hong Kong territories.

    1. Totally wrong, they have to be of Chinese ethnicity to be a HKer. Example is my dad who was born and grew up in HK and now does not even have P.R. after being away for 36 months. Citizenship??? LOL lost that in 1997..

  5. I’ll bet no one in Scotland would dare say he cannot be a Scottish citizen as he’s not ‘Scottish’. What goes on here in HK would not be tolerated by Chinese HK’ers living in Canada, NZ or Australia. They would quite rightly see such talk as ‘racist’.

    1. Agreed. However, I bet they would complain, rightly IMO, that Scottish taxpayers will have to pick up the bill for medical treatment and social services that should be readily available in a so called ‘world city’ such as Hong Kong where the family have lived and worked most of their lives. What does the Scottish taxpayer get out of this arrangement? The further burdening of their medical and social services and another set of parents who won’t be contributing in a meaningful way to the Scottish economy (don’t think there’s any great demand for actors in Scotland at the moment).

      With all the money and supposed expertise and sophistication present in HK, why can’t this relatively wealthy family get their needs met? Why do they have to go all the way to the farthest end of Europe and leach off Scottish taxpayers?

      1. Anon- I think one reason for them to move to Scotland is coz one of their sons is suffering from a disease, and is being cured in Scotland; hence the choice of moving to Scotland came in prospect.

      2. anon, the son was born in Scotland considered as a Scottish(UK) citizen. UK Healthcare is free to all…by paying taxes, citizenry contribute to the gov’t. actors doesn’t necessary have to work in Scotland, they can work in the european or UK film/theater industry to earn a living

        anon, get more knowledge before opening your mouth.

        HK gov’t is a CCP puppet joke. If you can immigrate away from HK to elsewhere, do so and preserve your cantonese culture whereever you land. Or fight the CCP invasion at all (yes, all) costs in HK

      3. the main reason he’s successful in HK is the gimmick of being a Cantonese speaking Indian, but in Europe there’s no demand for fat Indian actors speaking Cantonese.

        His son maybe a British citizen, but is his wife a British citizen? Since no one is willing to divulge what passport/s she actually holds, it would imply that she could be a British passport holder as well, if true, since education & healthcare is their priority, she won’t give up her British passport for an inferior HK passport, that seems to me to be one logical explanation (if correct) why her application was unsuccessful.

        Furthermore, if youre claiming shes a real HK’er and deliberately going off to UK to give birth just so her son can gain UK citizenship and take advantage of UK healthcare, that to me is exactly the same as a mainlander going to HK to give birth. There is very little difference, the only difference are the excuses used to hide their motives. Such hypocrisy.

      4. having re-read the article, it doesnt make any sense…

        “Now, my wife has to take care of our sons in Scotland. She has no HKSAR passport and therefore we have to immigrate. However, I have to accompany her so that she can get Scotland citizenship.”

        IS there such a thing as Scottish citizenship?!?! is he under the illusion its separate to British citizenship and you need additional passport to the British one!?! Or is this another error by the writer? Also, if he is so wealthy as it is claimed earning a staggering 800k a month????, why doesnt he pay for private healthcare for his sons in HK? It would suggest his wife and sons havent been living in HK, but living in the UK for a long time.

  6. This guy should not only be supported for this cause, but also there should be a voice out for him. He is the true face of Hong Kong, he is loved by all Hong Kong people; and the passport rejected to his wife is just another shambolic expression by the current government. Our voice should be heard on this cause, because today it is happening to Kiu Bobo, tomorrow it can be me or you… We need to help this sweet family, who are doing everything in their right to be called Hong Kong citizens.

    I have no grudge against the Mainland Chinese, because Hong Kong, was, is and will be of China; but the laws should be changed in order to make our lives easier and certainly not tougher! And there should be a thorough investigation as to why was the passport application denied!

    I love Hong Kong, a place I call home!!!

    1. I would call for independence of HK away from China. HK-ers need to have the courage to rise against tyranny of China.

  7. I thank you for highlighting this very interesting topic, I watched one episode of Ruco Chan drama – but it was so childish I stopped watching it. Indian actor Singh has used his ethnicity to benefit his career, for someone so unattractive, he is employed purely for the gimmick of being a Cantonese speaking Indian.

    Emotive story aside, logic tells me she’s not renewing existing HK passport, but applying first time. Basic Law no longer recognises dual nationality, likely she refused to give up her foreign passport/s, therefore application rejected.

    The comparison between the actor and mainland woman in hospital is ridiculous and is misleading the reader (just at look at some of the stupid comments posted above)- its not the actor but HIS WIFE that has been rejected, his wife most likely does not speak canto and is basically a foreigner.

    800,000 dollars per month???? that much!! Must be an error.


    1. You are welcome, but you obviously don’t see the point do you. When you have lived in a place for more than a certain years, and when the law of the land grants nationality to people who are on social welfare (jobless ethnic minority), it becomes slightly dodgy when a family who are well known around, who pay their taxes, are living a lavish life-style… who contributes to the society through media, a powerful source in this day in age…

      If you think the guy is unattractive, and uses his cantonese as gimmicks; well he certainly is doing something that keeps the majority of HK in awe of him; yup you are entitled to your opinions, no harm in that, but we are not discussing “How attractive you have to be in order to attain HKSAR Passport, are we?”

      Why do you have this impression that you alone knows the law left, right and centre; of course she is willing to surrender her existing nationality to obtain HK Passport, as it is a basic requirement…

      You say that his wife probably don’t know chinese, hmm, I can show you thousands of non cantonese speaking HKSAR passport holders; but I know his wife can speak fluent cantonese.

      And $800,000 is quite low for a TV person in Hong Kong, I suggest you reply to me, after you do some research… Pls!

      1. Welcome for what? I’m thanking the writer of the article for highlighting the issue, not to you, unless you are the writer.

        In your opinion, only rich people living lavish lifestyles should be eligible for passport? What a ridiculous comment. haha you think you’re Mohammad al Fayed? Perfect example of rich people thinking they’re above the law.

        800,000 a month (HKD?) is equivalent to £80,000 a month for a kae lae fae? Even Eastenders actors only earn that in a whole year, not a month. Do you know how much minimum wage local HKChinese earn compared to this lavish lifestyle of this indian ‘bit part’ actor?

        If you want to use the measure of arrogance of wealthy lifestyle as eligibility for passport, I’m glad they’ve been rejected. Taxes are so low in HK, the wealthy contribute very little to society.

        If he earns that much and you;re bragging about it to Chinese people on a ‘netizen’ blog which is suppose to fight for the underdog against the rich, you shot yourself in the foot. And to say she is willing to give up her foreign passport is most likely nonsense, after all, they have vested interests, they own property in Scotland. If you know them so well, tell me, how many foreign passports do they have and which ones are they?

      2. You are certainly taking this out of context; what I meant was if any person living legally in Hong Kong can get nationality, then why not a well-known person’s wife, who has lived here for more than 20 years, are paying their taxes and are doing everything in their ability to be good citizens of Hong Kong.

        Lavish, yeah that they are, through Hong Kong, and it’s people; people just love the guy, he has this gift of bringing a smile on people’s faces.

        Cutting long story short, Kiu Bobo’s wife should be given the HKSAR passport coz she is eligible, she loves Hong Kong and has been living in Hong Kong for 22 years, have paid taxes and has been married to the holder of a HKSAR passport and Permanent HKID card.

      3. Keep deluding yourself, hes nothing more than a kae lae fae bit part actor. The only person taking this out of context is you, after all its not him but his wife that has been refused. You’re posting nonsense and propaganda as is the article writer for trying to deceive readers making irrelevant comparisons. Louis Koo dark skin compared to indian skin is yet another example of deliberate misdirection.

        Answer the question, how many foreign passports does his wife own? And which ones are they?

      4. BBCzeitgeist = mainland Chinese supporter and anti-foreign people

        Do not waste your time on this anti-foreign guy. Every comments this guy has made in the previous articles were always filled with endless biased towards foreigners but full support to his CCP compatriots which clearly shows he has no intention of being playing it fair.

    2. I quote the article….”His wife applied for HKSAR passport so that it would be more convenient for her to travel between Hong Kong and Scotland.”

      Shes not a ‘real’ HKer at all, what passport does she hold? IF shes been working and living in HongKong continuously for 20 years, why didnt she apply for a Hk passport during those 20 yrs? I doubt she hasn’t been continuously living and working in HK, most likely shes been in the UK. Since, shes never held a HK passport, what passport/s has she been using?

      1. Lets put the real focus on his wife, not the actor, since its his wife thats been rejected. What job does she have in HK? Does she even have a job in HK? Does she even live in HK any more? She lives in Scotland doesn’t she?

      2. PeterFai- Thank you! BBCzeitgeist is taking this really personal, and not understanding the core reason of this whole story. BBCzeitgeist take time off mate… All the best!

      3. @BBCzeitgeist you keep saying that we should focus on his wife and yet you go on about Kiu Bobo’s acting, his salary and his roles in TVB. Aren’t you being a hypocrite here? You’re just making assumption about his wife as much as anyone else.

        The main issue here should be why was his wife’s application got rejected without any explanation. The HK immigration office can be b*****s sometimes, speaking from other people’s experience who I know of.

      4. He is one of those people who are weak-minded enough to be brainwashed to love China without China even trying. He must be one of earth’s most weak-minded people ever… Supposedly, it should be less easier for China to brainwash people overseas to love China, while it is easier to brainwash those within China’s influence, which includes Hong Kong. Yet this idiot in the UK was born a brainwashed idiot. Clearly he is just one weak-minded human in a fairly weak-minded family. Must be genetics, an entire family of weak-minded patriotic people towards China. Patriotism should only go so far.

      5. Did I mention his salary first? NO, the other idiots mentioned his salary first, his salary is even mentioned in the article itself, I am merely responding to whats been written. If you don’t want me talk about his salary, then YOU shouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place.

        As for HKtraitor AKA HKforever is just a very predictable simple-minded two-dimensional racist anti-CCP hypocrite who cheers on HK people to fight against the CCP, whilst he cowardly sits from the safety of his offshore overseas apartment in Canada -which is where he actually lives – not in HK. Clearly, Hkforever is not only a coward, but a traitor to HK too.

        Finally, the brainwashed idiot is the one who wholeheartedly endorses pro-CCP or anti-CCP propaganda and is unable to form an independent opinion- thats YOU! Haha, there are no pro-CCP articles on BBCZeitgeist!

  8. Hong Kong government’s policy is biased towards ethnic Chinese and Caucasians, while at the same time biased against other visible minorities. This is totally nonsense and racist, and is against the principles of building a tolerant and multi-cultural, multi-ethnic metropolis. HK government, shame on you!

  9. The notion of citizenship or nationality is devoid in the Chinese mentality. To many, nationality rests not on the ideals, culture or the way of life but solely on ethnicity. The idea of ‘blood is thicker than water’ forms this ethnic notion between the Mainland and Hong Kong. Thus, they are ready to accept with open arms Mainland Chinese who unaccustomed to local culture or customs as citizens of Hong Kong but refuse to find commonality with naturalised foreign ethnic peoples.

    I wish all the best to all ethnic minorities who have legitimately become Hong Kong citizens and have full rights of freedom to live in the land that they have chosen.

  10. How is it racism that his wife has been denied the HK passport on the basis that she has ANOTHER passport?

    These are the RULES, it has nothing to do with her race, as a Canadian born Chinese (like many other chinese kids born abroad) we are also not able to get the HK passport unless I ditch my foreign passport and I’ve tried, I have the rejection letter if anybody is interested?

    (Before some smartass comes in and says ‘ohh but I know blah blah blah who has it’ … yes I know, this strict rule only came in after 97 because China doesn’t allow dual nationality and only after then they could do anything about it)

    Yeah but I didn’t think anyone would be interested because it wouldn’t make a good story would it, because the word racism can’t be injected. Think harder people!

  11. ps: I meant I tried to get the HK passport but that was rejected, they said I can reapply if I renounce my foreign passport so I said ‘f**k no!’.
    Much like this guy’s wife, I only wanted the HK passport for visa/travel reasons and with or without it, it doesn’t make me feel any less ‘a part of HK’

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