History repeats itself: CY Leung’s wife admits building illegal wooden canopy

Previously, Office of the Chief Executive-elect claimed that one of the illegal building works in CY Leung’s mansion, glass canopy, was originally a wooden canopy that was left by the previous owner, who decorated one of the rooms with many Hello Kitty stickers according to CY Leung’s own account, and it was rebuilt to became a glass one due to termite infestation. However, Mingpao looked up government aerial photos of Leung’s mansion 1 month before and 3 months after he purchased the property and found that there was no wooden canopy.

Today, Cable TV reported that Fanny Law, member of the Executive Council, told Hong Kong Daily News 新報 that Mrs Leung admits building illegal wooden canopy.

CY Leung’s wife admits building wooden canopy for herself first time (screen capture)

There is a new progress on the unauthorised building works incident of the Chief Executive CY Leung. Executive Council member Fanny Law said Mrs Leung admits that they built the wooden canopy and remembered it wrong previously.

Law, who had worked as the manager of the Office of the Chief Executive-elect, was interviewed by Hong Kong Daily News and she told the newspaper that she truly believes that Leung’ subconscious mind thought that there were no unauthorised building works. CY Leung wrongly remembered that there was a wooden canopy before he bought the property. She learned from Mrs Leung that the wooden canopy was in fact built by them when they moved in. Later, it was infested by termite and therefore rebuilt to become a glass canopy.

The part that Fanny Law quoted from Mrs Leung in Hong Kong Daily News is highlighted by Cable TV’s reporters.

The headline of Cable TV doesn’t really match with the content. However, why did Fanny Law quote from Mrs Leung instead of CY Leung himself? So, there is another man without shoulders

3 thoughts on “History repeats itself: CY Leung’s wife admits building illegal wooden canopy

  1. That is hardly surprising. I seem to remember that Ms Law was claimed to retiring after CY Leung’s campaign. The constant word picking demonstrates a true lack of political finesse, strength and the political art of humility. The inaptness of our ‘political leaders’ has set HK to a path of decline.

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