Pro-National Education Teacher Threw a Tantrum at Anti-National Education Student

Yesterday, in the TV debate programme “City Forum“, while debating over the teaching manual of national education, Yu Yee-wah (Eva Yu) 余綺華, who is a teacher from Hong Kong Taoist Association Yuen Yuen Institute Shek Wai Kok Primary School, the vice chairperson of “National’s Little Vanguard 國民小先鋒”, the chairperson of Education Employees General Union and Hong Kong Primary Teachers’ Association of General Studies, threw a tantrum at the convenor of Scholariam, Wong Chi-fung 黃之鋒, a 15 year-old student. Her tantrum also leads to shocking revelations about “National’s Little Vanguard”.

The structure of Education Employees General Union is composed of heavyweights from the pro-Beijing political party “Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB)”.

*Its website is closed after details of National’s Little Vanguard angered netizens.

Structure of Education Employees General Union

Profile of Yu Yee-wah 余綺華 from the Hong Kong Institute of Education.

Yu represented Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, which is a pro-Beijng labour and political group, to participate in the 2008 election of the education constituency of the Legislative Council and failed to get the seat.

Yu’s Info on Education Employees General Union (Source)

Some of the photos Yu Yee-wah posted on her Facebook back in 2010:

A Hong Kong Pro-National Education Teacher
Hong Kong Pro-National Education Teacher Standing in front of Pictures of Chinese Leaders.

Major Participants of the Debate:

Teacher Wong Yee-wah 余綺華老師
Student Wong Chi-fung 黃之鋒同學
Teacher Ng Mai-lan 吳美蘭老師

Ng Mai-lan’s Story

Ng Mai-lan is a teacher of General Studies in Belilios Public School. In 2010, when the former Chief Secretary for Administration Henry Tang visited the school to promote the political reform bill, Ng raised the protest sign “I need the right to elect Chief Executive!!” She was immediately attacked by the pro-Beijing camp. Yesterday, Apple Daily revealed that she had been denied promotion by the Education Bureau despite having support from her school.

(*Watch from 0:50 – 0:57)

“I need the right to elect Chief Executive!!”

A netizen paid his tribute to Ng Mai-lan by drawing her a portrait.

Tman Tse: I admire your charm.
As one gets older,
one cries more easily.
Through tears,
I saw
the admirable

The Conclusion Part of the Debate

Netizens created GIF of her throwing a tantrum at a 15 year-old student.

Netizens’ responses

“Teacher of Conscience” Ng Mai-lan vs Red Teacher Yu Yee-wah by Cuson Lo

A netizen photoshopped Yu Yee-wah into a Communist propaganda poster in which she is holding the “China model” teaching manual and called “red old guard”.

National Education, Everyday Face Communist Party

Another netizen personifies the Chinese Communist Party as Darth Vader, who is coming out of the nailed coffin “National Education” and is being introduced to a toddler by Chairman Mao.

The Chinese Communist Party , “I am your father!”

Netizens looked up “National’s Little Vanguard 國民小先鋒” out of curiosity and discovered this photo album from a Taoist primary school. Many netizens were shocked by the discovery.

Hong Kong national education: Young students are wearing uniforms with Yin-Yang emblems (*as it is a Taoist school) and holding L85 rifles.

A netizen compared National’s Little Vanguard to national education of China and the Axis of Evil during pre-WW2 era.

Hong Kong National Education vs Japan National Education in the 30’s Source
“Do you want this to be our children’s future?” Source

Through Education Employees General Union, netizens discovered that the former secretary general, Li Sze-yuen, is the vice-principal of St. Edward’s Catholic School, which is one of the 18 Catholic primary schools that have taken initiative in pushing national education.

Li Sze-yuen in Red Scarf (Source)
Li Sze-yuen in front of Cheungdu Catholic Church (Source)

Ma: Since when Catholicism has became “patriotic Catholic church”?

Besides education, religions in Hong Kong are turning into propaganda machines for the Chinese Communist Party.

Wong Tai Sin Celebrated the 60th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China in 2009 (Source)

Netizens’ comments on “National’s Little Vanguard”

Paul: National education is like military training. Red guards? If I were a parent, I would feel frightened.

Leung: I don’t want my daughter to be brainwashed!

KurskHK.net時事台: “National’s Little Vanguard 國民小先鋒” (National Little Pioneer literally) makes people relate to “Youth Pioneer of China 中國少年先鋒隊” easily. Making primary school students to join militerised training that involves military knives and rifles in the name of “national” hasn’t even been seen in the Youth Pioneer of China. What other countries use the name of patriotism to train primary school students militarily? Besides Japan in these pictures, there was Nazi Germany Deutsches Jungvolk.

Wu: Yesterday militarism, today China model.

Wu (*continues): Kinds of guns don’t matter. Influencing mind secretly is the most important. Inculcating lies into the mind of children in the name of defending the country, and through military training, making them use violence to treat dissidents, finally, they are turned into killing machines for the people in power.

A netizen found out in horror that members of National’s Little Vanguard wore red scarfs.


According to websites of the Shenzhen government and Luohu Education,

(*2nd paragraph) Hong Kong “National’s Little Vanguard” is a youth and children organisation under the lead of the Chinese Communist Party. Yellow scarf is its symbol and its aim is to reinforce patriotic education. It is similar to Youth Pioneer of Mainland China. At the 10th anniversary of Hong Kong Handover, the establishment of the “National’s Little Vanguard” in Hong Kong schools has very deep meaning, as meaningful as the speech made by the student representative of  the “National’s Little Vanguard” – “In the past, when others asked me where I was from, I would say I was a Hongkonger. After I participated in the “National’s Little Vanguard”, when others ask me where I am from, I will proudly say I am a Chinese!”

A netizen likened national education to tainted Chinese infant formula.

Chinese Communist Party – National’s Little Vanguard

The Ruling Group that Brainwashes

Deep Red Toxic Milk Powder. Force you to drink daily.

A cartoonist created a comic about National’s Little Vanguard. The street fire hydrant is called Ah Baau.

Nationals’ Little Vanguard: I am National’s Little Vanguard! Raise your hands!

Ah Baau: What’s wrong, dude?!

National’s Little Vanguard: Answer me a question, do you love your country??

Ah Baau: Um…um…um…I love!

National’s Little Vanguard: You can put your hands down!

National’s Little Vanguard: I’m sorry! The correct answer is love your party and country!!

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