Hong Kong National Education Promotes the Worship of Chairman Mao

On last Sunday, Beijing-backed primary school teacher Yu Yee-wah 余綺華 threw a temper tantrum at a 15 year-old anti-national education student in the live TV debate “City Forum”.

Her childish behavior drew both criticism and interest from netizens. Out of curiosity, netizens investigated Yu’s background as she represented National’s Little Vanguard 國民小先鋒 in the debate. The investigation leaded to shocking revelations about the rifle holding and red/yellow scarf wearing National’s Little Vanguard, which is under the lead of the Chinese Communist Party. As mentioned in the previous post, through Education Employees General Union which Yu is the chairperson, netizens discovered that the former chief secretary of the union is the vice-principal of St. Edward’s Catholic School, which is one of 18 Catholic primary schools that participate in a national education programme called 匯通國民教育 Blended Learning Curriculum Design for HK National Education. The programme has just been found out that it promotes the worship of Chairman Mao. Netizens are extremely disgusted by this Mao-worshipping programme.

18 Catholic primary schools that participate in “匯通國民教育 Blended Learning Curriculum Design for HK National Education”

The following is the syllabus of national education of these 18 Catholic primary schools. The content of chapter 5 “Cultural Arts – Learn Calligraphy Together” is “The Artistic Attainment of Mao Zedong’s Calligraphy 毛澤東的書法造詣” and one of the learning targets/learning focuses is “learn the spirit of Chairman Mao , which is never give up and assiduous.”

“The Artistic Attainment of Mao Zedong’s Calligraphy 毛澤東的書法造詣” is on the syllabus of 18 Catholic primary schools’ national education programme.

Comment from House News

Inside the syllabus of the primary school’s national education programme, 匯通國民教育 Blended Learning Curriculum Design for HK National Education, which is subsidised by the Quality Education Fund from the government, we can see the course content for Primary 4:

1. Students need to learn the artistic attainment of Mao Zedong’s caligraphy.

2. Learn the spirit of Chairman Mao, which is refuse to give up and assiduous.

We had previously shared the piece of news that Hong Kong Anglican Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hong Kong have decided that their schools will not add national education into the school curriculum in the coming school year. However, many schools have been using strongly patriotic syllabus to create teaching materials and teach students.

At the same time, athlete Lee Lai-shan is also grouped into “Olympic Elites of China” . Students are required to use the phrase “I am Chinese” to make sentences and listened to “March of the Volunteers” (*national anthem of China) in class. The teaching methods of national education are extremely diversified.

Source: http://ne.actin-education.hk/Website/ne/index.html

God Save the Queen was played when Lee Lai-shan won her gold medal for Hong Kong in 1996.

Netizens’ comments

Janet: Hong Kong government has f**king gone crazy. It is worse than North Korea.

Tsang: I deeply believe that North Korean primary school students are required to learn “the Artistic Attainment of Kim Jung Un’s Caligraphy”!

Tam: It is so disgusting. There are so many famous Chinese calligraphers one can learn from, such as Wang Xizhi and Yan Zhenqing. Why learn from Mao Zedong?! Students are even required to learn his never give up and assiduous spirit?! Hong Kong is about to be on par with North Korean in the aspect of leader worshipping. This commie-licking, brainwashing, so called national education, if I don’t protest against it, I will feel guilty at our next generation.

Bill: The shittiest part is that one has to learn the spirit of the demon who killed the most people in the history ever.

“The government has gone crazy!!!”

區: I remember that when I was young I once told my teacher that I wanted to learn the calligraphy of Song Huizong (*the last emperor of Song). The Taiwanese teacher told me that I shouldn’t learn as it is the calligraphy of a vanquished nation. At that time, I thought that my teacher was so old-fashioned. Now, I understand. Calligraphy is a self-cultivation. One’s mind is influenced subconsciously when one mimics calligraphy – the energy of the calligraphy transfers to the mimic through the pen.

Chan: Every time I hear people say the CCP has progressed or advanced, I recall what Ni Kuang once famously put, “The progress of the Communist party is like a cannibal tribe starts using folks and knifes to eat human meat.” The essence hasn’t changed, only that it’s more absurd, and they’re so proud of it.

The most famous calligraphy from Mao Zedong – “Serve the People”. Source


8 thoughts on “Hong Kong National Education Promotes the Worship of Chairman Mao

  1. It is hardly surprising. As HK’s education is veering towards the ‘Chinese Model’ (中國模式), political education especially party indoctrination would be included within. The syllabus including appreciation of Mao’s writings and sayings or even readings from the Little Red Book should not surprise us.

    We should remember this is national education (國民) not civic education (公民). It is an indoctrination programme not lessons on individual responsibilities within society. With the shift of HK’s education towards Sinicization, we should also remember that HK as a society is being undermined by similar organisations which have established this planned National Education.

    It is not the first time HK has been warned of impending assimilation and subversion from Central Government and the Party. But this National Education should be a forceful reminder to the people of Hong Kong that value freedom, justice and civic society that our society and way of life is under threat.

    • I agree.. It’s only 15 years as well.. Imagine what the next 5, 10 or 15 years will be like? I don’t think that China even needs the full ’50 years of no change’ to complete its full control and brainwashing of Hong Kong. maybe in the next 20 they’ll be done.

      • That’s correct. I think its a given that it wouldn’t need 50 years. Even with these upheavals in society’s concern with the inability of the current government and the changes in the education system, the people of Hong Kong can be very forgetful and forgiving. A hotspot will be quickly overlooked after media attention has been diverted.

        The issues with “Moral, Civic and National Education” (德育及國民教育科) were raised a long time ago since the government and the pro-China parties begun the project. It seems only with the comprehensive introduction with the syllabus that this affair got its media traction that it really deserved.

        I am concerned that the people of Hong Kong especially those concerned with this massive educational and social change will not forget or let up to allow this travesty pass through to be included in mainstream education.

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  3. This is really really really worrying. I can barely make it through a Chinese lesson at school, with that picture of a certain Chairman Meow hanging behind me. (I go to school in Australia)

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