Confession of a Former National’s Little Vanguard

Previously, netizens was shocked and disgusted by the discovery of National’s Little Vanguard 國民小先鋒. A former member who is now a secondary school student talks about her memories of the patriotic organisation.

怡: Recently, when I tidied up clothes, I found this shirt unexpectedly. Actually, I was once a national’s little vanguard.

When I was a primary 5/6 student, I was persuaded by teachers and classmates to join National’s Little Vanguard as it did not have enough members.

Today, I wrote this essay to tell you effects of brainwashing from National’s Little Vanguard and let you understand effects on our and the next generations if “the China model” national education is implemented.

First, for a period of time, I thought that I didn’t need to study English because I heard from my tutor that we have a market of 1.3 billion people and foreign languages were useless as China was the best.

Second, we were taught that when we sang the national anthem we should have a patriotic heart because everything Chairman Mao and Deng Xiaoping did was for the country and they contributed a lot and did many, many good things. (However, I don’t know what good things they did. It seemed that not much was mentioned.)

I don’t quite remember details. However, I wish that you would know that the brainwashing will be more powerful on primary 1 or 2 students than primary 5 or 6 students if they study this course.

In her Facebook profile, she listed that she went to a Mandarin primary school in Tin Shui Wai.

The primary school she went to is located in Tin Shui Wai, which is called the “City of Sadness” as there were lots of China-Hong Kong family tragedies happened in there last decade, and it was a target of anti-Mandarin invasion not too long ago because its name has the Mandarin transliteration of Hong Kong, Xianggang, which is an offensive eyesore to netizens.

Xianggang Putonghua Yanxishe Primary School of Science and Creativity
(Xianggang Putonghua Yanxishe = Hong Kong Mandarin Club)

Netizens have just pooled money to buy newspaper advertisements to promote the withdrawal of national education and the protest on July 29th. The following is one of the candidate posters that will appear on newspapers.

97% of primary school teachers who are going to teach national education this September lack confidence.

The national condition of China is hard to teach. Hong Kong suffers disasters.

Need you to believe in Mainland China and even want you to worship like a slave.
The minds of children now need to be mended badly.
The brainwashing period is endless. Nobody can stop the invasion of the Communist Party.
Listen to the command of the North. How to let him control.

6 thoughts on “Confession of a Former National’s Little Vanguard

  1. National’s Little Vanguard? How can you have ‘s after an adjective? There is a reason why the US has “National Guard” and not “National’s Guard”! But then, foreign languages are useless…..

    1. I noticed that another blogger took out the ‘s after national for fear that his readers would misunderstand him. But I think I should stick to the original.
      National's Little Vanguard
      Actually, “Guomin Xiaoxianfeng” suits them better.

      1. Kids learning second-rated (counterfeit) English, that is what I call “losing the race at the starting line”(輸在起跑線). 🙂 😦

    2. I question why they bothered with English anyway? I agree that “Guomin Xiaoxianfeng” would be much more fitting. And why the Chinese characters are not written in simplified Chinese? As traditional Chinese saying goes, A names dictates a person’s nature, how should they taint their organisation’s names with characters that are so offensive to the People’s Revolution and the great deeds of the People’s leader that they so admire.

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