“Hong Kong is a Colony of China”

2012.7.26 The Sun,

Two days ago, a short video titled “A Beijing Tour Guide and Hong Kong Tourists Beat Each Other Up and Clothes Got Torn Up” was uploaded to Mainland Chinese site “iFeng Video”. At the beginning of the video, a Mainland Chinese female tour guide who had her hair dyed and was in a striped shirt yelled at members of the travel tour, asking them to line up and board a ship. A female tour member who was in a one-piece black dress could not stand the humiliation and repeatedly requested the tour guide to show her working permit. A violent verbal war broke out between both sides.

“Hong Kong is a Colony of China”

The female tour guide accused tour members of “beating people up” and she even rained curses on them, “Hong Kong is a colony of China!”. She also added, “Chinese travel to Hong Kong. If they don’t shop, it will kill many people (Hongkongers)!” The speech provoked discontent among many tour members. A female tour member came up to her and questioned her the reason of making such a speech. Tour members nearby immediately separated them.

However, not only had the dispute not been ended, it was exacerbated to become a fight involving more than 10 people. Later, someone came up to them and dissuaded them from fighting. The party then started to disperse. The blouse of the female tour guide got torn up during the fight, revealing half of her back and bra. However, this did not stop her from blustering. She kept cursing “f**k your mom” at tour members and even took out her cell phone and claimed that she would report to the police. A tour member then responded, “I am waiting for you to report to the police!” Both sides was still in confrontation. Whether further confrontation happened is unknown.

Netizens’ comments

oceanface: I think the female tour guide is right. Hong Kong is really a colony of China. As for the part that Hong Kong will be doomed if she doesn’t depend on China, I don’t agree.

含包散: In 1997, Hong Kong ended the colonial rule of Britain. However, she is then colonised by China.

人生迷路者: Hong Kong is a colony of China. What she said is right and the reality is like that. However, colony is renamed to become “one country two systems”.

畢特來: Therefore, over this 10 odd years, there are 1M of new immigrants.

高登抽水西: Now Hong Kong is being colonised. F***. Locusts are allowed to settle down in here nonstop, colonise, homogenise, brainwash.

濕膠王: I have said a long time ago that the use of “locust” will only give leftist a chance to say that there are good people among Chinese. Actually, good people can support “Hong Kong is a colony of China” and “locusts” are colonists who have settled down in Hong Kong.


8 thoughts on ““Hong Kong is a Colony of China”

  1. I think this very accurately reflects Mainland China’s sentiments to the land and people of Hong Kong. We must remember that the culture of Mainland China has not been modernised and the notions of imperialism rests heavily in the mindset of this ancient and supposedly great civilisation of the Chinese.

    The legal overtures in One Country Two System are merely semantics and details, details. There is no argument anyway or another that Hong Kong is being colonised and is in the process of assimilation. We can review the premises of colonisation to seek whether Hong Kong is indeed on its way to become a colony of the People’s Republic.

    As people of Hong Kong, we can easily identify the ways of colonisation, after all we have been colonised for so long. We had been ruled from London appointed Governors and his Secretaries and our political policies has been dictated by those from abroad. Today it is not so dissimilar, we have a Chief Executive that is ‘elected’ natively but approved in Beijing along with his cabinet. Our public decisions have been overseen by the Central Government liaison office in Sheung Wan and ultimately our political fate decided by faceless men in Beijing.

    Socially, in the British colonial era, Hong Kong was inducted to receive western notions and social beliefs. We were to be taught notions of Western Judeo-Christian ideals of society and justice. Importantly Hong Kong was educated in a western specifically British mode of education and conforming its people to learn the colonial language of English.

    Today it is not so different, the changes in the education system to conform to the Chinese Mode and the compulsory learning of Mandarin a distant language of Beijing we can instinctively identify these similarities. Our beliefs are being twisted to accept Mainland China as our benefactors as an economic overlord and protector. We are told by the Beijing leaders that Hong Kong should conform to the Chinese way of interdependence and cooperation of the three governmental powers of the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary, We are told by our local leaders not to be mindful and vocal of the social inequities and injustice that goes on frequently in the Mainland as they have made strident progress. We are also told to welcome and look after Mainland immigrants who have arrived under questionable ways as our brethren and family under the guise of nationalism.

    With similarities this compelling, they beg to ask ourselves, which to you want to be living under? A British Hong Kong or a Chinese Hong Kong? Or the impossible, an independent Hong Kong?

    • I’m flattered, but I am taking full advantage of the fact Article 23 of the Hong Kong Basic Law has not YET been enacted by the CY Leung government.

  2. I do not believe an independent Hong Kong is impossible. UK’s distant ruling of Hong Kong was distant enough to have Hong Kong technically running itself. Even the British North American (Canadian) Federal government was given so much residual power because the British did not pay enough attention to them, and Canada was much closer to UK than Hong Kong is to Britain. Hong Kong can become Independent. It is worth a try. If Singapore can with its small land mass, I am almost 100% sure, Hong Kong can as well. It just boils down to whether or not Hong Kongers believe and have hope in the future of Hong Kong. The future burns bright if the civilians have the flame of hope inside them. If the civilians have no hope and belief that they can do it, they will fail as those in the past have failed because of low morale.

    • If we were to hypothesise any scenario that Hong Kong were able to have a window of opportunity to become an independent state, that window will have to be provided by the Central Government.

      Hong Kong’s political fate relies entirely on the machinations of Central Government. It will not be possible to become independent without the explicit approval from China. That Chinese approval would be unthinkable in any rate and capacity.

      The issue remains that Hong Kong is perceived to be an undeniable part of China that cannot be parted in anyway from the Chinese state. Unlike Canada, Australia, and New Zealand which parted from the Empire as first Dominions then Commonwealth states, Hong Kong is bounded by the Chinese connection that is unbreakable and paramount to any other factors.

      If we think about it, Hong Kong as a modern city has a greater connection to Britain than to China, before Hong Kong was ceded it was merely a loose collection of fishing and pirate villages. The British established this colonial island to current modernised city today. The history development of the city has greater links to Britain but it is that inconvenient fact that Hong Kong is an undeniable part of China that Hong Kong that the city today seeks links with the mainland than to our past colonial masters. Similarly, it is this reason why we have National Education, simply because we are Chinese.

    • Not only that, but the British administration largely allowed Chinese to rule themselves anyway, wanting to stay out of cultural and social issues regarding Chinese living in Hong Kong as far as possible without ignoring serious issues that would be unpalatable to any British person living in Victorian England, so as to help the Chinese community become more developed and have better welfare standards.

    • The problem is, that unlike Singapore and Canada, HK has an unfriendly neighbour. The UK has armed forces and nuclear submarines are used to prevent invasion of UK Territories such as Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands, which practically run themselves autonomously.

  3. I believe that if China were to overstep the boundaries of the agreement made with the British government (the 50 years promised) with… let’s say for example… pushing too far on their education reforms (brainwashing), or denying civil liberties in an inacceptable manner then Hong Kong might have grounds with which to go to the UN and request a referendum on their position with China… which is exactly what I believe should have been done to begin with, and would like to apologise for that gross mismanagement by my government.

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