Teenage Leader of Hong Kong Anti-National Education Campaign Being Monitored /Hong Kong Government Organise Mao-Worshipping Tour

2012.7.28 Apple Daily (screen capture),

(*Not a full translation)

In the middle: 15-year-old Joshou Wong Chi-fung

Joshua Wong Chi-fung Suspects His Phone Call Being Monitored

15-year-old convenor of Scholarism, Joshua Wong Chi-fung, uses peaceful, logical and non-violent way to oppose brainwashing national education all along. However, he revealed in a radio interview that as more and more people pay attention to national education, the political pressure he faces becomes greater and greater. After July 1st demonstration, he suspects that his phone call is being monitored.

Joshua Wong Chi-fung said Scholarism is not backed or given directions by any political parties and it has no plan to form an alliance with other organisations. All actions are decided by members through meetings. The primary financial source of Scholarism comes from donations during Tiananmen Massacre candlelight vigil and July 1st demonstration in the hope that post-90 young people will stay independent.

As more and more citizens concern brainwashing national education, Wong, who is still a student, spoke frankly that the political pressure he faces becomes greater and greater. Besides dealing with reporters’ inquires, he suspects that his phone call is being monitored.”Ever since July 1st, after bringing two to three thousands people to the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government, my phone call has been being wiretapped. I hear echoes whenever I receive calls.” Despite young age, he has to face difficulties far and near. He emphasised that he can insist to this day because of the belief “do things because they should be done” and the support from his family.

Joshua Wong Chi-fung’s parents also become attacking targets of pro-Beijng camp.

Wong: My dad and mom are relatively liberal and support me to organise these things. Also, they are relatively more radical in the society. My mom supports protesters to block traffic (during protest).

Host: Are they members of the League of Social Democrats 社民連?

Wong: No, they are Civic Party.

hkpplovehk, a Youtube channel thought to be belonged to the pro-Beijing organisation Caring Hong Kong Power 愛護香港力量, which organised anti-foreign domestic workers protest last year, posted the video and attacked Wong’s parents for being members of the Civic Party 公民黨.

hkpplovehk: Scholarism opposes national education, who is the mastermind? It is so obvious.

2012.7.24 Apple Daily (screen capture),

(*Not a full translation)

Education Bureau Send Hong Kong Students to the North to Worship Chairman Mao

China News Service (CNS) reported on last Tuesday that several hundreds of Hong Kong students toured Mao Zedong’s Relics Museum in Hunan Shaoshan. A guide introduced Mao Zedong’s patched nightwear, which has 73 holes, proving the “hard working, frugal and noble character” of Mao. The report also quoted from an unnamed Hong Kong student, “Besides seeing a normalised Mao Zedong, I also saw a three-dimensional, amiable and respectable Mao Zedong. ” A teacher of the tour admitted frankly that this tour is to “boost patriotic feeling”. The tour was leaded by the Education Bureau’s senior school inspector Cheung wing-cheung and it belongs to the bureau own national education activities: “Passing Down Traditions from Generation to Generation” and “Walking Thousand Miles Together”

We rechecked the info from the Education Bureau and discovered that this tour was held between July 14 to 18 and its name is “The Tour of Hunan Changsha Revolution History and Modern Industry Exploration”. Spokesperson of the Education Bureau responded to us that this tour was organised, subsidised and planned by the bureau. Each student paid $939 for the tour. The Education Bureau spent 1M taxpayers’ money in total. 450 high school students from 35 secondary schools joined the tour. However, due to “privacy” reason, the bureau refuses to provide the list of schools that joined it.

The scenic spots of this 5-days-4-nights tour included former residence, memorial hall and relics museum of Mao Zedong. Tour members also took pictures in front of the sculpture of Young Mao Zedong’s head in Changsha Juzizhou. The Education Bureau also distributed students a travel info booklet that describes these scenic spots show that Mao “sought the truth to save the country and citizens” and help to explore his “glorious life”. However there are no words on Big Leap Forward, which was started by Mao Zedong and then leaded to big famine and culture revolution etc.

“Seven Secondary 4 and three Secondary 5 from Kwun Tong Kung Lok Government Secondary School joined a 450 people exchange tour organised by the Education Bureau and toured the sculpture of Chairman Mao in Juzizhou”.

Hunan China News interviewed students of the tour. A Hong Kong female student called Mao Zedong grandpa and praised him as amiable.

This is p.14 of the booklet mentioned in the report. “Glorious life” and “Sought the truth of saving the country and citizens” are highlighted. The booklet has been removed by the Education Bureau but it is cached by Google.

Netizens’ comics

The bald head man is Secretary for Education, Ng Hak-kim. Source
The woman is Fanny Law Fan Chiu-fun, member of the Executive Council.  Source

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this information. It is incredible that this was not more reported in Hong Kong, at least not in the english language newspapers.

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