Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Simplified Chinese Banner Provokes Anger

Yesterday, a netizen saw a Chinese University of Hong Kong’s banner which is in Simplified Chinese and tells new postgraduate students where to take shuttle bus in University Station.

CUHK Uses Handicapped Character to Receive Students of the Locust Country

掃把無野渣: I immediately saw it when I stepped off the train. How is this not a let down to the Goddess of Democracy behind?

CUHK’s simplified Chinese Banner in front of the Goddess of Democracy

Netizens’ reactions

Chinese University of Hong Kong Openly Uses Handicapped Character! Betraying the principle of ancestors! Betraying Hong Kong and Humiliating Chinese culture! CUHK! How can you face founders of this school?
Photos of CUHK’s founders from left to right: Chien Mu, Tang Chuni and Mou Tsungsan

Wy: From what I know, Chien Mu and Tang Chuni extremely opposed simplified Chinese character.

Here’s an article in 2010 about Chien Mu’s attitude towards simplified Chinese. (Line 4 of the last paragraph)

During the 20th anniversary of Chien’s death, Chien Hu Mai-chi (*his wife) revealed that “Chien Mu’s Full Collection” would be published in Mainland China this fall. “Pin-suh’s” full collection will be published in Mainland China with no changes and it will be in traditional Chinese and printed vertically. (*Pin-suh is the courtesy name of Chien Mu) …… Not many people know that Chien Mu opposed the publishing of “Chien Mu Literature Collection” in Mainland China. Chien Mu Mai-chi revealed that there are several reasons for opposing: First, oppose the use of simplified Chinese in the publishing of academic literature…

Louis: Sometimes I don’t really understand. How can a university, which is the last defence of cultural preservation, act like that? Where is the culture? Actually, simplified Chinese character has finished its mission and doesn’t need to be in Chinese culture.

Chan: 80-90% of postgraduates are Mainland students, is there any way not to use simplified Chinese? Lectures are of course conducted in Mandarin. Nobody cares if Hong Kong students can understand! When I think of this, I get angry! Postgraduate students who are one year under me are all Mainlanders! Can we ask CY Leung to curb them like double negatives (*anchor babies) and reserve subsidised quotas that have studentship to Hongkongers? Only open money-earning MA to Mainlanders?

A CUHK’s poster promoting post-grad programme only in English and simplified Chinese

李: Not only CUHK but also City University of Hong Kong has many simplified Chinese characters. There are many Chinese professors in City University. Over 90% of postgraduates are Chinese. Some teaching staffs even openly speak Mandarin despite there is a code that bans the use of non-English languages. And from what I know, in my master’s degree programme, 90% are Chinese and at least 60% of them are members of Youth Pioneer of China!

We Hongkongers have been occupied all along. I suggest that we should bring marker pens all the time. When we see simplified Chinese, immediately change it into traditional. Do something for Hong Kong!

(*Chinese = Mainlanders)

A Simplified Chinese Banner in a Graduation Ceremony of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

A few netizens have been advocating using marker pens to cross out simplified Chinese/to change simplified into traditional.

Please Use Traditional Chinese!

Chui: Young people, teachers and parents of Hong Kong should think seriously why this situation happens: Large numbers of students from Mainland China go to Hong Kong schools. However, the university entry rate of local students is the lowest among Asia Four Dragons (Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan), much lower than Korea, Taiwan and Singapore. Also, quotas of local universities are not increased and are even given to Mainland Chinese students.

Wan Chin: This is academic colonialism of the Communist Empire. One day, these simplified Chinese using people will invade Hong Kong professional fields!

陳: I can’t stand the bully of China.

Alumni of CUHK sent emails and made phone calls to file complaints. A netizen reported that CUHK had taken down the banner and put a notice with both simplified and traditional Chinese.

Vic: The banner that only has simplified Chinese character has been taken down. However, it becomes a notice with both simplified and traditional Chinese.


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