“Hong Kong Government Doesn’t Care Our Place.”

From the Facebook page of the comic “A Street Odyssey“,

A Drawing Odyssey: We love HK

The Government doesn’t care our place. We have to clear up by our hands.

A few days after typhoon Vicente hit Hong Kong, on July 25, Gary Stokes of Sea Shepherd Hong Kong first blogged that plastic pellets which are manufactured by Sinopec were washed up to a beach in Discovery Bay. The government realised it on the next day but did not made announcement to the public. Later, more and more beaches were found to be covered by Sinopec plastic pellets. Not until did a netizen post the story on HKGOLDEN with a title “[Hong Kong Environment Disaster] If you identify yourself as Hongkonger, please come in” on Aug 2nd, the local Chinese media reported it. Finally, the government admitted that 150 tonnes of plastic pellets may have been spilled. According to today Apple Daily, the government was acknowledged as early as July 24 that containers carrying Sinopec plastic pellets were knocked into sea during the typhoon.

Map of Hong Kong Plastic Disaster

People Fight the Disaster On Their Own

Netizens, environmental and political groups organise different “Pick Up Plastic” teams.

“Pick Up Plastic” Teams on 2012.8.5 Organised by Netizens, Political and Environmental Groups

1. Discovery Bay 2. Lemma Island 3. Mui Wo 4. Lemma Island (A) 5. Lemma Island (B) 6. Cheung Chau & Lemma Island

A photo of Lamma Island by inmedia

Snow-like Plastic Pellets

Photos from one Lemma Island cleanup team

People of a Lemma Island “Pick Up Plastic” Team

People of “a Lemma Island Pick Up Plastic” Team

Bags of Plastic Pellets

A “Pick Up Plastic” Team in Discovery Bay

A photo from Discovery Bay

Wong: Rubbish matches with rubbish.

Sinopec’s PR Machine

China Petroleum and Chemical Corp (Sinopec), manufacturers of the pellets, said the pellets were not toxic or hazardous on their own.

“We are organising people, mostly volunteers, to help clear and collect them, possibly tomorrow,” company secretary Huang Wensheng said.

高錕仔: That one sentence makes all volunteers become the people of Sinopec

~AlexV~: Hijacked. The work of volunteers is all belong to Sinopec.

笑撚死人的: Today I went to Tung O (of Lamma Island) and saw a large group of Mainlanders. They were staffs of Sinopec. The company sent several teams to different places to clean up plastic pellets. However, from what I saw, they were like decorations. Most of the time, they crossed their arms and looked at the sea. In other times,  they picked up pellets one by one and did it slowly and without energy.

夏洛特小姐: Now, I took the same ferry with them. Them? Their tools are very clean, as if they had never been used.

請關掉手機: Piss off! They and I were at the same beach. They arrived in the afternoon. Those men even wore suits and did not know that they had to bring tools. They took other people’s tools. In the main disastrous area, we formed a human chain to move stuffs. They just walked around and did not help. When they went to a grocery store, they yelled and said it had nothing and let them wait too long. They think they were like kings. Now they take advantages of us! Please tell others about this.

牛頭角小儒俠: Volunteer teams? Why doesn’t Sinopec pay money to find professional to do the cleanup?

塚本天滿: Crazy, they did not sent ships to salvage containers 2 weeks ago. Now they come out to throw a show. Sinopec eat sh*t.

Hong Kong Official Thinks that Plastic is Safe to Eat

Ming: Now, which one does the Hong Kong Communist government serve, Hongkonger or the Communist Party!

Toxic plastic government harms Hongkongers again. Covering-up is exactly sh**ty like China. Who f**king says plastic is not toxic should just eats all the plastic pellets first!

The Hong Kong Communist government is even so sh**ty that it does nothing. Hongkongers have to pick up plastic. What’s the point of Hongkongers for having this government! All the rubbish loves curry favour with commie dogs, go back to China! Don’t cheat Hongkongers in Hong Kong!

While some angry Hongkongers are busy picking up plastic pellets in beaches, CY Leung is enjoying his 5 days holiday in Thailand just 1 month after his inauguration.


2 thoughts on ““Hong Kong Government Doesn’t Care Our Place.”

  1. Something that is supposedly “toxic free” or “completely harmless” does not mean there isn’t a problem or issue. The government’s inaction merely further weakens its credibility and ability to establish decisive governance.

    I applaud the great people of Hong Kong that have chosen to sacrifice their weekend to volunteer themselves in preserving our environment. It is something that is encouraging and heart warming to see in these uncertain times. I’m sure many like myself who are overseas would have volunteered.

  2. Proud that Hong Kongers took action to defend their home’s environment. Good people indeed. At the very least, the Hong Kong Government should have told the people about it A.S.A.P., even if they weren’t going to do anything, that was the very least they owed the people of Hong Kong. In fact, that is the very least, a real-time, and fast warning to the people, a government of any kind owe their people, the very least…

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