Hong Kong Pro-Beijing Politician Uses Guns in Election Campaign

Wong Kwok-hing 王國興, member of the pro-Beijing Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions (FTU) 工聯會 and the Legislative Council, seeks to reelect in Hong Kong Island in this coming September. In his election campaign, guns play a very big role. Netizens criticise that his campaign is in poor taste and reminds them of the party’s violent past.

On his election campaign’s Facebook,  (backup)

Photos of him and his election partners from the Facebook page

The other four people are also FTU candidates for Hong Kong Island. Wong is the head of the  list. The more votes Wong’s list get, the more people from his list can get into the Legislative Council. Pan Pey-chyou, the gray hair man on the left of Wong, is a psychiatric doctor.

Netizens’ comments from his Facebook page

“Hong Kong Island FTU Candidates for the Legislative Council Election 2012”

Aaron: They look more like terrorists.

To: Hong Kong Bin Laden?

Lee: The true colour of commie thieves.

Cheung: FTU = Hong Kong Taliban

Ngai, FTU had not killed enough people in 1967 riots? Murderers

Pro-democracy activists protested in front of the entrance of Commercial Radio Hong Kong with a mourning table of Lam Bun, a radio host of CRHK who was assassinated by leftists in 1967 riots, after the radio station accepted sponsorship from the pro-Beijing Democratic Alliance for the Betterment of Hong Kong in 2010.

Lam: Even if you pointed your gun at my head, even if my head were burst, I would not look back, I would not vote for you.

Wong’s election campaign photos become photoshop materials for netizens.

Boo hoo! Mom, vote for FTU in hurry! This uncle told me that (FTU) killed people in 1967 riots!

Gun bandits produce political power.

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong Pro-Beijing Politician Uses Guns in Election Campaign

  1. There seems to be fascination in military form and style in these leftist (underground communist) organisations. First we have the little vanguards with the SA80 and now we have the Hong Kong Communist Party… uhem, I meant FTU with AR15s and Glocks.

    Why western weaponry my dear comrades? Have not our glorious motherland, your benefactors not developed world-class small arms? How about the liberating rifle of our national army the QBZ 95? or the traditional AK variants. Why are they pandering themselves with foul imperialist guns?

    If you’re going to re-initiate militant action than for Mao’s sake do it right!

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