Chinese Nationalism – The Root of Hong Kong’s Pain

Netizens critcise that Hong Kong Baodiao (保釣, defending Diaoyu Islands) activists, despite their pro-democratic stance, have hurt Hong Kong. They believe that this Baodiao action is to shift focus away from Hong Kong internal problems, especially when awareness of defending Hong Kong is growing.

Hong Kong Baodiao Actitvists: Pro-democratic Pan-Chinese Nationalists

No. 2 in the picture is Tsang Kin-shing 曾健成 aka Ah Ngau, which means “ox” in Cantonese and is a common nickname for men from the grassroots. (Facebook)

Tsang was being arrested by the Japan Coast Guard

Tsang is a member of the League of Social Democrats 社民連, an aggressive pro-democratic political group. The most prominent member of the party is Long Hair, Leung Kwok-hung.

Tsang was mourning the death of dissident Li Wangyang in front of LOCPG in Sai Wan (Source)

No. 5 in the picture is Yang Kuang 陽匡 (Facebook. He calls himself “Why Yang”.). Yang Kuang was sentenced to jail after leading Guangzhou labour movement in 1989. (Source)

Yang, wearing the flag of the Republic of China, stood in front of the flag of the People’s Republic of China on Kai Fung No. 2
Yang protested with a “Free Tibet Now” shirt when Hu Jintao was visiting Hong Kong.
Yang also wore the same shirt on July 1st protest.
Yang stood behind a banner “Request to rehabilitate (victims of Tiananmen Massacre)? It would be better to rebel”

Meaning of the Flag of the Republic of China
In the eyes of pro-democratic pan-Chinese nationalists, the flag of the Republic of China means a democratic united China. The history of the flag in Hong Kong and its idea are unknown to many Taiwanese.

The flag of the Republic of China was not a rare sight in colonial Hong Kong.
Hong Kong used to celebrate the national day of the Republic of China on Oct 10, aka Double Ten Day.

No.6 in the picture is Koo Sze-yiu 古思堯.

Koo Sze-yiu was being arrested by the Japan Coast Guard

Koo always makes protest props like coffins for Long Hair. (Source) He burned his homemade Chinese flag (*the 5 stars are on the right) in front of LOCPG during the protest for the death of dissident Li Wangyang.


“Best Mockery”

馬德里: [Today Best Mockery] is by Nick Lee: Burning 5-star flag in Hong Kong Island, Raising 5-star flag in Diaoyu Islands. Serious split personality disorder!

CY Leung and His Supporter, Liu Mengxiong, Sponsored Hong Kong Bao Diao Activists

From 2011/6/11 East Week Magazine,

The printing version of “Along the River During the Qingming Festival“, which was donated by the president of the Executive Council, CY Leung, was sold for $33,000 dollars. The evening party raised $1.3M in total.

Member of the national committee of CPPCC, Liu Mengxiong (left 2), donated $1M dollars to support Baodiao action. This donation is the largest of the evening party.

From 2012.8.26 Yazhou Zhoukan (Weekly),

Liu Mengxiong, member of the national committee of CPPCC, is a powerful supporter of Hong Kong Baodiao action. In recent years, he has donated more than $3M dollars (about four hundred thousands USD) to Baodiao action. Liu told Yazhou Zhoukan that the ship of Baodiao going into the battle of national sovereignty is the best “national education”.

Liu Mengxiong (red tie) welcomed Koo Sze-yiu (greenish blue shirt) and Tsang Kin-shing (on the right hand of Koo) in the Airport (from Tsang’s Facebook)

Liu Mengxiong celebrated “the success of landing Diaoyu Islands” with Tsang Kin-shing (left 3) and Long Hair, Leung Kwok-hung (in Che Guevara’s shirt).


Liu held another banquet to welcome the return of Kai Fung No. 2 on 2012.8.22.

Liu held a banquet to receive Baodiao activists and reporters on 8.22.2012. (Source)
Yang Kuang went to Liu Mengxiong’s banquet. However, Vjmedia used “flash mob” to describe his short appearance. Later, Yang celebrated with his friends in a restaurant in Tai Kok Tsui.

From 2012.6.13 Oriental Daily

Member of the national committee of CPPCC, Liu Mengxiong, aka “Dream Bear” (*because of his name 夢熊), also wants to participate in the Hong Kong Island election. However, Beijing does not approve it. He also said that he had a secret deal with the member of the Social League of Democrats “Ah Ngau” Tsang Kin-shing.

“Hidden Hong Kong Separatism”

In an essay titled “Hidden Hong Kong Separatism” by Tianda Institute, it suggests that related departments can unite with Hong Kong opposition parties to battle with Hong Kong right wing.

Chin Wan and many of his supporters are Hong Kong conservative right wing. The mainstream of the Hong Kong society does not agree with Chin Wan”s “Hong Kong City-State Theory“, even people from the opposition side like Leung Kwok-hung do not agree with it. Related departments can consider uniting with some of the Hong Kong opposition parties to condemn Chin Wan’s “Hong Kong City-State Theory” for inciting racial conflicts.

“…these Baodiao gropus, in this critical period of Hong Kong, are still giving a hand job to China?”

From 2012.8.18 Apple Daily’s Editorial by Li Yi (Original Link)

On the day before yesterday, on the comment page of Apple Daily’s headline “Landing on Diaoyu Islands”, a female reader wrote like that, “I am a Honkonger. I only love Hong Kong. I only concern about the land of Hong Kong. When the land of Hong Kong is about to be robbed (Northeast New Territories Development Plan), when the next generation of Hong Kong is about to be brainwashed…When our Hongkonger identity is not tolerated…I want to question these Baodio groups, in this critical period of Hong Kong, why are they still giving a hand job to China? Shaming Hong Kong? Displaying the flag of fascist power?”

This is not an individual’s view. In comment sections of all the Baodiao news, the similar view is very common. This illustrates that even though Baodiao heroes are very brave, not only is this action unsuitable to the current situation of Hong Kong, but also hurts the vigorously rising social movements.

Under the pressure of “one country”, the awareness of “two systems” has been gaining ground in recent years. As “city-State theory” appears, dragon lion flags were especially eye-catching in July 1st demonstration. Towards Shenzhou 9 and the performance of Chinese Olympic team, Hong Kong citizens lose enthusiasm. In the critical period when Hongkongers are using the awareness of autonomy to against the mighty “one country” pressure, the ship of Baodiao departed. Do you believe that it was a coincidence that Hong Kong government let the Baodio ship pass? Is CY leung more open than the previous Chief Executives? Do you believe that the verbal support of China and action-less hard-line response are signs of changes? Do you think that CY Leung’s swift response towards Baodiao action deserves more points? These are really great misunderstandings.  Under the two big circumstances that the U.S is tightening alliance with Japan and Hong Kong election is around the corner, all these are schemes of the Communist Party and HKSAR government:  Using Chinese nationalism to lower Hongkonger’s autonomy awareness. And Baodiao action appeared under calculations. If this Baodiao action could not let Hong Kong autonomy awareness die down, it would at least cool the awareness down.

More than 20 years ago, during Sino-British talks, I remember that Hongkongers who were against Handover were labelled as “the guilt of nationalism”.

(*This is not a full translation)

Northeast New Territories Development Plan (Concern Goup’s Blog – Anti Forced Integration)

The green side (video) is Hong Kong and about to be ceded to Shenzhen – in the form of visa-free cities in Hong Kong, signifying the complete end of one country two systems.

Netizens’ comments

T: This essay of Li Yi is very good. It’s so straight-forward. These Baodiao activists used the 5-star flag to Baodiao when Chinese human rights are suppressed and Hong Kong autonomy is under threat, stirring up crazy pan-Chinese nationalism. This is extremely stupid.

2012.8.19 Anti-Japan Protest in China: “Long Live the Chinese Empire”

Chan: This time, the League of Social Democrats may be caught in the trap. Before election (*on Sep 9), the society is filled up with Chinese nationalism. That red flag and invaded territory are all over TV and newspapers, watering down the uselessness of Leung’s cabinet, corruption and lies of high officials and brainwashing education. Voters might vote for patriotic parties easily. This is not healthy for the League of Social Democrats. National heroes may have became a piece in the government’s chest board.

A netizen took photos of newspaper headlines of Hong Kong newspapers inside 7 Eleven on Aug 18.

琴獸: Those pro-democratic pan-Chinese nationalists have abnormal thoughts. They have hurt Hongkongers for a long time. (For them), Chinese problems are big deals. Hong Kong problems are trivial. Basically, Beijing arranged everything, and they released plastic pallets to destroy Hong Kong. Then, using Baodiao to shift focus away from Shenzhen-Hong Kong integration plan.

畢特來: (Pro-democratic pan-Chinese nationalists) promoted “Handover” enthusiastically before 1997.

KK1398: Go to Northeast New Territories to assert Hong Kong territorial sovereignty! It is f**king useless to go to Sankaku Islands/Diaoyu Islands.

Alice: Heroes, I want to ask you that which one is more important, defending Hong Kong or defending Diaoyu Islands? When your own home is about to be invaded by foreigners, defending the freaking Diaoyu Islands first?

43 thoughts on “Chinese Nationalism – The Root of Hong Kong’s Pain

    1. It won’t be ceded to China, it’s just the Hong Kong people way’s of exaggerating the situation just because this happens to be an project that allows cultural exchange between HongKongers and Chinese in 2020, there’s no land from Hong Kong that will become part of China.

      1. Isn’t Hong Kong already an city sized place itself? I understand Hong Kong have it’s own administrative region, own flag, own official language, own currency that separates them from China citizens ect But come on, to build an city within an city sounds strange to me.

      2. Oh come on, that’s only an crazy exaggeration. If such an thing does happen it will create an huge international uproar and protest that China does not want. Not only will that be completely breaking the one country two systems. China will get negative media from the world. If something like that happens protest from all over Hong Kong will never stop.

  1. I can’t find any information about “visa-free cities”. I did find the zoning plans, however, which show a large number of plots reserved for schools, presumably to offer more services to cross-border students already inundating the Northern District.

    There are places south of Route 9 to redevelop as well, such as Shek Kong, Kam Tin, Tam Mei, and Tai Tong. Time for proper planning in the New Territorites and an end to “Hey! Why are you building your village house on top of my makeshift carpark?!” and other potentially violent disputes.

    1. 深港合併起動了





      The current plan is to develop 3 satellite cities near the border. However, CY Leung revealed to “Nanfang Daily” in 2010 that “all Shenzhen residents and even all Mainland Chinese will be able to enter these 3 Hong Kong cities visa-free.” In 2007, China also approved a plan that integrates Shenzhen and Hong Kong by 2020. 8 years later, one country two systems is completely put to an end.

      Even Google Map has taken away Hong Kong border for some time now.
      That concern group is trying to stop/delay the development of these 3 cities.

      I’ve just seen this poster on Facebook.
      Hong Kong Forced Integration

      1. Damn. Thanks for the info, though.

        As much as I dislike the NT indigenous villagers for their abuse of the Small House Policy and overall lawless culture, I guess they’re our only hope at stalling the project. Here’s a (reluctant) toast to them.

      2. So what? it doesn’t mean part of Hong Kong territory will be an part of China. I bet this Visa-free special zone will be cancelled sooner or later.

      3. 1. Visa-free towns before 2047 is not 1 country 2 systems. Besides, when CY Leung pledges to curb anchor babies, then 3 visa-free towns are going to be built.
        2. This is just part of the integration plan.

      4. The 3 visa town is where it ends, I don’t see how that as integrating Hong Kong with Shenzhen but more like an place for cultural exchange. Hong Kong will still have an Chief executive to rule it’s own Hong Kong area, Hong Kong will still have it’s own separate administrative region, own official language, own flag.

        However, if they ask for to built more Visa towns than I will start growing very suspicious.

  2. […] More on nationalism and Diaoyu: “Netizens critcise that Hong Kong Baodiao (保釣, defending Diaoyu Islands) activists, despite their pro-democratic stance, have hurt Hong Kong. They believe that this Baodiao action is to shift focus away from Hong Kong internal problems, especially when awareness of defending Hong Kong is growing.” [Dictionary of Politically Incorrect HK Cantonese] […]

  3. Could you possibly make a separate blog post for the NENT development? I think it is important enough for its own discussion, especially with the most recent developments such as the overrun public forum a few days ago.

    1. YC,
      I definitely will write a post on this. However, I have 3 incomplete posts on the first page now. Even though this blog is free, I still have standards for myself.

      1. I do agree with YC, this New Territories issue deserves its own post. The issue I believe is much bigger than perceived.

        Please take your time badcanto, I very much appreciate the quality that you put into making these articles. This is a very fine site.


  4. They are fricking idiots playing into the hands of Hongkong’s enemies. That shows how unreliable some so-called democratic parties in HK are. What HK needs is a party that puts clearly Hongkonger’s interests first without compromise to big business and the Chicomms.

  5. Click to access E_FR.pdf (Stage 1 Community Engagement complete) (Stage Three Public Engagement in progress)

    Kam Tin is only listed as a contingency plan in the event of higher-than-expected growth, and yet that is the area I would chose to develop second, after Hung Shui Kiu. Leave the far north alone.

    As far as practicality goes, the West Rail line still has the option of adding back that eighth car, whereas the East Rail line is near capacity, meaning the HSK and Kam Tin options make more sense than additional loading on the East Rail side. There are only two reasons I can think of for prioritizing the NENT NDAs over the others, both of which are lame in my opinion:

    1. Coercion from Guangdong authorities to amalgamate with Shenzhen (as we are already discussing)
    2. Less angry villagers to uproot

    About point 2: take a good look at the Tai Tong area, for example. Thousands of “ding” houses everywhere, many converted to luxury villas for outsiders, almost all with illegal structures. It’s long overdue to end the Small House Policy and clean up these large swatches of poor, amateur rural planning. The SHP does nothing to preserve village traditions, instead, it swallows up villages through unchecked development.

      1. Ah, good point. But my point still stands that the other NDA at HSK would be much more meaningful for actual Hong Kongers. Obviously, the only thing the HKSAR government cares about is remaining in favor with Beijing.

    1. I listened to Taipan 大班 yesterday. He said HKer might even need visa 回鄉證 to enter these Mainlander’s visa-free areas (if the authority does not want to break 1 country 2 systems immediately)! Essentially, all these 3 cities are ceded to Shenzhen.

      In another programme of DBC, another host said that the privilege of building small houses that NT indigenous people are enjoying was the reward given by the British colonial government as indigenous people didn’t even allow one Chinese flag inside NT during 1967 leftist riots.

  6. My answer to Peter Fai’s comment

    “Oh come on, that’s only an crazy exaggeration. If such an thing does happen it will create an huge international uproar and protest that China does not want. Not only will that be completely breaking the one country two systems. China will get negative media from the world.”

    These days, Hong Kong gets all the negative media.

    Anyhow, I am sure that you all would rather believe in a fortune stick.

  7. Hong Kong needs to separate. It’s the only way out. I cannot see another. It’s either we go on alone, care about ourselves, rebuild our home, regain what we once lost, or we keep on remaining in this fight that HK will definitely lose to China (if the tactic of wanting democracy and being a part of China is still in use).

  8. regardless of the actuality of new terrorities that merge sz & hk, HK gov’t lost the trust of HK citizen. What kinda gov’t that dont work on behalf on their citizen’s benefit and even against them?

    the so called ” PRC well, HK well” is a big fat lie for PRC capital reallocation. Does normal hk ppl been better off eversince 1997? HK is empty out by all short term GDP chasing game!

    A place that youngster has no hope and desire to work well and thus input the true productivity due to lack to the absense of social mobility. The tiny % similar in DNA to PRC leeched hk into a zombie.

    HK indepedant or Britain regain is the only way out!

    1. Some people from nowadays pro-Beijing party DAB supported Hong Kong independence while members from nowadays Democratic party supported Handover. Democratic party is nicknamed as “team b of DAB” these days. It is extremely ironic.

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