City University of Hong Kong: Locals Please Make Way for Mainland Chinese Students

Two days ago, an email from the City University of Hong Kong asking local part-time master students not to compete with non-local full-time students for courses was circulated on Facebook. The school has confirmed that the email is genuine. Netizens feel that Hongkongers have became second-class citizens in Hong Kong.

Netizens’ reactions

Lau: Everybody knows that most of the so-called “overseas” students of the City University are Mainland Chinese students.

Chang: They want Hong Kong local students to “make way for” the so called “overseas” students (i.e., majority are Mainland Chinese students) when choosing courses, are they “City University of Hong Kong” or “City University of Mainland China”?

Kursk Edward: Assume that this email is genuine, it is really hard to understand. Both part-time and overseas students have paid their tuition fees. (I don’t use Mainland Chinese students to label them, because there are really several percents of overseas students.) It is the responsibility of the school to ensure that courses match with degrees’ requirements. Besides, those who had studied part-time master degree know that it is exhausting to go to school after work. Overseas students feel exhausted, so do part time students. The difficulties part-time students encounter are generally more than that of full-time students. How can the school ask for “understanding” from part-time students?

無: Local part-time students are permitted to study degrees, why does the school persuade them to extend their studying times? It is exhausting to study part-time, and the school even delays their graduations. Doubtless, it will increase burdens of students. Besides, the aim of this act is to yield to the so-called overseas student (the main source is from Mainland China) so that many seats can be emptied for profit gaining. It is unfair to local students. Also, we can see the selfishness of programme creators, who turn the school to become a diploma mill.

Chan: If this is real, it is very crazy…Every country or city strives to get as many rights as possible for local residents. Unfortunately, in this so called the pearl of the orient, people love yielding to others? Do they know shame?

Au: Not only City University but also Baptist University is like that. Chinese major clearly states that no Hongkonger is allowed to be a research student. Even if you knew how to fly, it would be useless.

Chan: WTF! I can’t stop myself from cursing. If Hong Kong local university students don’t rebel, all their jobs and welfare are deserved to be robbed by Chinese. This is the price of being indifferent to politics.

Wong: Pathetic. It is hard for Hongkongers to get (tertiary) education. Now, basically, Mainland Chinese are all powerful…Why do we have to yield to Mainlanders…

Lee: University quotas in Hong Kong are already lacking. Universities should give priorities to local students. Hong Kong students are in their home field. Mainland Chinese students are only invaders.

Wong: Present Hong Kong is more “colonialistic” than the colonial era!

Chan: It is so helpless. Each day is getting worse. Hongkongers have to make way for Mainlanders. After September 1st, there will be more Individual Visit Scheme tourists. They will cause inflation. The life of Hongkongers will even be more miserable.

Lee: Chinks in Hong Kong are first class. Local Hongkongers are just second class. Understand?

Leung: Hongkongers have already lost their status, have no existence values. They are serving adoptive mothers and fathers like beggars. When I think of this, I am heartbroken!

17 thoughts on “City University of Hong Kong: Locals Please Make Way for Mainland Chinese Students

  1. Logically, this makes no sense. If part-time HK students defer registering in some courses one semester to make it easier for overseas students, next semester there will be another set of overseas students to defer to, and on and on forever.

      1. Hey, CityU’s far from the only school padding its bank account with mainland money, and the local students (and professors, most of whom aren’t thrilled about the situation either) who are putting up with this crap don’t deserve to have the value of their degrees degraded any further. Save the bashing for Lingnan! (Just kidding.)

        My suggestion: Strong anti-plagiarism policies, like everywhere else in the world. Start expelling people who copy or pay others for their work. That will take care of the problem in short order. Trust me.

        Alternate suggestion: Actually change the name to City University of Mainland China. Suddenly mainlanders won’t want to attend any more.


      The Survey of City University’s Faculty Members Exposed: The Ethics of CY Leung is Almost Zero.

      How brutal is the Chief Executive candidate CY Leung? City University of Hong Kong Teachers’ Union carried out a survey that graded the performance of Leung as City University’s Council Chairman. In the end, his performance was widely criticised. On a 10-point maximum scale, Leung scores near 0 point in all the characters’ categories. His leading ability only scores an extremely low 1.25 point. Some faculty members describe that Leung is dictatorial like Mao Zedong and worry that today City University is the future of Hong Kong.

  2. Dear colleagues and students,

    CityU is committed to creating a diverse and integrated learning environment. It has a high regard for the education and development of all students, regardless of their nationalities or backgrounds.

    A recent email from the Programme Leader of Master of Arts in Language Studies, advising part-time students to take advantage of pre-registration in subject selection, appears to have caused some confusion by giving rise to a misinterpretation that one group of students was given priority in registration.

    In reality, no priority registration is given to either full- or part-time students for this programme, which is consistent with the University’s policy.

    The University will continue to adhere to its policy of treating all students equally.

    Professor Gary Feng
    Associate Provost (Academic Planning and Undergraduate Education)
    30 August 2012

    MA in Language Studies!!!! How the hell can the Program Leader in LANGUAGE STUDIES have such poor English!

    Program website:
    Program leader is 梁永光, Matthew.

  3. CityU is really ShittyU – this so called explanation from Gary Feng might be technically correct, but us locals were being urged not to apply for electives which may compete with locusts. The original email is there for the whole world to see, and yet ShittyU thinks we’re so dumb that they can change the meaning of what’s already in front of us in black and white. Shame on ShittyU!!!!!

  4. if I unfortunately enough to do my postbac at CityU@HK, I would disregard that notice and register anyway. If CityU stops me, then I file lawsuit to sue them outright.

    part-time students in their nature pay tuition and take less courses than your full time students, therefore already ‘make way’ for full time students.

    i believe strong policy against plaguism like explusion on first offense. I doubt CItyU is accredited by any major international cerification groups.

    1. CityU needs to root out and severely discourage plagiarism. Imagine one day somewhere in China a bad incident occurs caused by human error of an incompetent graduate of CityU. The reputation of CityU will then be dragged through mud, along with the name of Hong Kong 😦

  5. I think it is worth pointing out that (if the email is legit) tuition rates likely play a role.

    The tuition cost for a local HK student is HK$2800 per credit. For a FT (15 credit load) per semester this equates to HK$84,000 per year.

    But international students (including Mainland students) have a set annual tuition rate of HK$100,000 per year (FT). source:

    So an added HK$16,000 per student means there is a big incentive to increase the number of spots for such students and allow them more concessions, at the expense of local HK students. Thus if international (mainland) students are complaining about competition for class spots, of course they would want to appease them because this (growing) group of students are now a new cash cow for the university.

    I don’t think this problem is unique to CityU, but I think that the email response (if legit) is cause for concern for local students.

    My question is where does this extra tuition go? I am pretty sure it doesn’t trickle down to the teachers. Is it being fed back into program budgets? Facilities care?

  6. This is so sad to see how Hongkongers got rid of the Colonialists, but are now raped and degraded in their own hometown by them filthy ChiComms. Hongkongers you really need to “Chi Lai, Chi Lai, Chi Lai” and kick them Mainlanders back from whence they came.

  7. Before joining HKUST, I remember reading some of the official stats of the university claiming there are 60-70% international students on campus. You could imagine my surprise when I came for my first visit at HKUST to talk to some professors and just based on appearances and language used I couldn’t make out where the majority of international students are. As I brought this up with one local professor during our coffee meeting and asked – “So, where are all the international students?”, he looked around and replied – “what ever do you mean? they’re all around you – he’s from mainland, she’s from mainland, that group over there is definitely not local, probably from northern China”. I finally got the point.

  8. would it be easier if City U just ban local HK students from studying?
    if there is anyone who annialate HK , it is the local Hong Kong traitors, then the mainland locasts

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