Hong Kong Propaganda TV: London and Washington Behind Anti-National Education Protest

On 2012.9.3, Hong Kong ATV “ATV Focus” claims that Scholarism, the student group which organises anti-national education protests, is being exploited by the “destruction camp” of Hong Kong, which is claimed to be under the manipulation of London and Washington. Netizens are chilled to the bone after viewing the programme.

(If you can’t read the subtitle, please view in Youtube and choose “interactive transcript”.)

The original video now has about 370,000 views in just 2 days and receives over 23,000 unlikes.

Former ATV actor Chapman To‘s Response

Today, I am ashamed of my ATV origin. ATV, congrats, you have finally became a “focus”!
(*ATV programmes always receive zero audience ratings. )

Chapman To: I hope that I still have the chance to live for the sake of living and earn enough dirty money to leave my hometown. I beg those powerful people, you can hurt me but not the children.

Kong: Our Hong Kong is dead. How humiliated our life will become? I dare not to think. I just want to leave.

He has just been asked to shut up via intermediary.

You don’t need to tell me via intermediary! I know! I got it! Your a**!

Netizens’ Responses

Wong: What kind of place is Hong Kong about to become? What kind of world is this world?
Basically, they force you to eat shit and even teach you that shit is very delicious! Then, they tell you, “You’ve never eaten shit. Why do you know that it is not delicious?” The end of the world should come faster. I’ve a headache after watching this.

吳: Sigh…It is like rewatching the footage of Liu Shaoqi being publicly criticised and denounced during the Cultural Revolution. Unexpectedly, it appears in the year of 2012 in Hong Kong.

Lam: CCP and local commie really use every shameless mean to blacken the reputation of the opposition camp, and even students with conscience are defamed. ATV brazenly helps the wicked to do evils. This disgusts and angers me!

If one can’t be stained red, then blacken him.

According to RTHK,

Spokeperson of the office of the Communications Authority said that they have received over 10,000 complaint emails. It is believed that these emails are related to “ATV Focus”. Majority of the complaints include: the content of the programme is biased and false, lacks of objectivity, violates the principle of fairness in election ordinance, misleads the public and suspected to blacken the name of Scholarism. The spokesperson said that they are still counting the number of related complaints and will handle according to normal procedure.

Update from RTHK,

The office of the Communications Authority has received 30,000 emails. It is believed that these emails are related to “ATV Focus”.

The number of complaint email has reached 40,000, according to Sharp Daily.

Former chief editor of Takungpao is the mastermind
According to 2012.9.5 Apple Daily

It is said that the mastermind behind the incident is the former executive chief editor of Takungpao Lui King-bun. He joined ATV in April and is in charge of special topic branch of the news department. This commentary is written by him. Yesterday, the programme still continued to mock that anti-national education movement was an election campaign’s “strategy”, and it even said that hunger-strikers would “have accidents” to gain sympathy. It is said that the programme had been modified and slightly reduced the contents that target Scholarism. In recent months, “ATV focus” have commented on anti-national education movement frequently. It once accused that “even foreign students came forward and attacked” and was criticised by ethnic minority concern group Hong Kong Unison.

ATV focus: Even foreign students came forward and attacked

Chief Editor of ATV News, Fung Siu-ling Resigned Because of Lui King-bun

According to 2012.9.5 Apple Daily

Fung Siu-ling is Discontented with Lui King-bun
Lui has even done many petty actions including the plan of transferring Fung from the frontline editorial to special topic reporting. It is said that Fung could not accept the arrangement and resigned on Sep 3th. At that time, the incident of “ATV Focus” had not yet happened. It is said that staffs of the news department have regarded that Lui’s working experience in newspaper doesn’t fit the operation of television. Besides, Lui is from Takungpao, which always publishes critcising and denouncing style essays. Therefore, someone used the excuse of having different views to resign.

An angry netizen describes that the difference between Fung Siu-ling and Lui King-bun is the difference between a human and an animal.

Fung Siu-ling on the left and Lui King-bun on the right

A protester took off his pants in front of ATV crew during anti-national education protest.

Other protesters gave ATV a thumbs down.

On 2012.9.8, some reporters from ATV news department dressed in black and made cross sign to give support to the anti-national education movement.

24 thoughts on “Hong Kong Propaganda TV: London and Washington Behind Anti-National Education Protest

  1. So bad that it’s good! It admits that the greatest nation on earth is failing to run a tiny speck of its own territory — and promises that the brave young students will be punished in all sorts of ways. If anybody had doubts about the mouth-frothing, rabid, xenophobic people that govern us and their puppet media, they just have to watch this diatribe for them to be instantly removed.

    Thanks to the Dictionary of Politically Incorrect Hong Kong Cantonese site for sharing this facist programme.

  2. Yes. It has been foreseen.

    Normally when social unrest occurs in power regimes it is routine to first blame the opposition, second to peg the opposition to have support from foreign intervention. In the Mainland isn’t it common place for such rhetoric to take place?

    Democratic and justice protests are blamed on US-Western interference to destablise the harmony of Chinese socialism. The inability to self-reflect and self-criticise and the intolerance of opposing ideas leads to the constant berating on foreign outside referent object.

    As Hong Kong edges closer to the Chinese Model, these mindless rhetoric will only increase and Hong Kong’s reputation as “Asia’s World City” will be passed over to the likes of Shanghai.

      1. ATV = Asshole TV

        I would much rather even live in India, Syria, Egypt than in China ( I say because Hong Kong will become 100% part of China in the future).

      2. he is saying that Shanghai will replace HK after HK loses its last breath of freedom. Admit it, what makes HK better than Shanghai now is its freedom of speech and perhaps parts of its economy. If HK loses it, they will be replaced by them…

  3. The SAR system was supposed to be a demo for Taiwan. Since Taiwan failed to take the bait (lucky them), the CPC has no use for our autonomy anymore. It will try ever harder to make us just another city in China.

  4. actually the “Asia’s world city” would probably go over to Singapore instead as most/all mutlinational and banking corporations move their asia headquarters over to Singapore…

    1. Perhaps so. But to a degree I am certain in the machinations of the CCP, they would work towards the goal of Shanghai usurping Hong Kong’s international status and standings as Asia’s international financial and economic hub and reducing Hong Kong to a mere second rate city supplementing the Canton region. Recent events such as the New Territories plan would seem to support this agenda.

      1. bigger problem in terms of relocation is whether the employees willing to LIVE there…no one in their right mind would station in Shanghai (unless temporary, <6 mo.) when you have Singapore (which are much preferred in business circles.)

        businesses and MNCs are leaving China is droves based on preliminary indicators. Mass exodus ensues if China does not change its current path away from one-party system and independent judicuary.

  5. I felt physically sick watching that drivel. It reminded me of that news reader in North Korea who would yell and scream platitudes to the great leader and insults to the american lap dogs to the south. Rise up Honk Kongers – you know you must to survive the onslaught of those who strive to destroy you by stealth. I have been in HK over 3 years and already i am see it dying by a thousand cuts. You need to stop the rot now as in a couple of years it will be too late!!

  6. The official curriculum guide contains (p. 150 of the English version) the phrase “feelings inherent in the information.” That suggests that there is a proper way of reacting to world events and therefore correct and incorrect ways of thinking. How scary is that? 1984 and its notion of “thought crimes” come to mind.

  7. ATV Focus, Sept. 6: Protesters infringe on the rights of the majority, only want their own voices heard, do not respect freedom of speech.

    1. ATV has really upped their game. When I was in Hong Kong which was the start of this year, I seem to recall their company motto or slogan was “亞洲電視, 香港良心”. Have they ditched their marketing strategy already?

      Besides, do people still watch ATV anymore pass their 6.00pm news. Nearly everyone I know in HK only watch ATV for that 6.00pm to 6.30pm segment tuning into TVB (not that its a good channel anyway) right at 6.31 just after the Chinese anthem.

      We shouldn’t take ATV seriously or have a legitimate analysis and debate of the program’s content. Simply said, its pure biased if not propaganda from the underground communists. There isn’t any ideological basis for the program’s argument nor is there common sense.

      Instead we should congratulate Scholarism, as it has reached a socio-political level of opposition to the pro-Beijing/Communist establishment that the Pan-Democrats had reached before. The pseudo-official dogma of the pro-communists in regards to any opposition has always been –

      1. Disregard.
      2. Discredit.
      3. Direct confrontation.
      4. Destroy and dismantle.

      We had seen this type of process in the Cultural Revolution and even the June the 4th incident also known as the Tienanmen Massacre. The Pan-Democrats with their misconstrued political action was simply disregarded by the establishment seeing them as having little threat to the ‘agenda’. But Scholarism’s opposition and attack on the products of the ‘agenda’ – National Education, poses an extreme danger to the ‘agenda’.

      Thus ATV’s program is clearly an effort to discredit and disenfranchise support of the movement from the general public of Hong Kong. But to clear minded people it is clear that ATV’s efforts are much too extreme in its own right to call others radical.

      With ATV continuing the program’s series, ATV is simply digging its own grave deeper than the six feet it was already in.

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