China’s National Day, Hong Kong’s Condolence Day

China’s National Day, Hong Kong’s Condolence Day

From BBC Chinese’s “China’s National Celebration Festival, Hong Kong’s Condolence Day“,

For whom the fireworks were set off?

The maritime disaster happened at 8:23 pm yesterday (*Oct 1st). Yet, national day fireworks display was hold on schedule. (*at 9 pm)

Disregarding whether mobilising ships and medical personnel from Victoria Harbour to Lamma Island is the fastest and the most effective, many people question why the fireworks display was not cancelled to save lives. When many people were struggling between life and death at the same time and the Fire Department, the Marine Police and front-line medical personnel were rescuing the injured, splendid fireworks were up in the sky. Isn’t it too cruel? Isn’t it too chilling?

Who is the guest? Who is the host?

As the Chief Executive of Hong Kong, inspecting the scene, visiting hospital and offering consolation to the injured were his duties originally. However, when the Chief Executive’s visit to Queen Mary Hospital was broadcast, surprisingly, the deputy director of Beijing’s Liaison Office Li Gang also appeared. CY leung was silent, standing aside like an assistant government official and even letting Li Gang make a speech. Many people were shocked and asked on the social media, “Who is the real Chief Executive of Hong Kong?”

The maritime disaster belongs to internal affairs of Hong Kong. why did Beijing’s Liaison Office make such a high-profile gesture, requesting Gaungdong province to assist in salvage before the SAR government made such a demand?

Many regard the act of the Liaison Office as over-the-top, besides taking advantage of the disaster, the act also confirms that CY Leung is the “puppet emperor of Sai Wan”.  (*Sai Wan is where Beijing’s Liaison Office is located.)

One Country Two Systems

“Sai Wan rules Hong Kong” is not a new rumour. However, this flagrant act makes people feel that the Liaison Office is toying with politics. Maritime disaster completely belongs to internal affairs. Li Gang’s appearance sounds the death knell of one country two systems again.

In fact, if Hong Kong really needs rescue assistance, requesting international help will be beyond reproach.

However, a Hong Kong lighter salvages the damaged ship faster than ships sent by Guangdong province. Guangdong really doesn’t need to send ships. Even if they would like to express friendliness and will of support, the Liaison Office could issue an announcement or communicate with the SAR government privately. Now, in the state of emergency, CY Leung just stood aside and let Li Gang make a speech (it was only salvage and not rescue) , isn’t it an arrogation of powers by Li?

Looking back at August this year, containers of Sinopec carrying plastic pellets fell into the sea, polluting Hong Kong beaches. This is also a serious maritime disaster – a disaster for marine life. At that time, where was the Chief Executive? Where was the Liaison Office? At last, the clean-up, which should have been done by Sinopec and the government, surprisingly became the job of citizens. Do you think that there is really no political decision?

October 1st is China’s national day. It is also a condolence day for Hong Kong – mourn for the dead and one country two systems.

(*This is not a full translation.)

(*I asked a Hong Kong author whose essay was on BBC Chinese how the site selects contents.  She told me she submitted her essay, no financial reward.)

Sinopec plastic pellet disaster has not been relieved. The following is a video of a beach in Shek Pai Wan, Lamma Island on Oct 6th. Facebook group “We’re Plastic Cleaners” is still looking for volunteers.

Puppet of Beijing’s Liaison Office

Netizens mocks the relationship between Li Gang and CY Leung is like Empress Dowager Cixi to her eunuch, a father to son, and a master to his dog. WSJ gives full coverage and analysis of netizens’ mockery.


Chinese New Service (CNS) Fabricated that Mainland Chinese Authority Rescued 95 People

On Oct 2nd, CNS published an article titled “In the scene of Hong Kong boat crash, 95 people were successfully rescued.” The article provoked netizens as it fabricated that these 95 people were rescued by Mainland Chinese authority. CNS later removed it. However, other major Mainland Chinese sites that had published the article did not follow.

(*First highlight) Chinese professional rescue ships have successfully rescued 95 people.

Netizens’ comments

黃: Shameless!!!! Disgusting!!!! It is not a right way to win glory….

Chung: Mainlanders said, “Had we not sent ships to rescue you Hongkongers, you couldn’t survive!”

Tang: No wonder many Mainlanders say “Had China not helped, Hong Kong would have been doomed already.” It can all be attributed to boasts by official organs of the party.

Wong: Bastards. Dislike. Why cheating? If Mainland Chinese rescue were that superior and officials’ responses were that quick, why did many people die in Wenzhou high-speed rail crash and Wenchuan earthquake? Fortunately, this is Hong Kong. Therefore, many people were rescued. I salute all rescue personnel and the injured who still saved others calmly!

Hong Kong Rescue Personnel in the Boat Crash. Source

A netizen who lives in London sent a complaint email to a local newspaper after reading “Divers were sent from Mainland China.”

Rescue of Wenzhou High-Speed Rail Crash: A National Education for Hong Kong Netizens

Wenzhou high-speed rail crash in 2011 made Hong Kong netizens lose faith in the China model, especially after they failed to stop the construction of Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong high-speed rail in the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010. The story of Yang Feng, a man who lost 5 family members including his pregnant wife in the accident and reproached the authority for ignoring lives inside a funeral parlour, will always be a warning against the Chinese-style rescue .


Yang Feng: The rescue was stopped at 2 (am?). Why was it stopped? Is it because the rail has to be reopened? What does the reopening of the rail base on? It bases on the living humans, rescuing the rail instead of them.

“It bases on the living humans, rescuing the rail instead of them”

The China Model: Communist Party’s Celebrations are of Utmost Importance

Despite many deaths, celebrations for China’s national day were still hold on schedule until Oct 4th.  Angry netizens condemn the government for currying favour with Beijing and disrespecting victims.

Century Dragon in Hong Kong 2012“, celebrating China’s national day and the 15th Anniversary of the HKSAR, was still hold next day after the disaster.
The celebration also aimed to set the Guinness World Record by parading a 510-meter-long dragon.

A netizen’s comment on the record-setting parade

Wong: 38 Hongkongers have just died. Yet, people still continued to set fireworks display and hold dragon parade. Can these people still be called humans?

They should just go back to China. They have invaded we Hongkongers’ home and even make big shows of powers. Please stop being that arrogant. Tolerance has a limit.

Why did condolence days was set on Oct 4th?

According to Hong Kong Economic Journal,

CY assigned Oct 4th as Hong Kong’s condolence day for the maritime disaster. At that time, regional flags on government buildings will all be flown at half-mast. However, some netizens questioned that why the condolence day was not set on today (Oct 3rd) despite the fact that CY made the announcement on yesterday (Oct 2nd). It is found that Oct 1st to 3rd were assigned to be “national day’s legal holidays”. Flying regional flags at half-mast during “national celebration” holidays to offer condolence, will it become politically incorrect, won’t it?

Netizens’ comments

Leung: Generally, flags are flown at half-mast on next day. I also feel weird. It turns out that the commie thieves are the most important!!! (Angry)

Hong Kong Electric Company and other companies of Li Ka-shing flew flags at half-mast on Oct 2nd, next day after the disaster.

Tam: No grieving is allowed during national celebration?

直: For China, national celebration is much more important than human lives. Now, Hong Kong is following the China model, attempting to hide grievance of a small group of people by throwing false shows of peace and prosperity. *Sigh*

Chan: The fate of Hong Kong is being controlled like that…being leaded by the nose…
Actually, are we going to walk the future path this helpless…It’s a bit frustrating!!!

5 thoughts on “China’s National Day, Hong Kong’s Condolence Day

  1. So, now even the time for grieve is instructed by the Communist Party. Commies have no conscience, no moral. They have no God and will burn in hell. Oh ya, how did they say in the former DDR (East Germany): “The Party, the Party, the Party”.

    1. it’s called politics. When politics mix with economy you get fascism. Communism is rotted to be a fascist country and you hk are suffering from a commie country.
      I hope someday HK can be an independent nation!

  2. Maybe HKers should make their own version of a “Don’t tread on me flag”
    Google Image it I think you will like what you see.

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