CUHK Mainland Student Calls Hongkongers “Hong Kong Dogs”

Yesterday, Zhang Wenchang 張文昌, a CUHK sophomore student who is from Chongqing and majoring in financial engineering, reviled Hongkongers for the use of “locusts” on the Facebook Event Page “Liberate Sheung Shui Station”. His remarks provoke further anti-Chinese sentiment.

Liberate Sheung Shui Station: Mission Failed

After a series of “Liberate Sheung Shui Station” protests, the smuggling problem did relieve for a few weeks. However, after National Day holidays, the problem has returned and even spread along the East Rail Line. Angry netizens lost their patience and are going to hold another round of protest on Oct 23rd. Hateful comments become more hateful.

呀呀呀呀呀: Locust smugglers have invaded Fo Tan.

A netizen’s comment,

ゆきりん: East Rail Line = Locusts’ Line

Photos of Sheung Shui Station on Oct 12th (Source 1, Source 2, Source 3)

Netizens’ comments

會: MTR Corporation Limited basically cooperates with Mainland smugglers, and even arranging gates for locusts.

Leung: Special line for VIP locusts.

Furious Zhang Wenchang: “Hong Kong Dogs!!!!”

CUHK Mainland student Zhang Wenchang had a very heated argument with Hong Kong netizens on the Facebook Event Page “Liberate Sheung Shui Station” yesterday. His “best” comments were captured and made into a poster.

Zhang Wenchang :

(*Comment 1) A group of low quality people only know how to call others locusts. They have never thought in terms of China! They only know how to use stupid c**t actions to prove their democracy. Pathetic!!!! Pathetic!!!! In the looks department, Hongkongers are ugly; In the brain department, many of them don’t think before they speak…Blindly worshipping the West!!! Even the U.S has realised the importance of China. Yet, this small Special Administrative Region creates chaos everyday!! Even the media is like that…Pathetic!!!! I can only call them “Hong Kong Dogs”!!! Hong Kong Dogs!!!!

(*Comment 3) Compared with Tsinghua University and Peking University, the degree of Hong Kong’s universities is not impressive. I have made a mistake for not going to there!!! It is useless to regret. Accept life as it is.

(*Comment 4) China does have problems. I admit. I also feel them!!!! However, you should not think that Hong Kong is superior. It is just a special province. I study in Hong Kong but I disdain to get Hong Kong permanent residency. I will go back to China upon my graduation. Speaking of development, Hong Kong is not as good as Shanghai; Speaking of quality of people, Hong Kong is not as good as Beijing; Speaking of beauty, Hong Kong is far behind of my hometown Chongqing!!!!

Receiving $145,000 Annual Scholarships

Netizens quickly found Zhang’s personal information including his address and phone number in Chongqing via a 2011 honour list on Chongqing Yunyang County’s website. A few angry netizens claimed that they had called the number.

Name: Zhang Wenchang
Gender: Male
School Admitted: CUHK
School Graduated from: Chongqing No. 18 Middle School

In a thread on Tianya forum, a poster heard that Zhang receives four $145,000 annual scholarships.

Meanwhile, many Hongkongers have no access to higher education.

According to Heng Seng Management College, Hongkongers’ college entry rate is just 18%. While in Mainland China, the rate is 27% and expected to increase to 40% by 2020.  Blogger Lam Kay lamented that Hong Kong is under another imperialism:

For many years, Hong Kong haven’t increased university places. 17-18% college entry rate is so much lower than Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. The SAR government always gives empty promise on developing “knowledge-based economy”. Yet, its higher education is the worst in developed regions. Under this situation, not only does the government not help the local students, but also encourages universities to accept Mainland students. Research institutes (i.e. postgraduates) have almost 60% Mainland students. In the end, for whom is this city?

In August, netizens took action against a simplified character banner of CUHK. The above situation is one of the reasons for the anger. Before Taiwan presidential election this year, a Hongkonger made a flim titled “Don’t let Taiwan to be another Hong Kong”, in which the difficulty of accessing to higher education is mentioned.

It’s been almost 15 years after the Handover. Today Hong Kong is no longer like the past. Mainland pregnant women rush to Hong Kong to give birth. Even milk powder and diapers are all snatched by them. The housing price becomes sky-high as Mainland guests speculate. To settle down is more difficult than reaching the sky. Wanna get higher education? Universities and research institutes are all occupied by Mainland students. Walking on the street, the language people speak and the faces you see are all strange. People always say, “China good, Hong Kong good.” Now, China’s good, how much has my life improved? Under the Lion Rock, does working hard give you success? Today Hong Kong, Tomorrow Taiwan? Don’t let Taiwan be another Hong Kong.

Netizens’ comments

L: To be frank, you say that China is so good, then you should f**king go back to China. Basically, you can’t go overseas. Insult Hong Kong? Hong Kong does have many problems, and many of them are caused by you darn Mainland dogs. Also, the worst of Hong Kong is still better than that of the locusts’ country which you are always proud of and masturbate with.

Wong: This is the nature of Chink. If Shina were that good, why would he still occupy Hongkonger’s place? Why don’t Hong Kong students get priority? Now, I learnt that many Hong Kong students this year aren’t accepted by universities despite their good grades. It is because of these Chink students occupying university places. He even throws salt on others’ wound. I am very angry after seeing this.

嚴鳳至 (*a lost candidate of 2012 Legislative Council election): If one is unsatisfied with a place, then one should not study in there. What a strange person! He is like parents of double negatives (anchor babies), who come here to get residency while scolding Hongkongers for not identifying with China. This is like a Chinese old saying – contradicting oneself!

V_for_HK: In the last recent decade, the number of local students decreased by half due to low birthrate. Yet, college entry rates and education resources decreased.

Wong: We have to condemn not just Zhang Wenchang but also the whole education policy which intends to wipe out Hong Kong.
9. Chinese students get all kinds of priorities like getting residential hall and choosing courses first. Hong Kong local students have to work part time and borrow money to pay for tuition fees. Every day, Hong Kong local students travel long distances to school, indirectly affecting their grades.
10. Universities crazily accept Chinese students and lower entry rate for Hongkongers, making most Hongkongers not be able to get higher education in Hong Kong and become a low-knowledge group. On the same time, Chinese students stay and work in Hong Kong, occupying all executive positions. In the end, Hongkongers can only work for lower class jobs, become slaves of the Chinese in Hong Kong, or become Chinese slaves inside China.

Former HKU Mainland student, Chen Ren (leftmost), who was a former member of the Communist Youth League and is now the assistant of CY Leung, once wrote on her blog that “The Best in the World: Communism” and “I hate America for pushing their democracy policy on others.”

Hong Kong netizens demand “Singaporean punishment”

Earlier this year, Mainland Chinese student of National University of Singapore, Sun Xu, wrote on Weibo that “there are more dogs than humans here in Singapore“, and Singapore terminated his scholarship, fined him $3000 and required him to complete 3 months of community services.

Back in Hong Kong,  CUHK sent email to netizens who filed complaints against Zhang to pardon him. Netizens are extremely furious.

11 thoughts on “CUHK Mainland Student Calls Hongkongers “Hong Kong Dogs”

  1. Badcanto is back with a vengence! I was starting to miss your posts.

    It is very hard to find English-language news from a local point of view. I may be fully seeped in Western culture, being a Canadian returnee, but that doesn’t make HK any less my home, unlike the expats that come and go.

  2. The most ironic thing is that Zhang Wenchang is posting on a website that is nominally blocked in China. After enjoying all these perks of living in HK (like internet freedom for starters), they don’t even know how to appreciate it.

    By the way, I saw this article on SCMP about rich mainlanders trying to give up their American passports because of the IRS’ strict enforcement of taxation of overseas (i.e. back home in China) earnings. Damn weasels, trying to enjoy mainland dirty money and foreign consular protection at the same time. Serves them right.

  3. YC, One has to be careful if arguing that because you were apparently born in a particular country, you have the right to decree that certain other people do not really belong there. Do you apply such “logic” to people of mainland origin born here?

    1. It depends on whether they actually live here, having fully adopted HK life, or continue to live in SZ merely hopping across the border every day for groceries or schooling.

  4. I don’t think the issue is a ‘them vs. us’ that is being argued here. Rather it is the self-entitlement and arrogance people exhibit when they are guests in another land. What is apparent is certain Mainlanders believe having money grants them elevated status and sense of superiority.

    It is such a common sentiment among these people especially overseas where they will readily criticise the West but have chosen to live here. It is this irony that they exhibit that us Hong Kong people find outrageous especially in a time where local resources are being competed over and thus the old dogma remains ‘if you dislike us so much, why are you here?’

    It is a question that they cannot answer, or reply with a straight face because as we know they are here to take advantage of our open door policies. We enable them to exploit our resources and subvert our social values.

    But in a world of political correctness and social sensitivity, criticism and condemnation of these people will be outed as racism and discrimination.

    1. well, I do not know whether you have experienced moving to another place in pursuit of better life or not. Often these migrants hope to find something that they did not have in their home context but were highly disappointed when they found that they still missed a lot of things in the new context. It can be argued whether they have the right expectations or not. This guy clearly does not get what he expected to have in Hong Kong (maybe it is too premature for him to come to this conclusion). Then he should return? It is complicated. Return is not that simple and can be even more costly (if one chose the wrong study programme in the middle, it is always more difficult to change a new one than charge ahead). Once I saw a South Viet Namese refugee cursing American government for bringing him here in San Francisco. Can he return to the life he used to have in Viet Nam? Yet he was probably on the last helicopter (desperate for leaving the country) from Saigon in 1975. I have done so many interviews with people similar to that student. I appreciate his frustration (although I do not endorse his comments). Life is a one-way ticket, unfortunately. But why people in Hong Kong become so much obsessed with this hot head, immature,impulsive young man’s comments on his facebook? Have not you ever felt that you really want to shout and curse this world or society around you? It is true that I usually do this in a corner where nobody is around.

      1. You make an obvious but good point. It would seem that Hong Kongers are making an overreaction about this student’s comments on the internet and the internet we all know is a cesspool of open expression. But his sentiments are not unpopular, many mainland students who elect to study in Hong Kong express similar if not more radical opinions on Hong Kong. It is something many Hong Kong people do not appreciate especially in a time where local resources cannot fulfil local demand. We must also be reminded of the condition where Hong Kong is continued to be belittled in Hong Kong – Mainland relations in a perception where Hong Kong relies on the Mainland’s support which cannot be more untruthful. Hong Kong people’s patience is increasingly worn thin

        I think it is high time for certain people to reacquaint themselves in the mantra, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do,” or in Chinese “客隨主便”. It appears that the one way street of guest privileges have been inflated in the mentality of some. These issues not only permeate in Hong Kong but in other cities in the Mainland especially Shanghai where local culture and language are suppressed due to migrant workers and political machinations.

        Hong Kong people are not inherently discriminatory, our city accommodates probably the widest ranging ethnic groups in the Chinese world and there are many non-Chinese ethnic peoples who we would readily call Hong Kongers just as ourselves. Mainland Chinese are not hated, Hong Kong was built by immigrants and we value immigrants and people who positively contribute and respect our values.

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