“Nasty China Style” Hits Over 1 Million Views

核突支那Style” (Nasty China Style) , a parody of “Gangnam Style” portraying day-to-day conflicts between Mainland Chinese and Hongkonger in Hong Kong, has already passed over the 1 million mark in a week. “Nasty China Style” has even become a popular phrase online.

As of Nov 4, “Nasty China Style” has over 1.1 million views.

“Shina” – The Most Offensive Name for China

In fact , the song title should be translated as “Nasty Shina Style”. “Shina” (支那/シナ), derived from “China” in Sanskrit, is the most offensive name for China in both Japanese and Chinese.

The banner”Kick Out the Shina People” in an anti-Chinese protest in Japan in Oct 2010
A man was holding the sign “Shinaman Ma Ying-jeou get out of Taiwan” in a Taiwan independence protest in Aug 2008.

“Shina” was rarely used in Hong Kong in the past. However, in recent years, more Hong Kong netizens have started to use the offensive word. The song was originally titled as “Nasty Locust Style”. In the end, “Shina” is used in both the title and lyrics. Despite the growing acceptance of the use of “Shina”,  many “anti-locusts” netizens feel uncomfortable with it.

“Nasty Locust Style” was the original title

“Nasty Shina Style” – The China Threat

The song is written in the first person and divided into Mainland Chinese and Hongkonger parts.

The chorus is “Nasty Shina style. Hey, just poop on the spot”. (“Don’t crap everywhere” is wrongly translated.)

Mainland Chinese Perspective (0:14 – 1:05)
This part is sung in Mandarin-accent Cantonese.

(Inside Yung Kee Restaurant)
I woke in the morning and went to Yung Kee Restaurant in Central to have breakfast tea. F**k, wait to be seated? Are you OK? Dumba**! I wear gold all over my body. My butt is gilded. I wear a 9-carat diamond. My spit can drown you, dumba**!

(Inside MTR)
I’ve just pooped. I had an urgent need to poop inside MTR and therefore just pooped on the spot. Picking up my poop is your (Hongkonger) responsibility. I like it that way. What do I care? Stop looking! I tell you to tolerate it! Why don’t you listen to me? I’ve just pooped. Whatever. I’ve just pooped.

(On the Road)
Mainland China is so powerful!The Mercedes Benz driver is my father, hey, his name is Li Gang. Mainland China is so powerful! The Mercedes Benz driver ran over people indiscriminately. Wow! He ran over people indiscriminately. Wow! After killing a dozen people, he immediately paid for the compensation. What do I care??

Hongkonger’s Perspective (1: 36 – 2: 11)

(Inside Yung Kee Restaurant)
I woke up in the morning and went to Yung Kee Restaurant to have a breakfast tea with my father. A locust refused to wait to be seated and even scolded my father. He wore gold all over his body. His butt was gilded. He wore a 9-carat diamond. Despite all these, you still have to wait to be seated, dumba**.

(Inside MTR)
I was taking public transit. I saw a locust pooping inside MTR. Holding your poop is your responsibility. It’s really stinky. I’m mad. Stop looking! I told you to hold your poop. No matter how I say, you still do whatever you like. You just pooped. Wow, you look like sh*t!

(On the Road)
Wow, Mainland China is powerful. The Mercedes Benz driver is his father. Wow! His name is Li Gang. For real?

Mainland Chinese Perspective Again (2:12 – 2:26) & (2:57 – 3:12)

Enthusiastically congratulate that Hong Kong dogs follow me to sing national anthem and bopomofo (speak Mandarin). That’s right. Speak Cantonese? Execute immediately! Shoot!

Smugglers said, “Where should we go to buy goods?” Another smuggler replied, “Go to Shenzhen from Sheung Shui Station. MTR won’t interfere with us.”

(Mainland Chinese tourist said),”Take great photos. Go to Chanel to take great photos. Security will kick out Hong Kong pigs and they will get attendance bonus for this.”

Take It Out On Hongkonger

Earlier, netizens concluded that Mainland Chinese uncouth behavior is intentional.

Ng: Alas…Again! The child is wearing a diaper. Why did he still poop on the busy street? Do these Mainland Chinese want to provoke people deliberately??!! And 4 million more people are coming! That sucks!

C: I can’t understand at all. Hong Kong has many foreigners, including those who are from poor regions. They don’t act like that.

Wan Chin: Exactly, Pakistanis and Nepalis, many of whom are from poor regions in their home countries, still obey rules in Hong Kong.

Lee: I agree completely. Some foreigners from South Asia are from poor regions. Why don’t they act like that?

Wong: Mainland Chinese uncouth behavior is intentional. They heard from their friends that no matter how improperly they behave, they neither get beaten nor get punishment in Hong Kong. Behaving uncouthly is even enjoyable.

Don’t tell me that Mainalnd Chinese who go to Hong Kong don’t know what a washroom is. How hard is it to find a washroom in urban Hong Kong?!

They have lived in Mainland China, a distorted/oppressed place, for a long time. When they come to Hong Kong, they have to be the one in charge, and they have to act wantonly.

The “sickness” is formed by constant psychological distortion and oppression. When no one punishes, they will vent it all off in Hong Kong.

“Chinese are still pooping everywhere. Hongkongers, for how much longer do you tolerate these? “

11 thoughts on ““Nasty China Style” Hits Over 1 Million Views

  1. I remember growing up there are signs at restaurants saying that if you spit on the floor you might get fined $2,000. Shouldn’t this kind of behaviour be fined even more? if the HK government increase the fine for defecating or urinating in the public to $10,000 (with inflation in consideration), and make sure they have to pay before they leave HK, it might stop them from doing that.

    1. There is already a public littering fine that is applicable to public urination and defecation.That is aside the fact that public urination and defecation is an arrestable offence. But we hardly see any real action taken towards these people by our law enforcement departments.

  2. What is the obsession with mainland kids pooping or urinating in public? I am a German expat and have a small child. When they have to go, they have to go, no time to ask around or find a washroom: only one choice poop/piss your pants or on go on the street. Its just children. But you can buy a travel potty with a diaper lined bag. Just fold it out an stick the bag on – child poops, wipe bum, remove bag, seal and put in the rubbish bin. But I don’t think this gadget is available in the mainland.
    Even in Europe or America this is common. Its not a mainland thing. When I was a kid in HK (before 1997) HK kids were doing this. Mummy holds the kid over a drain on the road and they peed directly into the drain.
    I am against any mainland interference in HK, but honestly, stop with the toilet thing, its just distracting from the real problem…political, financial and cultural infiltration, undermining and bullying.
    Long live HK and Taiwan – shining examples for mainland China on where one day mainland China could be if they could chose their own government instead of being ruled by fat, overpaid and corrupt officials.

    1. Growing up in the 60s & 70s in HK, I don’t remember coming across many instances of kids pooping in public (in the urban area anyways); maybe the occasional toddlers peeing while being held by parents on the street gutters.
      I think the issue at present has more to do with the location of defecation; like pooping inside mall area (where washrooms are available), on trains. Sadly, this habit is not limited to kids. Not sure about Europe or U.S.A. but this is not common in Canada, not nowadays anyway. Yes, we may see parents changing diapers in public but letting their kids poop on the street? That would be a big Canadian no-no LOL.
      This habit can easily be corrected if only the police would enforce the law, like they did so efficiently to Hongkongers prior to the handover.

    2. I’m Canadian now but I was born in HK and I was a small kid there, and I have never ever ever pooped on the public street, my parents potty trained me properly and before I was potty trained, I wore this thing call DIAPERS: if you children’t aren’t potty trained keep them in diapers, or bring a bag you can wrap under their bum…but I don’t remember anyone who did the bag thing because DIAPERS! God, pooping in the streets is gross and do not belong in a civilized city.

  3. SARS is over, no need to keep the individual travelling scheme and all the other crap that brings more filthy commi parasites into the city. Hong Kong should launch a world wide tourist campaign to attracte civilised people from democratic free nations. Then, HK will become truely international again. Now it’s just a brothel and dumpster for Mainland scum.

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