61 Year-Old Local Woman Beaten by Mainland Man Inside Hong Kong MTR

From Nov 10 2012 Apple Daily (Screen Capture),

Fight Inside Wong Tai Sin Station. Fat Mainland Chinese Man Slapped a Local Woman.

The case involved a 61 year-old local woman whose last name is Chow and a 37 year-old fat Mainland Chinese man whose last name is Lin. Yesterday, at noon, Chow was going to hospital to visit her daughter who has just given birth. She boarded a subway car at Wong Tai Sin Station. As the car was crowded, she could only stand near the door. A man rushed to the door and pushed Chow, causing her to fall on somebody’s cart. Chow scolded him and the man retorted, “The hit is unavoidable as the door is closing.”  Chow couldn’t stand his attitude and the quarrel became violent after her questioning. Suddenly, the fat man slapped on her left face. Chow then scolded the fat man. He replied, “So What!” He again beat Chow’s left forehead. She vomit several times. Under the intolerable situation, she beat his face to defend her dignity. Other passengers called the police. When the subway car stopped at Lok Fu Station, both of them got off and were taken to hospital. They were arrested for assault and battery.

Netizens’ Comments

Yan: F**king locust still acted arrogantly when he hit a person in Hong Kong. If I were here, I would beat him. I had never seen such a lowly locust bullying woman. F**king go back to Mainland China! Bastard!

梁艾榮: Had others assisted the woman, the man would stop immediately… This is a weak point of Hongkongers…They just watch with folded arms…

Liao: There’s no way out. These days, there are more Mainland locusts than Hongkongers in Hong Kong. Who knows if other Mainlanders would assist him?

Kwok: A man beats a woman and a young person beats a senior citizen, the person, no matter a Mainlander or a Hongkonger, is at fault. This is a “high quality” national education. Can Hongkongers share “the dignity and glory of being a Chinese“? No way!

“Share the dignity and glory of being a Chinese”, said Hu Jintao.

Tang: Why did he have to hit people when the door was closing? He was scolded. That means he did not apologise. And he even beat the person!

Ng: Mainland Chinese are like that! It is all because of this retarded government, assisting in robbing Hongkongers’ welfare – University places, university dorms, scholarships, milk powder, hospital beds, public housing, private housing and everything. Now, even when we use public transport, we are beaten by locusts! Hongkongers are very miserable. How can we not miss the British!

7 thoughts on “61 Year-Old Local Woman Beaten by Mainland Man Inside Hong Kong MTR

  1. >梁艾榮: Had others assisted the woman, the man would stop immediately… This is a weak point of Hongkongers…They just watch with folded arms

    Yeah, HK people are too pacifist. They demonstrate a lot but when the time comes for action they can only just watch.

  2. The worst thing is that the old lady got arrested too. Surely the fault lies with the man.

    I think it’s a matter of helplessness as much as apathy. I think too many HKers are already resigned to the mainlanders taking over our city.

      1. You’re quite right to question the attitudes of the Hong Kong Police Force. It would seem that after 1997 that the police force has a political mission to suppress Hong Kong local people while giving pro-communists and locusts a free pass.

        We have seen already in many protests and clashes that the police will publicly arrest anti-government protesters but seldom pro-communist/government supporters who often instigate the violence. The public consultation meeting of the north-eastern territories development plan springs to mind where the police stood idly by when pro-government supporters initiated a confrontation.

        The respect of the HKPF is gradually reduced from its bygone colonial prestige of the Royal Hong Kong Police to perhaps a status of the People’s Armed Police of Hong Kong.

        If Hong Kong people remain a passive and sheepish crowd like they are in this current incident then they should readily accept the curtailment of civil liberties. I ask of the people that condemn the inaction of the crowd to stand up for your fellow human beings, stand up for justice and stand hard against aggression and oppression.

  3. The bystanders’ indifference is worrisome.
    Yes, she was quarreling and confronting him but the moment he physically assaulted her, some bystander(s) should have intervened. But then again, we’re talking about an ill-bred person from the Mainland here, so intervention is futile 😦
    Seriously, they only do these bullying in certain Asian regions. Don’t see such flare ups in the West.

  4. actually the HKPF is becoming like the Gestapo of Hong Kong.

    I highly advise those who can to pull out ALL/BULK their assets and family out of the greater Chinese region.

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