Tuen Mun Blue Shirts Campaign

Ever since the bus route B3/B3X, which connects Tuen Mun to Shenzhen Bay Port, was established in 2007, shopping malls in Tuen Mun, even for those that are inside public housing, have been transforming to serve the interest of Mainland Chinese. Meanwhile, the influx of Mainland Chinese accompanies with hoarding or smuggling of daily commodities. A netizen, who is a father of a 9-month-old, organised a protest against businesses that thrives under smuggling in Tuen Mun Town Centre.

“Tuen Mun Blue Shirt
Tuen Mun Blue Shirt Campaign

門朴: [Anti-Locust Revolution] Tuen Mun Blue Shirt Campaign [Sensible Resistance]

Sensible Resistance. Silent Protest.

People of Tuen Mun, on next Saturday/Sunday from 3 pm to 5 pm (Feb 2nd and 3rd), everybody wears a blue shirt

to deal with Hong Kong betraying businessmen – locusts’ shops like Mannings, Watsons and Bonjour (*The former 2 are pharmacies & the latter one is a cosmetic store).
We buy a product that is worth $5 HKD or lower and pay slowly, like using a credit card. Everyone has to spend at least 1 minute at the cashier. Then, we request refunds. The act is to create a long line, making locusts go away


I can’t tolerate the situation anymore, therefore I take this action.

There is a new member in my family, who is now 9 months old. Everyone in my family is stressed out, worrying that the baby starves.
When we see a pharmacy, we act like as if it were God, rushing in and ask if (Enfagrow) A+ is in stock.
9 out of 10 pharmacies say no, and the remaining one raises the price and sells one tin only.

Yesterday, my family and I went to Shenzhen Bay to have a tea. You motherf*ker, I avoid you people, so I don’t visit Tuen Mun Town Centre.
We found that B3 has become a truck…
My mother found that a middle-aged woman was carrying 4 boxes of Enfagrow A+.
Where are these 4 boxes from? When the bus arrived at Shenzhen Bay Port, several locusts provided the woman support immediately, unpacking quickly and putting tins into bags to clear Customs.

Many Hongkongers talked about it. Some people even filmed it.

These days, it is impossible for Hong Kong young adults to get married because of high house prices. After getting married and having children, the whole family has to look for infant formula.



As Chinese New Year is approaching, Mainland Chinese and smugglers hoard festive food in Hong Kong. PrizeMart has become a favourite for Mainland Chinese, as the store mostly sell foreign-made daily commodities, half of which are from the U.S, Costco particularly, 10 to 30% cheaper than stores in Shenzhen. PrizeMart across Hong Kong has caused discontent from Hongkongers because of chaotic scenes as seen in the pictures of Tuen Mun Town Plaza branch.

From inmediahk.net

Lunar New Year is less than a month away, and this is the time Hongkongers start to do festive shopping. Recently, a large crowd of Mainland Chinese tourists appear in PrizeMart, which is located at the first floor of Tuen Mun Town Plaza Phrase 1, and hoard all kinds of food. The number of them is so large and the scene is so chaotic that many local residents dare not to walk near the store. Besides causing great nuisance, this also affects the daily life of Tuen Mun residents.

… Every few minutes, there are people dragging several baskets of stuffs out of the store, and skillfully unpack, put into bags and luggage. Rows of hand trolleys and luggage block the outside of the store. People and trolleys block most the passage. It is hard to squeeze through them. Based on observations, almost every customer of PrizeMart speaks Mandarin. Many hand trolleys have names of travel agencies printed on them.

Because there were too many people unpacking, some people squatted in the fire exit behind the store and then continue to unpack… Meanwhile, a sanitation worker was pushing a dish cart from the restaurant of the same floor through the exit. However, the exit was blocked by people and luggage. At the end, the sanity worker had to yell at them so that they made way. Other pedestrians shaked their heads to express discontent. The exit was cleared for several minutes, but then it reverted to normal. A person put down goods all over the floor and told his companion in Mandarin, ” I put down stuffs in here. I go to buy 2 more tins of infant formula.”

Within 15 minutes, a sanity worker of the shopping mall pushed a big cart to pick up sheets of cardboard twice, and the cart was fully loaded. When the cart was moving… some pedestrians avoided it by turning back. Many locals in there grumbled, and some complained, “Wow, it is so crowded everywhere. How to walk?” and “There is no way one can compete with Mainland Chinese.”

What do Tuen Mun residents gain? Festive food is getting more and more expensive…


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  1. the photo from TMT Plaza, last December when we visit HK I went to the bookstore next to this shop – I almost killed myself tripping over all the people repacking their luggage in the middle of the mall.

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