Hong Kong government kowtows to Beijing and is ready to back down on infant formula export restriction

The headline of March 23rd 2013 Apple Daily

beijjing. jpg

Beijing pressures
Hong Kong government kowtows
Ko Wing-man (Secretary for Food and Health): Infant formula export restriction may be cancelled in near future

Hong Kong netizens’ comments

Comments from Baby Kingdom, a popular forum for Hong Kong mothers (threads 1 & 2)


babydonald: Hong Kong mothers have to seek infant formula again. Why can’t the government protect Hongkongers? Helpless


LittleMss: Outrageous! Ridiculous! (China) always bully and oppress us. They dare to say we are all Chinese!


CFNgai: I am so angry after reading this! Ko Wing-man apologised to Mainland Chinese. Who will apologise to us Hong Kong mothers!


9167: Even if there is a plentiful supply of infant formula to Hong Kong babies, it doesn’t mean that (smuggling) has no (negative) effects on Hong Kong. Locusts push their trolleys around. When I go to Kowloon Tong and Sheung Shui Stations, I feel like I engaged in guerrilla warfare. What locusts are doing is basically smuggling. What rights do they have to protest against the restriction? Mainland Chinese food testing isn’t good therefore Mainland Chinese rob others. The whole world hates them. They won’t stop until they ruin Hong Kong.


宦官: The logic of some Mainland Chinese is really weird. They dare not to strive for the rights they deserve, for instance, no tax on imported formula, (demand the government to) carry out the motioning of dairy products strictly etc. Yet, they simply criticise Hong Kong for the problem.


fattykitty: Hongkongers have become second-class citizens. Everything is Mainland Chinese first.


chunchunk: If the restriction is cancelled, then we are going to protest.

Comments from Apple Daily’s Facebook


Harry: One can imagine that smuggling infant formula from Hong Kong to China has become a big business involving suppliers, Liberal Party, CPPCC and NPC. Beijing steps on the restriction openly; Bosses of smugglers, corrupted officials and smuggling rings oppose it secretly  … This city is Not dying. IT’S ALREADY DEAD!!


Cheung: Ko apologised simply because the restriction has caused inconvenience to 12 Mainland Chinese? Have governments or Mainland Chinese apologised for inconvenience they put to Hong Kong mothers?


Margaret: The core of the problem is that Mainland Chinese formula is of low quality. Yet, Mainland Chinese don’t care about it, and let bastards manufacture tainted formula. Then, they ask Hong Kong to give supply to them. When the supply isn’t enough, they scold Hongkongers for not being patriotic. Hong Kong babies get no formula, then they blame suppliers for stocking it up and say the shortage is none of their fucking business! What kind of logic is this? This is like they raped a girl and blamed her for not wearing a chastity belt!

I really can’t say I am Chinese. It is too shameful.

Meanwhile, formula smugglers are active in Sheung Shui Station again.

Photo taken at 11:23 am on March 23rd 2013 at the exit C of Sheung Shui Station. Source

Ko Wing-man denies that the export restriction is under the pressure of Beijing. However, according to RTHK, Ko said, “When Hong Kong government designs policies in future, it may consider Mainland Chinese who will be affected…”

Netizens’ comments from HKGolden


Rockbar: It’s ridiculous. A small region needs to consider a rubbish country… Do these commie dogs need execution?


叔叔不行了II: The feeling of Mainland Chinese is feeling. The feeling of Hongkongers is hurtful to Mainland Chinese feeling. Fuck, who gives you (Ko Wing-man) salary?


勁食朱古力: “One country, two systems” is dead already. (Fuck) It was once said that Hong Kong could have independent administration guidelines etc. (Cry)

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