Beijing: Those who are unhappy can leave Hong Kong

From March 29th 2013 Oriental Daily,

Last week (March 21st 2013), the air force of the PLA Hong Kong garrison suddenly conducted its first firing drill in Hong Kong’s territory. In the past, the garrison always gave important news to the Hong Kong media. However, this time, they didn’t announce this newsworthy activity to the Hong Kong media, nor did they provide footage of the drill. The Hong Kong media reported the news by capturing CCTV’s footage.

Two Military Drills WITHIN 9 Days

On March 21st 2013, the PLA Hong Kong garrison conducted its first firing drill in Hong Kong

The PLA Hong Kong garrison conducted military drill on the Victoria Harbour in the end of March. Residential buildings were also targeted. Source

On March 28th 2013, the PLA Hong Kong garrison conducted a tri-service drill on the Victoria Harbour. Residential buildings along the Victoria Harbour were also being aimed. Source

A machine gun was being aimed at the direction of ICC during the tri-service drill.

A machine gun was being aimed at the direction of ICC during the tri-service drill. Source

It seems to be too far-fetched to link the drill with “Occupy Central”. Yet, it doesn’t make sense to say the two events are unrelated. Benny Tai, being a scholar, probably has underestimated Beijing’s determination to defend its regime. Qiao Xiaoyang’s speech which was delivered in Shenzhen was gradually published. The latest version of the speech: If the two premisses set by Beijing are rejected, it won’t be suitable to have consultation about the political reform. Not even having any consultation, will there be universal suffrage in 2017?  That said, Beijing has prepared for the snubbing of 2017 universal suffrage, electing the Chief Executive using the original method.

Benny Tai, the proposer of "Let's Love & Peace Occupy Central"

Benny Tai, the proposer of “Let Love and Peace Occupy Central”:  (For) Hongkongers, I think nobody wants to against Beijing.

It is said that Beijing even says those who are unhappy can leave Hong Kong. That said, Beijing has prepared for the worst case scenario: Not only will there be no universal suffrage, but also Occupy Central will happen. Even the happening of bigger riots has also been prepared. Furthermore, international pressure from the U.S, the U.K etc has also been included. But even so, Beijing intends to make no concessions and even prepares to crack down on riots. The Beijing messenger even says that Deng Xiaoping’s insistence on deploying the PLA Hong Kong garrison isn’t just a symbolic move but also has the function of preventing riots. Linking all of these, the garrison’s firing drill, which was conducted after Benny Tai had proposed “Occupy Central”, isn’t all aimless.

Netizens’ Comments


黃頁: It’s ridiculous. After messing up others’ home, they tell those who are unhappy to leave.


worse: You rob my home and even tell me to leave?


AV仁: Even if I had money, I wouldn’t emigrate. Why do I have to leave the place where I grew up? Why do I have to bow down to the evil force? Why don’t you chinks commie thieves leave?


施迪: Hong Kong is my home, why do I have to leave? If you Chinese don’t like Hong Kong, you can go back to China. Don’t stay in my place and occupy a place that isn’t built by you.


14 thoughts on “Beijing: Those who are unhappy can leave Hong Kong

  1. Fine. I’m out of here in 2 years anyway. That can’t come soon enough. Will Beijing care that everyone who can afford it, or blag it, will be moving to Canada, America, England, New Zealand, Australia – anywhere but HK, by the time 2017 comes around? Will they care that the US and UK, and probably Germany, will apply international pressure and boycott them? Not until their baby powder and tax-free LV bags run out. Good luck, Beijing. I hope you’re ready to go it on your own. Cos that’s what’s going to happen with your attitude.

  2. Main land China breaks her promise and stir up a mess in HK. Taiwan people are electing their president so will not unify with Mainland.

  3. This comment probably won’t be posted but I am sorry if you honestly believe that the US and the UK are going to pressure or boycott (whatever that means) China over some tinpot ‘election’ in HK you are seriously delusional and have a grossly inflated sense of HK’s importance on the world stage. They are not going to get involved. Even if tanks were rolling down the streets and people were getting cut down they wouldn’t do anything besides lodge a protest through their ambassadors and maybe raise the issue at the UN. They are not, should be never, going to invade and occupy HK and get involved in a land war in China. They didn’t do it in the 1950s during the Korean war when US power was unrivaled and China was incredibly weak and fragmented and they certainly won’t do it today.

    I don’t know how to put this any other way: people, the media, and governments in the West don’t know much about HK and they don’t care. They don’t care about your milk powder, they don’t really care about the political situation here, they don’t care about the property market here, or local social issues, they just don’t know about it or care. Western nations have their own problems and issues to deal with. What happens in some Chinese city on the other side of the world is basically of absolutely no interest or concern to them. They are not going to do anything to help you. You are on your own. If you want to improve your situation here it is up to HKers to do that. The British are not going to do anything neither is the US.The sooner you get that fact into your head the better.

    It may prevent HKers from doing embarrassing actions such as petitioning the White House to ‘help’ with the milk powder issue. What, exactly, do you expect Obama to do about milk powder in China? What jurisdiction does the White House have on food safety issues in China? Do you not think that the US has bigger problems to deal with than milk powder shortages in a city in somewhere in China? Do you have any idea of the magnitude and severity of the human rights abuses that occur around the planet on a daily basis? Do you honestly believe that milk powder rationing is equivalent to torture, sexual slavery, child prostitution, the gulag system for political prisoners in China and North Korea, etc. These are the genuine human rights issues that the White House is concerned about not whether some middle class tai tai in HK, likely with 2 or even 3 passports, has to go to several pharmacies (usually located directly across the street from each other) before finding milk powder.

    For the record, I am not a wu mao or mainlander of any sort just an expat living in HK who, while sympathetic to an extent and enjoys reading your blog, is a little fed up with some of the delusional thinking that goes on here especially with regards to Western nations so called concern about HK.

    • Agreed. Look at Tibet, even though they get worldwide attention, nothing much has been done for them 😦
      A sad reality.

    • What do you mean by “you”? You mean me being delusional? Please read “about” page again. It is exactly because the West doesn’t care about Hong Kong and the Western media is on the side of China, writing news that blackens the name of Hong Kong, I started writing this blog to defend my home. Anyhow, under globalisation, (Mainland) Chinese problems will eventually become the World’s problems. Just take infant formula as example, the West has to limit how much infant formula Chinese can buy, as Hong Kong can’t cope with the demand and Mainland Chinese have to buy from other places. Also, Mainland Chinese intentionally create hygiene problems in Hong Kong, a densely-populated region. Eventually, contagious diseases will come back to haunt Hong Kong and the World. I’ve say it again, Chinese problems will eventually become the World’s economic, environmental and social problems, whether you care or not.

      My blog isn’t just for the West. It is for the World to see how does it look like to live under the great Chinese threat. My blog has many readers from other parts of Asia, who also live under the same threat.

      • I think badcanto nailed it. Canto… you have to illuminate this point more. To me, Hong Kong is the infamous “canary in the coalmine.” Already, mainland influence across Africa is spreading like a virus. Chinese money is flowing everywhere. The upper echelons of the CCP are like a criminal gang. They’re spreading their tentacles across the world. Hong Kong’s strongest feature is greatly underappreciated by most people, but it is in fact the Freedom of Expression. And as more and more mainlanders wash through Hong Kong, the Commie crime lords are increasingly worried about intellectual contamination infecting even a small percentage of these visitors.

        Keep up the good work Canto. You speak for free Chinese everywhere. People have to understand that Chinese are not synonymous with Commies.

        Kudos to you.

  4. Badcanto, as a westerner born in HK and lived here all my life…I support what you are doing and stand by you in the quest to protect this home of ours. This blog is of more importance than you might imagine!

  5. Well,I am a hong kong citizens currently studying in Australia.I think that although the intentions of the page owner is good,but I think there is already no hope for hong kong.I have thought of this question before for a few times and I conclude for 3 main reason.First Hong Kong has no independent food and water supply.the 7 million population is mainly supported by the import of mainland china and other countries.If china block down the food supply of hong kong,just like Berlin blockade,then hong kong have no chance to survive.Secondly,Hong Kong has no direct production occurred,such as primary production,not even secondary production.the whole hong kong industry is based on services industries,and when hong kong became much more and more commercial,hong kong will no longer stand the second financial crisis because there will be no direct input.Lastly,the position in hong kong is not as important as we think.every costal city in china can replace hong kong with a blink of an eye.We can already see it in the recent habour strike.So I think I am gonna to stay in Australia when my studies is finished.

  6. @ForeignStudent, I would agree with you on all points..however, there is still hope, problem is whether the HK people have the courage to rise up and become independent.

    1) HK could have independent food and water supply. Water by de-salisation of ocean water. Donggong water supply is polluted and a joke already, costing over 35 billion every few years. HK can grow portion of its food. Plus rest of Asia willing to supply HK’s food supply. I doubt China succeeds in a blockade if HK goes independent and ask for help. China has become the bully of Asia, which contradicts CCPs own statements of peaceful rise of China.

    2) HK will have primary production once it stop relying on Chinese factories…albeit the wages would have to come down to compete OR be very automated production to maintain wages…it has been done in the past, it can be brought back again.

    I would say to those who wants the way of life before the handover, leave HK while you still can because the CCP cancer is already beginning to metastasized. the CCP cancer is already spreading to Europe, Australia, and North American continent…

  7. I agree with all the aforementioned posters. Another threat to the Spirit of Hong Kong is what I loosely call the “Tibet Solution.” Donald Tsang even hinted at this when he was CE. That is to simply pump mainland Chinese residents into Hong Kong. What would the cultural impact be of 1 million mainland residents in Hong Kong? Overnight, Putonghwa would become as much spoken as Guangdonghwa. I think the long term goal of the CCP is to simply eliminate the “counterrevolutionary forces” that exist in Hong Kong. They will eradicate your language, and thus your heritage until it is completely gone. Hong Kong is tiny. It wouldn’t take but 2 decades to completely transform Hong Kong into, yes, just another mainland coastal city.

    Sad sad sad.

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