Mainland Chinese tourist humiliates Hong Kong ship attendants

Susan Hui uploaded a footage in which a Mainland Chinese insults ship attendants on a TurboJET sailing from Macau to Hong Kong . The following is her account,

I won’t retaliate by calling you a dog because you can’t be compared to dogs. Dogs don’t bark randomly…

I was on a ship bound for Hong Kong. When the ship was departing, a female attendant asked a Mainland Chinese man who was at the back of the ship to place his baby stroller properly (1:36) so that it would not block the passage. Then the man started to insult the female attendant by calling her “a dog”, contesting that everyone did the same and questioning why he was singled out. Therefore, she walked the man to the front part of the ship, showing him that no one put luggage on the passage. The man started to scold her and call her “a dog” again as he saw a piece of luggage inside the luggage area wasn’t properly placed. He even called out the head of the female attendant… In the end, I still hadn’t seen him placing his baby stroller properly.

When the man was insulting the attendant at the front part of the ship, he even took out his cell phone to film her so that he could complain her. At that moment, she was very helpless.

Hong Kong netizens’ comments from Facebook


Chan: Dogs are always better than locusts


Mak: Chinese are dogs. Hongkongers and Macao people aren’t.


Chan: Last time, I took Cotai Jet to Macau. Mainland Chinese hadn’t put their luggage in the designated areas and didn’t took good care of them. In the end, because of big waves, luggage swayed with the ship, hitting my seat nonstop. My feet was hit by luggage nonstop. I had to struggle with it most of the time.

I totally don’t understand why Mainland Chinese can be such self-centred. They only care about their own convenience and think that they are bullied when they are asked to obey regulations. I simply want them to care about the safety and feelings of others. However, they will never understand!!!


Leung: Depressing! In fact, in order to make a living, many people live without dignity! If one doesn’t work, then one can’t even meet end needs. What’s the existing value of Hongkongers? A Mainland Chinese woman called my colleague “a prostitute” and told me Hongkongers weren’t even qualified to give her dog a blow job! The insult in this video is already very cultured.


Mark (Singaporean netizen): Several dozens people watched a Mainland Chinese bullying their brothers and sisters? The life of Hongkonger is a grievance. A straw in the wind. Will Singaporean life be such a grievance in 2020 or later?

A selected comment via blogger 朗思


Acting cowardly is the natural instinct of Chinese. They’re afraid of their slave masters. Therefore, they dare not to shout and scream like this in China. But when they are in Chinese colonies like Macau and Hong Kong, they are harboured by their slave masters, doing whatever they want. In China, they are slaves that are wronged all the time. Yet, they can give vent to nobody. As they dare not to take out on their slave masters, they choose to give vent to Macau people and Hongkongers. The orgasm achieved by yelling at Macau people and Hongkongers, who are thought to have “an air of superiority”, enables them to conceal their feeling of inferiority.

13 thoughts on “Mainland Chinese tourist humiliates Hong Kong ship attendants

    1. That’s not a bad idea. It’s actually pretty clever. Except, in autonomous regions like Tibet and XinJiang, it doesn’t help all that much. I’d like to hear what the other autonomous regions have to say though. You don’t seem to get much complaints from the Korean Autonomous Regions up in the Northeast, and I haven’t exactly heard of Zhuang violonce in Guangxi. So that’s a plus.

      1. Most Zhuang are relatively Sincized and there many mainland Koreans who work in S. Korea. Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia are not as Sincized as the other two regions you mentioned. However, there are elements of Zhuang culture apparent in Cantonese culture that’s not really acknowledged.

  1. Seems like bullying Hongkongers is a sport for some Mainlanders. I wonder if there is a difference of attitude from regions to regions towards Hongkongers?

  2. BTW, with the Chinese American saying to u to that this blog is pointless and that “we are all Chinese” bullshit, bluntly tell him to FUCK OFF. He doesn’t represent me or many others who don’t want hide behind the banner of Chinese “solidarity” at all costs. He would most likely rat out his own parents for his selfish personal gain just like his “distant cousins” did back in the Cultural Revolution. My extended family have origins both the Americas (since the early 20th century), HK, and the mainland. I’ve heard stories from Chinese Americans during the 50s and 60s afraid of being accused of being a “Red Commie” ,and sadly many families were broken apart or communications were interrupted. My mother told me her stories back in HK of my granny sending care packages (foodstuff, clothing, etc) back to village due to the devastation caused by Mao’s idiotic economic policies. In the 60s, she heard a lot of Mao’s paftoric slogans on the radio that it made her sick to her stomach.

    1. Chinese are dogs. Hongkongers and Macao people aren’t.

      Sorry, but along with comments like the above, we ARE all the same, especially in a global context, whether we like it or not. Every white sees us the same, and will look at any division with glee…. let’s just see it for what it is – a rude man being a dick.

  3. I agree with your point that Caucasians generally regard Chinese as the “same”, but in context of Chinese society we are sorely not. The Tibetans and Uyghurs are Chinese citizens, but are they really treated with same esteem as a Han from Beijing. Xi’s wife, Peng Liyuan, sang about PLA helping the Tibetans to clean their clothes! Thus, the party line is that minzu are really uncouth and backwards. Remember, foot binding was originally a Han culture tradition (exception Hakka, but I digress) and it destroyed women for ages.

    So what if our European “masters” regard Asians as all the same, you try saying to a Catalan that they are “really” Spaniard and watch for the evil eye you will get in return. Damn there are Chinese out there that believe that Genghis Khan is Chinese because he has yellow skin. So because I have yellow skin tone, should I deny Vietnamese, Burmese, Hmong, Mienh, Tibetan, Japanese, Koreans, etc. their respective identities because fuck we all the “same” and that their forefathers were really “Chinese ppl”? The Mongolians ( or any ethnicity for that matter) should claim their own history without others trying to revise it to meet their own selfish agendas. Respect other people(s) sovereignty and their right to determine their own destinies and expect the same in return, but sadly this is not how the world works.

    1. But why do you care if ‘Caucasians’ think you are all the same and why would you call them your masters? It just reeks of insecurity and an inferiority complex. Do you honestly think most Westerners care about China or Asia? Do you think they care about how Chinese perceive them? They don’t so why are you so obsessed with what they think about you? Time to grow up, little brother, and stop worrying about other people and try and sort your own problems out. What Westerners think about you is irrelevant to solving HK and China’s problems.

      And please don’t tell me the average Chinese can distinguish between an American, Italian, Arab, and a Frenchman, or would be able to articulate even the most basic differences between those cultural and ethnic groups.

      1. Hmmmm, I think there may be some misunderstanding here.

        The statement about “how Caucasians think” was made in response to Jeff. Earlier, Jeff pointed out that Mainland and HK Chinese should not squabble among themselves because as far as “the West” is concerned, they’re one and the same. In the “Western scheme of things” (whatever that may be), any internal split among the Chinese will only serve to weaken their position vis-a-vis the West. I may be wrong here, but I think what Jeff is saying has something to do with his own experiences of living in the UK as an ethnic Chinese, where a “Chinese is simply Chinese”, regardless of whether he/she comes from the Mainland, Taiwan or HK.

        Bai Yue is arguing, on the other hand, that just because the West views all Chinese as the same doesn’t make them so. His point is that as far as HK’s relations with China goes, there is a need for HK Chinese to distinguish themselves from their Mainland relatives, and not to get sucked into the “We’re all Chinese” mindset. The statement about Catalans vs Spaniards is to point out how ignorant it is to simply think of them as being one and the same. I don’t think he is suggesting that your regular Chinese Joe will be able to list the most basic differences between an Italian and an American (and to be honest, I don’t suppose they will).

        I’m not sure where either poster has implied that the West cares, or should care, about China or HK, at least from reading their responses to this blog post. Their references to Caucasians and the West were made in a very specific context.


  4. I get warm feelings when I imagine if this same incident on the boat were to happen in USA or Canada in a confined space, berating Americans or Canadians by any other foreigner . As a Canadian, I have a strong sense that this guy would be murdered by a mob after much less insults.

  5. I don’t understand why there needs to be an us vs them mentality from both sides. This is feeding uncontrolled jingoism and nationalistic tendencies. It also doesn’t solve any problems. Acknowledge he is a dick and tell people from the mainland that the behavior is bad. How the hell is this hard, or is this a sport for everyone? Some mainlander acts like dick, people mock him and nobody seems to care about the actual issue. It’s like some sort of catharsis for both sides.

  6. I’d like to say that many of the recent Chinese tourists are basically the “nouveau riche” of Chinese. They are people without much education who suddenly have loads of money (make that what you will), so they can go to places like Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, and also international destinations around the world. Uneducated people don’t understand the concept of respect and courtesy and simple good manners. They think that they have money and they can do and get away with anything, just like the rich and corrupt in China have been doing for centuries. Back in the 80s and 90s, there was this phenomenon in central Taiwan, “farmers with money”, which is similar, but different because courtesy and good manners had been part of Taiwanese culture all along. Living in Hong Kong before these kind of tourists became the norm, I can tell you that this is probably just the tip of the iceberg, e.g., we should expect more of this shitty behaviour. ~sigh…!

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