Hong Kong man arrested for writing “Xi Jinping Go to Hell”

According to 2013/4/19 Sharp Daily,

The writing “Xi Jinping Go to Hell” has appeared 3 times in Kam Fung Court, Ma On Shan. The police dispatched a Serious Crime Unit to investigate the case and arrested a man immediately. Yesterday night, after the writing appeared for the third time. Sha Tin district’s Serious Crime Unit entered Kam Kwai House, monitoring the scene and waiting for the suspect overnight. At 8 am in the morning, the unit arrested a 46 year-old resident of the building, Mr Lam, who was seen holding a pen and suspected of committing the crime again. From April 7th to 17th, “Xi Jinping Go to Hell” appeared 3 times on the walls of the stairwell between 4th and 5th and 8th and 9th floors.

A netizen wrote the phrase in Chinese calligraphy and had Facebook blogger 朗思 to share it.
A creative netizen made a gif in which Xi’s name was written on the Death Note.

The phrase itself was also made into a gif.


Netizens’ comments

abandoned: A bridge to Tsuen Wan MTR has writings in red on its columns for a long time: “Execute Li Chuek-yan”, “Anson Chan is a prostitute”, “Joshua Wong received 30 millions to stage a revolution”, and “Li Chuek-yan received 20 millions from the US”. (I use __ because I don’t want to be sued for libel. ) The columns had been repainted; However, the writings appeared again. No one has been arrested for 2 years. The efficiency of the police is really bad.


跌低起番身: Let’s find 2 people to do a test: At the same time and place, one writes “Xi Jinping Go to Hell”; the other one writes “Leung Kwok-hung” Go to Hell”. Let’s see who will be arrested.


葉榮添精神: F***. This is basically Article 23 (*the anti-subversion law that hasn’t been implemented yet) !!!!!!


鐵甲膠能俠: Hong Kong police has really become Mainland China Gongan. This is selective enforcement. When should people call the Serious Crime Unit to arrest litterbugs?

Alex V: When you throw rubbish to a Chink official…


放: Civilized became backward…huJaLGF

After “boss” Queen Elizabeth had gone…Royal Police became Special Administrative Region’s Gongan:

1. The security guard of Sai Wan (where the Liaison Office is located.)

2. The bouncer against protesters

3. The bodyguard of smugglers

4. The servant of Chinese leaders


熊貓熊熊貓: Serve Beijing (thumbs up) (yeah)

“Serve Beijing – HKSAR 2nd Class Public Safety” Source

7 thoughts on “Hong Kong man arrested for writing “Xi Jinping Go to Hell”

      1. I was being sarcastic.

        For the record, a number of countries do have laws against insulting the Royal Family, but Xi Jinping is not king, not officially anyway.

  1. Communists are atheists thus they do not believe in either heaven, hell, or the afterlife. Why should this even matter if the “leader” doesn’t in it (hell)? This is not an insult its a matter of opinion like “Xi Jinping go take a dump”.

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