Hong Kong netizens livid over $100 Million Sichuan earthquake relief fund

Despite Hong Kong public’s opposition against donations to Sichuan earthquake, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying suggested injecting $100 million HKD into a relief fund for the province yesterday. The funding, backed by the pro-Beijing camp, is still being discussed at the Legislative Council.

Netizens’ reactions


Chan: Using taxpayers’ money to make donations is very anti-intellectual. Donations should be launched by the public. The government takes away its people’s money to make donations; Yet, the people can’t say no. Is there any difference from a robbery?

A blogger lamented that Hong Kong government would rather donate money to China than the poor of the city.


In fact, many people in Hong Kong eat in the wind and sleep in the dew. Why doesn’t 689 allocate $100 million to them??? (689 is a nickname for CY Leung, as he got 689 votes in the Chief Executive election.)

Netizens’ replies to the blogger’s question:


Wong: The status of Chinese is higher than that of Hongkonger.


Wong: The logic behind is very simple: People who eat in the wind and sleep in the dew can’t get power, status, and wealth for the people in power…


Wan: The power of 689 comes from Beijing. Of course he has to brown-nose China. He isn’t responsible to the people of Hong Kong. Therefore, we need to overthrow the power of Hong Kong commie, fighting for the universal suffrage.

Comics that mock CY Leung brown-noses Beijing by donating money of Hong Kong people:


Leung: Old age allowance has strict approval procedures. When the public asks the financial secretary to hand out money, he said Hong Kong needed to save for a rainy day! Now, the government generously donate $100 million to China! The government oppresses Hongkongers and takes great care of Chinese ! This is ridiculous! We should launch a big protest against the donation. Those high officials have earned quite a lot of money from property speculation! They should just donate their own money! Bastards!

“Oppress Hongkongers. Take great care of Chinese!”

“Strongly oppose (the donation). Give back $100 million to us Hong Kong”

Credit: Ladykilye Source:http://on.fb.me/15OR6tJ

Credit: Ladykylie Source:http://on.fb.me/15OR6tJ


Leung: …. You tell locusts to give us back infant formula, school quotas, and hospital beds before talking money with us. When they have no problem, they call us “Hong Kong dogs”; when they have problems, they say “blood is thicker than water”. God wants to destroy commie thieves; we’re in no position to help them. I donate you a feather! (*That means nothing)


Tsang: Cheating money is trivial; Cheating compassion is the most resentful. Locusts even use the money we donated to buy LV, Prada etc in Hong Kong…. And they think we are beggars.

Credit: 朗思


火氏宗親: Ever since the British rule, Hong Kong have donated the most money (among ethnic Chinese in Asia and overseas) to whatever natural and man-made disasters in China. But Mainland Chinese will forever say Hong Kong owes them, and even say Hong Kong has made no contribution to China. F*** them.


香港獨立: Don’t donate one cent to the fascist country and commie thieves that colonise, exploit, and ruin Hong Kong

Don’t donate one cent to China’s Red Cross that has cheated the hard-earned money of Hongkongers.

Don’t donate one cent to the ungrateful people that had received benevolence from Hongkongers for many years.

Don’t donate to the race that celebrates when Hongkongers suffer.

Don’t let Hong Kong Communist government use one cent of taxpayers’ money to donate to the CCP.

The government can’t donate a cent. Anyone who supports the government to donate to the relieve fund is a Hong Kong traitor, including pan-democrats.

Ungrateful China: After Hong Kong donated $22 billion HKD to Sichuan earthquake in 2008…

In Aug 2008, typhoon Nuri disrupted flights in Hong Kong. A Mainland Chinese tourist who was impatient at the long line of an airline counter burst out in front of a TV camera, “Had China not taken care of you Hong Kong, you would have been doomed already.” The speech has been frequently cited by Hong Kong netizens ever since then. It is also mentioned in “Locust World“.
In May 2009, one year anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake, TVB aired the documentary “Unspeakable Truth“, in which Sichuan officials said they had never seen donations from Hong Kong.
In Sep 2009, a host from Sichuan TV dressed as Scottish to mock the deceased rock icon of Hong Kong, Wong Ka kui, as a “Royal Dog” (of British), which is also an allusion to Hongkongers in China.


In March 2012, the media reported that Mianyang Zijin Minzhu School, whose rebuild was funded by Hong Kong donations, was demolished 6 months after it was built. The site has become an upscale shopping mall and luxury apartments. The shopping mall, Mianyang Fucheng Wanda Plaza, features international brands like Guess and Tommy Hilfiger.


Upper left: The opening ceremony of Mianyang Zijin Minzhu School in May 2010. Upper right: The demolition of the school in the end of 2010. Lower: Miangyan Fucheng Wanda Plaza

On April 23, columnist Li Yi wrote an article titled “Those who support the donation are sick“.

TV broadcasted tragic situations from disaster areas of Sichuan. Hongkongers still have compassion; However, the whereabouts of the $23 billion HKD, which Hong Kong government and the public donated to the relief effort for 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, are unknown: The school rebuilt with Hong Kong donations was demolished to become luxury apartments in less than a year; the then hard-hit zone Mianyang built an extremely luxurious government building; the president of the Red Cross sports luxury watches that are worth several millions RMB; a sexy woman who claimed to be a general manager of the Red Cross flaunts wealth on the Internet. Mainlanders hoard gold and famous brands in Hong Kong. They cram Hongkongers’ living space and even said pompously, “Had China not helped Hong Kong, you would have been doomed already.”
Donations, no doubt, go to the rich and powerful in the CCP, giving them more power to oppress the common people in China and bully Hongkongers.


14 thoughts on “Hong Kong netizens livid over $100 Million Sichuan earthquake relief fund

  1. actually I would add one more thing

    – don’t buy any products or patronize any PRC business that directly or indirectly support the CCP. this includes travel to PRC.

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  3. Hong Kong has zero obligations to China. Absolutely zero. Hong Kong is only obligated to aid her own citizens, and her citizens only.

  4. It is quite ridiculous isn’t it? A country that is constantly espouses its status as an emerging Superpower, world’s second largest economy, with all this power and might you’d think they wouldn’t require any assistance what so ever from a tiny city of 7 million.

    And according to mainland peasant mentality, I thought Hong Kong’s economy is totally dependent on the Communists. So if we are in such dire straits and on the communist’s lifeline, how can we help? We can’t! According to them, we shouldn’t have such means to provide $100million+

  5. Reblogged this on Free Hong Kong and commented:
    Hong Kongers do not wish to donate money to China, not because we have no humanity but we have learnt our lesson… Donating money to China creates another golden opportunity for corrupt officials in China to make massive profit in their fellow countryman’s suffering… China government blocks all access to Ya-an in Sichuan, and do not accept donation or volunteers from NGOs. ALL MONEY has to go through the China government…
    In 2008, Hong Kong people and the HKSAR government donated over HK$20 billion (US$2.6 billion) to China for earthquake relief. The buildings Hong Kong people paid (voluntarily or involuntarily) to rebuilt then collapsed again in this earthquake! It was found that these buildings were built with hollow bricks and poly-foam boards were used in between concrete! These were built under supervision!! How could the people of HK trust China government with their money? That’s why HK people, this time round, are against this donation proposed by the HKSAR government!

  6. The earthquake that happened is no doubt a tragic even. I believe it’s extremely rash to say that, “Oh Hong Kong should only watch out for itself, and not pledge any money to that countless lives that were effected”. No doubt I think there should be a smarter way to donate the money rather than just throwing it at Sichuan. The government needs to do it’s due diligence in determining which organization (probably not a Chinese based one) will handle the money carefully and make sure it goes towards the people who need it most. With that, I also think the HK government needs to pay better attention to the needs of Hong Kong’s disenfranchised.

  7. I rather have #HK hookup with #TW and #SG, then go join another commonwealth…

    I don’t care if my employer finds out about my views. Come and get me, your POS CCP…

  8. games over….according to the standard, HK lego finance committee approved the 100 million HKD donation for Sichuan earthquake that will eventually ended up in corrupt CCP officials

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