“Hong Kong is Finished: Consider Mainland China’s Feelings in Policymaking”

The headline of 2013 May 10th Apple Daily:


Confidential Government Documents Exposed: Consider Mainland China’s Feelings in Policymaking

Hong Kong is Finished

We obtained two confidential memorandums issued by the Executive Council and Constitution and Mainland Affairs Bureau:

One of the Confidential Memorandums


The documents state that all policy bureaus and departments should use common sense to assess impressions of policies and Hong Kong on the Mainland Chinese society, which includes the government, the people, the media, and the related organisations.

According to many informers from the (Hong Kong) government, this request is from Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and the Executive Council. It is believed to be related to Mainland China’s discontentment over the export restriction on infant formula and the “Hong Kong People, Hong Kong Land” policy…. The most affected is Food and Health Bureau…. “In the past, imports of tainted food from Mainland China could be banned. If Mainland China’s feelings are considered, such imports can’t be banned! It is even impossible to limit the number of Mainland Chinese tourists.”

An informer even said bluntly that there is a lot of conflict between Hongkongers’ interests and Mainland Chinese feelings, “In the future, if some policies gain Hongkongers’ support but disgust Mainland Chinese. Does that mean these policies can’t be carried out?”

Serve the Mainland People
“Serve the Mainland People”

Netizens’ Reactions

Mak: Wow, the government has to consider feelings of the most emotionally fragile race. So, that means nothing can be done!


羅: As a house owner, surprisingly, one has to constantly worry about feelings of the neighbour…. However, this house is built by Hongkongers and definitely isn’t charity of the neighbour. It’s ridiculous!


雜近評論甜網: Building homes for Hongkongers? Mainland Chinese can’t buy. We’ve to consider their feelings: Chinks first!

The export restriction on infant formula prevents Mainland Chinese from buying. Mainland Chinese ID card holders buy first!

Fluent Mandarin speakers can get on the MTR and bus first!

Hongkongers continue to live with your Lion Rock Mountain Spirit and serve the Chinks!

(*Lion Rock is the symbolic mountain of Hong Kong, and Lion Rock Mountain Spirit, coined by the song “Under the Lion Rock“, is the Hong Kong version of American Dream.)


雷峰: Hongkongers are increasingly neglected in Hong Kong. The status of Hongkongers is lower than that of Mainland Chinese invaders. This government doesn’t even care about Hongkongers’ opinions, openly stating that it serves Mainland Chinese. It’s really f**king chilling.


Lau: Insane! Policies of a place have to take care of feelings of people who don’t live there! Even autonomy is stripped.


東講西讀: This is just an official announcement that this government doesn’t belong to Hongkongers. It’s just a Chinese colonist government.

Does the Chinese government consider Hongkongers’ feelings in policymaking?


Blogger Lam Kay: Whether (Hong Kong) hospitals should receive local pregnant women has to consider feelings of Mainland Chinese first; (local) babies get no infant formula? Consider feelings of Mainland Chinese first; Whether (Hong Kong) schools should accept local students has to consider feelings of Mainland Chinese first; local can’t squeeze into public transport? Consider feelings of Mainland Chinese first….

Hong Kong traitor Leung Chun-ying finally showed his true colours, officially announcing the establishment of “China Hong Kong Colony”. He is like a Chief Executive under the Japanese occupation, officially discriminating local Hongkongers to toady the People Liberation Army and Chinese colonists.


Lam (*continues):

Forcing Hong Kong to be transferred to China, has China ever considered feelings of Hongkongers?

Hong Kong’s representative was banned from joining Sino-British Joint Conference, has China ever considered feelings of Hongkongers?

Forcibly implementing Article 23 (* subversion law) in 2003, has China ever considered feelings of Hongkongers?

Going back on the promise of 2007/2008 general election, has China ever considered feelings of Hongkongers?

Fostering Hong Kong traitors such as DAB and FTU, has China ever considered feelings of Hongkongers?

Allowing double negatives (*anchor babies) to rush to Hong Kong and compete for hospital beds, has China ever considered feelings of Hongkongers?

Allowing smugglers to hoard infant formula in Hong Kong, has China ever considered feelings of Hongkongers?

Announcing that Hong Kong had no general election in 2012, has China ever considered feelings of Hongkongers?

China has never considered feelings of Hongkongers. Now, what qualifies China to make Hong Kong consider Chinese feelings? Shameless, deceitful, sinister – China is the evilest political power in the 21st century. She is the shame of human being.

9 thoughts on ““Hong Kong is Finished: Consider Mainland China’s Feelings in Policymaking”

  1. 😦 China and the CCP never gave a damn about its own populace and the world knows it. Sadly, mainlanders are brainwashed by their own gov’t own rhetoric to realize the hell they live in. Why must CCP make ppl eat shit and like it too? Does the CCP want to legitimize their authority to make the masses believe that they are their mother, father, sex partner, and saviour? 支那 and her zombies have no feelings because they have no soul, they are monsters!

  2. In HK, not only are we going to make you miserable, but you have to like it.

    I’m not a native HKer, but I can’t understand…with all this in mind, how does DAB get any support at all? Are they all just that obsessed with power? They think Beijing will reward them for being a nice little toady? Not to say pan-Dems are perfect, but obviously DAB would be happy to turn HK into one huge milk powder warehouse/shopping mall/outdoor toilet.

    1. The DAB gains its support mostly by dumping it’s Beijing-sourced millions on the poor, handing out free meals and whatnot to buy the votes of those who don’t know any better. The pan-dems simply don’t have the money to do the same, even if they were to share the same lack of ethics.

      1. It’s pretty telling when, even after functional constituencies give you 25+ free seats, you still feel the need to stuff the ballot box.

        Has anyone ever given a good reason for the FCs? Seems equivalent to just saying “Beijing gets to pick 50% of the legislative council for free”

    2. The support of those in power do not come from the consent of the people. They come from Beijing and China. And if there are any that do have power that give parties like DAB power and support, they are usually loyal to China, CCP, or Beijing and have all of the above backing them somehow.

  3. It is very sad indeed. If Hong Kong hadn’t been handed back to China, it probably would’ve been one of the most prosperous and happiest places on Earth.

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