Taiwan-Philippines Conflict Reopens Hong Kong’s Old Wounds of Manila Hostage

May 15th 2013 Apple Daily,

A family member of a Manila Hostage’s Victim: Tell me how to love China?

Under enormous pressure of Taiwanese, President of the Philippines, Aquino Ⅲ, finally issued an apology for the killing of a Taiwanese fisherman by the Philippine Coast Guard. Even though Taiwan states that the representative of Aquino Ⅲ isn’t authoritative enough, the Taiwanese government has garnered lots of support across the Strait for taking a hard line against the Philippines.

Compared with Taiwan, Beijing has done nothing and even neglects demands of Manila Hostage victims, Tse Chi-kin is very disappointed, “Taiwanese government only spent 3 days to accomplish the job (*demanding an apology from the Philippines) that our government hasn’t been able to archive over the last 3 years. It might even not be able to archive in 30 years! It’s so ironic. I can’t see that Hong Kong government and Beijing have defended interests of their citizens. They only know how to arrest dissidents.”

Tse Chi-kin’s late brother, Tse Masa, a tour guide, was brutally killed in Manila Hostage in 2010

Tse, who hasn’t stopped seeking justice for his late brother over the last two odd years, regards that an apology is a basic respect for the victims. Aquino Ⅲ has never made an apology to Hongkongers over the massacre. The most extreme Hong Kong government has done is to put the Philippines on the black travel alert list.

Flippino police and civilians both smiled heartily at the site of Manila Hostage

Netizens’ reactions

Credits: Taiwanball


Shek: …. At that time, a bastard jumped out immediately, saying that Donald Tsang didn’t have authority to do that (*A secretary of former Chief Executive Donald Tsang directly called Aquino Ⅲ’s office several times during the hostage. A political commentator of Phoenix TV condemned the act.) and should consider overall interests of China. This time, China fully supports Taiwan as if China-Philippines relation were no longer important; China used the excuse of protecting her own interest to oppress Hong Kong. Therefore, over the last 3 years, there is only a black travel alert against the Philippines….


Eva: To this date, I still can’t forget that we Hongkongers were bullied by the despicable Flippino Government. I agree with the speech of Tse Masa’s brother. Taiwan lost one man; however, her attitude can be that hard-line. We lost so many people, but in the end, what have our government and China done for us??? I’m really envy of Taiwan – a government that defends its people’s dignity…


Wong: Towards internal affairs, Beijing oppresss the weak (including Hong Kong, Macau, Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai); Towards foreign affairs, Beijing is just a coward. I can only use SHAMELESS to describe this regime!


Kong: Hongkongers, as second-class citizens in the Communist China, are more contemptible than subjects of a colony.

Next day after the Manila Hostage tragedy, only HKSAR flag was flown at half mast.

5 thoughts on “Taiwan-Philippines Conflict Reopens Hong Kong’s Old Wounds of Manila Hostage

  1. that’s why I think HK ppl should declare its independence. HK people, stop being a bunch of cowards, rise up and ask for independence because HK never get respect as part of China, becoming second class citizens like Tibet, Xinjiang.

  2. Hongkongers need to stand up for themselves. Hongkongers are to rule Hong Kong as promised. This promise needs to be fulfilled by Hongkongers. It cannot be fulfilled by anyone else. They need to start pushing for a referendum. What will China do? Whatever China does, Hong Kong will stand strong against China. We are the Pearl of the Orient. We need not to fear China. Many animals have represented Hong Kong. The Tiger, the Lion, the Dragon. All of which are strong in spirit and courageous. Time to show the spirit of the Tiger (Four Asian Tigers), the Lion (Lion Rock), and the Dragon (Colonial Emblem representation). The Tiger shows that Hong Kong is economically capable. The Lion shows the love, sweat, and blood Hongkongers put in building Hong Kong–the Hong Kong/Hongkonger Spirit! The Dragon shows our determination to rise up and finally rule ourselves as promised,it shows Hongkongers’ relentless determination and resistance to oppression. Hong Kong is to be freed. Let’s make it happen!

  3. Living half way across the ocean in the United States. I fully respect what Taiwan has been doing. The hard line approach to the corrupt nation of the Philippines is a must. Taking a soft stance like what Hong Kong did only leads down one road: the road to NOTHING.

    The Philippines can’t be trusted, it is one of the worst, most corrupt and misguided nations in the world:


  4. To understand the Philippines is to also understand their past history. The Spanish have introduced their race/class/plantation caste system in the country and similarly to Latin America and its corrupt for it. Granted there were less Spanish ppl in Philippines than Latin America,thus they suffer less of a identity crisis of being “indio-native”,but its effects hurt their country until this day. I will emphasize that Taiwanese natives and Pinoys are most genetically similar, many Taiwanese Hakka and Hokkien have native blood in them.

    Intermarriage have occurred in the Philippines between mainly Hokkien and natives, thus many bloodlines are “mixed” and the Aquinos and Jose Rizal both have Hokkien bloodlines. I won’t disagree that the natives resent the money leverage that the Hokkien ppl have, but discrimination happens when their is noticeable difference between ppl. Chinese immigrants and their descendants must realize their home is where they were raised/born and not where their ancestors from 1000 yrs ago lived. Intermarriage will happen amongst descendants after a couple generations, and with the defense that they want to preserve culture …well “Chinese” culture will still live on with 1 billion mainlanders on the planet. Get real, culture and customs change over time and their “pure Chinese culture” will change with it.

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