PLA Hong Kong garrison conducts drill with heavy weapon day and night

Recently, Sheung Shui and Fanling netizens complain that gunfire from PLA barracks in Sun Wai (新圍) is getting more and more intense.


aki3sawa: [Sheung Shui People] Recently, Gunfire from the Barracks is Getting More and More Intense

In the past, gunfire appeared every few months. Now, it has appeared for several consecutive nights.

aki3sawa, the original poster, was banned later.

On June 15th, Apple Daily published a video report.

It also made the front page of Mingpao on the same day.


Blogger Dadazim: The report of Mingpao was also stick on the wall of (his?) building’s lobby.

Comments from the original thread posted by aki3sawa


余慕蓮: Finally, someone mentions it. It’s so noisy in Leun Wo Hui. Strongly protest PLA disturbs civilians. Summon Apple Daily to follow up.


凍華果走啡: F**k. I live next to the San Wai Firing Range. PLA now conducts drill at night. Actually, they did it daily, mostly in the daytime. But now, they even do it at night.


綠野搖擺: Not just gunfire. Before Tiananmen Massacre anniversary, they even conducted artillery drill, flagrantly threatening Hongkongers.


Sigurdsson: Every time when I hear the noise, I become irascible. F**k you, you wanna put a show of force? If you’ve guts, f**king hit Hong Kong, you Mainland Chinese dog.


De_Sade: It is impossible that targets of drill are the US and Japan. No one believes that it doesn’t target Hongkongers. It might even imply that PLA doesn’t even trust Hong Kong Police Force.


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