“Attack on China’s Advancing Locusts”

Inspired by the latest Japanese hit anime series “Attack on Titan”(English Title)/進擊的巨人 “Advancing Giants” (Japanese title), more than 100 Hong Kong netizens cooperated to create “Attack on China”(English Title)/進擊的蝗蟲 “Advancing Locusts”(Chinese title) based on the series’ theme song.


On this day,
Hongkongers have finally woken up,
founding themselves being cheated by the greatest swindle ever – –  China-Hong Kong integration can maintain prosperity.
They are cognizant of the fear their home is being invaded,
and the humiliation their resources are being looted.

Invasion of the locusts corrodes this city.
Hundred millions of them are invading Hong Kong. They won’t feel ashamed.
They pay no respect; they are arrogant.
They ruin my life with so-called prosperity.
They boss the locals and twist the facts.

Defend our Hong Kong land. End this adversity.
Fight against the invasion. Don’t be afraid.
Fight against the Chinese Communist Party. Sweep out the filth.
Shout out for justice. Defend this land.

Let’s step forward
March with raging blood when the locusts invade.
Don’t afraid who is yelling.
Hong Kong is being invaded. Locusts’ crap is everywhere.
Locusts’ aberrant behaviors must be stopped.

When the locusts invade, don’t make way to them.
Defend Hong Kong. Don’t count on luck.
The rescue of human rights and freedom depends on our consciences.
Humanities, we will own it in the future.

The encouragement of will makes us despise the provocation.
Despite in desperation, we counteract to leash the anger.
In this very battle, everyone stands together
to let Hong Kong reborn.

Removed by YouTube

The original video was removed by YouTube on July 1st. It had garnered around 350,000 views before its removal.


Explanatory notes

In the original story, in order to avoid man-eating giants (titans), humans live in sanctuaries behind three 50-meter-tall walls. Humankind had managed to live peacefully for a century until the first 60-meter-tall giant appeared.

In Hong Kong netizens’ version, names of the three walls that bulwark against China: the innermost is “civilisation and ethics”, the middle is “human rights and rule of law”, and the outermost is “one-country-two-systems”.




Advancing Locusts

Advancing Locusts

“Advancing Locust” also appeared in this year July 1st protest


7 thoughts on ““Attack on China’s Advancing Locusts”

  1. 大佬, even though the colonization of HK was humiliating at one time the general populace eventually enjoyed in a government based on the British system. HK ppl are accustomed to certain living standards; and the CCP knows very damn well that they cannot give the same standards of living to the Mainland. HK ppl are realizing their living standards are going right to the shitter (literally), and this is all in the name of “Mother China”. However, this “mother” doesn’t care if you lay dying in the streets and she steals your wallet instead!

    • Indeed, and for those so-called patriots out there, here is something to think about. The British were ultimately outsiders. The PRC, however, states that we are part of the same family. Which do you think is more insulting, a colonial government from a foreign country that over the years begin to recognise times have changed and they could no longer afford to be demeaning to the Hong Kong people, or an SAR government controlled by a regime that is supposedly our own kin who continue to treat us with no respect? Even the British government did not do that towards the end.

      • Mr. Wells, the Chn gov’t never treated its own populace with respect as well. The hukou system is idiotic and it keeps the wealth in the cities, it keeps ppl “in their place”. Personally, I think the whole premise of the commie revolution was not only to kick out the old elite out and but create a new elite. Replace one feudal system with another one, same shit different ppl. The CCP talk abt “equality within the masses” is just hooplah and false promises.

  2. «Many people erroneously suggest that Hong Kong has managed to uphold the rule of law without democratic and accountable government. But our legal system has functioned solely because 13,000 kilometres away, a democratically elected British parliament has guaranteed our rule of law.»

    Martin Lee, 1993

  3. When the so-called patriots realise that they are insignificant in the eyes of the government they protect, they will be silent, but this day will never come, because they are too stupid to realise it, allowing their wound-up anger to bury any wisdom they have had. Of course, it is unfair to call every one of the new Chinese immigrants and tourists locusts, but in my opinion, it is appropriate for those who disrespect our ways of living.

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