Hong Kong Teacher Being Politically Persecuted After Standing Up Against China Anti-Cult Association

Alpais Lam Wai-sze, a primary school teacher who won the Chief Executive’s Award for Teaching Excellence in 2011, is being politically persecuted after shouting obscenities in an argument over police connivance in harassment of Falun Gong. Banners urging her dismissal were hung on railings near her school, and funeral wreaths in her name were placed nearby. Also, Pro-Beijing groups are going to hold a campaign reprimanding her on August 4th. Netizens conjecture that Lam’s background makes her an easy prey: a primary school teacher who participates in politics and has a father, who is a member of League of Social Democrats, a radical pan-democratic party. Other netizens believe that the proximity of her school to the office of Hong Kong Youth Care Association (HKYCA), the Hong Kong branch of China Anti-Cult Association, attributes to Lam’s persecution.

Timeline of the incident

July 22nd

Netizen Kelvin Chu uploaded a video titled “The patience of Hong Kong Police is really great“, in which Lam burst out “what the fuck” and insulted a female officer “bitch” while she was protesting that the police connive with HKYCA to oppress Falun Gong.

July 25th

Apple Daily covered the story and portrayed Lam unfavourbly, focusing just on the use of obscenity. The newspaper later deleted the story.

On July 25th, Apple Daily covered the story and portrayed Lam unfavourably.

Several days ago, a drama of a police officer calmly handled an irate female pedestrian happened in Mong Kok, and it was filmed and uploaded to the internet. Netizens highly praised the calmness of the officer.

The 5-minute YouTube video shows that there was a confrontation between Falun Gong and HKYCA inside Mong Kok pedestrian precinct on the afternoon of July 22nd (*wrong time). The police blockaded the surrounding area. At that time, a woman who claimed to be a teacher forcibly crossed the blockade with her husband. The police therefore dissuaded her. Surprisingly, the couple couldn’t stop scolding the police and saying that the police hadn’t given the reason of forbidding them from entering the blockade. They couldn’t stop insulting the police “Gong An”, “motherfucker”, and “bitch”. Even English obscenities were used.

After reading the coverage by Apple Daily, netizen AngryHK uploaded a video that gives a clearer picture of the incident.

Columnist Li Yi explained what had happened in the two videos in his article “Lam Wai-sze is the model of Hongkongers“.

The argument between Lam Wai-sze and the police happened on July 14th in Mongkok. A 5-minute video titled “The patience of Hong Kong Police is really great” began circulating on July 22nd. In the video, a woman insulted the police “bitch, motherfucker, and what the fuck”. Later, netizens revealed the woman’s name, the school she works at, the address and the phone number of her school, and called on the public to complain Lam and her school to “honour the police force”. The school at which Lam works has received an avalanche of complaints. Pro-Beijing newspapers joined the criticism of Lam. The most unusual thing is that Junior Police Officer Association (JPOA) also released a statement reprimanding Lam…

However, videos showing a complete picture of the incident appeared. On that day, Falun Gong was exhibiting CCP’s organ harvesting. Pro-Beijing HKYCA rushed to cover up the stall of Falun Gong. Not only did the police ignore HKYCA, but they also blockaded nearby roads, preventing pedestrians from entering. Seeing the unfair treatment, Lam entered the blockade and argued with the police, asking the reason why they connive with HKYCA to impede freedom of expression.

July 26th

Both Lam and her school released an apology statement.

July 27th

Passion Times reported that RTHK wanted to delay the broadcast of the TV programme “Outstanding Teachers 2013” as Lam was featured in it.  But the part with Lam was aired according to the original schedule. The news blog also reported that other teachers of her school were harassed while receiving an avalanche of phone calls complaining Lam.

Pro-Beijing newspaper Wenweipo condemned Lam with an article titled “Lam Wai-Sze, a virago who insulted the police. doesn’t quality to be a teacher“. Since July 27th, the newspaper has been ferociously attacking her.

Excerpt from the article:

Lam Wai-sze herself is a member of a radical opposition group. She is an active activist and a member of League of Social Democrats. Her father is Lam Sam-shing, was a District Councilor and a Democratic Party member. He followed the young Turk camp to quit the party and established “The Frontier”. He then became a Democratic Party member again as “The Frontier” merged with the party in 2008. Discontented with Democratic Party, which refused to participate in “Five Constituencies Referendum”, he left the party and joined League of Social Democrat. His daughter, Lam Wai-sze, joined the same party as well. Everybody knows that League of Social Democrats hate police…

Lam probably used trivial matters to attack the police so that she could seek revenge for her compatriots. However, her profession isn’t a protester but a primary school teacher.  How can this politically-orientated, rude, and uncivilised teacher produce good students? In the end, she will only train a group of “teenage Red Guard” like Scholarism, People Power, and League of Social Democratic, who will snipe at government officials. This is the real “brainwashing”. Now, many netizens have filed complaints against the teacher. The school should investigate the incident seriously. This isn’t for Lam Wai-sze but for the future of Hong Kong.

Junior Police Officer Association (JPOA) released a statement reprimanding Lam.

July 31st

In the early morning, a netizen spotted that banners attacking Lam were hung on railings near her school, Pui Ling School of Precious Blood in Fanling.

Banner 1: Strongly demand Pui Ling School of Precious Blood to deal with Lam Wai-sze’s immoral behavior, so she won’t lead her students astray.

Banner 2: Strongly condemn Lam Wai-sze’s immoral behavior. Your behavior harms the next generation.

Banner 3: Leave education field.

According PassionTimes,

【50-Cent Party has escalated their action, carrying out Cultural Revolution style struggle session against Lam Wai-sze】

Local Commie have carried out Cultural Revolution style struggle session to attack the outspoken teacher, Lam Wai-sze. A netizen discovered at midnight that banners condemning Lam were hung outside of Pui Ling School of Precious Blood, demanding the school to dismiss her.

Funeral wreaths in Lam’s name were found in Luen Wo Hui, which is near Pul Ling School of Precious Blood. According to House News:

Mingpao interviewed Lam Wai-sze via phone yesterday. She said that someone hung banners outside of Pui Ling School of Precious Blood, telling her to resign. And funeral wreaths in her name were placed in Luen Wo Hui.  After learning of the news, Lam finally fell apart. Her voice sounded like a deflated balloon, “Hanging banners and placing funeral wreaths hurt me very much, and the acts hurt parents and students as well.  Are the things I did really unforgivable?  Why do they treat me like that?”

In the afternoon, a banner that gives support to Lam was hung.


Support Lam Wai-sze for speaking out for justice. A just teacher. A compassionate child. Hongkongers are fortunate to have her.

Aug 4th

Localism groups that supports Lam clashed with pro-Beijing groups that condemns the teacher.  Link

Aug 17th

Alpais Lam posted a photo of a banner attacking her in Kowloon Tong.


Pui Ling School of Precious Blood’s obscenity course

Thank you teacher, Lam Wai-sze.  We have learnt that

saying “fuck Your Mother” when challenging the police is righteous behaviour!

From now on, if we feel that school is unfair,

we should also say “Fuck Your Mother” to teachers and headmasters.

We support your “Tending Agriculture Major”

“Tending Agriculture Major”, which is the euphermism of “fuck you mother cunt”,  is the pro-democracy political group that Alpais Lam joins

The office of HKYCA is next to Pui Ling School of Precious Blood

According to Aug 9th, 2012 Next Magazine, the registered office of HKYCA is located on the first floor of Yanjing Building, which is next to Pui Ling School of Precious Blood, and Yanjing Beer offers the place for free.

Sin, the netizen who took the photo on the right, commented:

Finally, I found the headquarter of HKYCA… and it is even next to Pui Ling School of Precious Blood. No wonder they have to mess her up.

14 thoughts on “Hong Kong Teacher Being Politically Persecuted After Standing Up Against China Anti-Cult Association

  1. Swearing teacher: bad, but nowhere as bad as letting the communists to trample all over our city. Besides, are parents naive enough to think their kids aren’t already exposed to profanity on a regular basis, not to mention using it among themselves?

  2. She’s too good to be a teacher. She should move onto something greater and do things for the greater good of HK. I believe good things will eventually come out of her but first she needs to control her temper and speak in a tactful way.

  3. Tell the Commies and their sympathisers to go back to China, where they can enjoy their freedoms to… nothing. We are not going to tolerate their ilk and the Police better not help them. I pay taxes and my taxes are not for the Police’s Gong’An tactics and policies. WTF!

  4. […] First, let us make it very clear that the HKYCA is a communist front group that couldn’t care less about Hong Kong’s youth.  It’s sole purpose is the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in Hong Kong.  Now I don’t care what your opinion is of Falun Gong; persecution is persecution.  BadCanto has written a detailed a account of the HKYCA’s activities and communist ties on his blog, and also of the current incident. […]

  5. Keep raising the colonial flag and be the best Hong Kongers you can be. You are doing so well. I am so proud and honoured to be in Hong Kong. I love Hong Kong Chinese. They are the best in the world. The CCP MUST be overthrown in every where it is found. Fight the CCP. Fight Fight Fight for your rights!

  6. What she did was better than anything she can teach by the book to her students. Civil courage to not let repeat what we have seen so many times in the last century: Fascism, Totalitarianism, Nazism and Communism. Only a silent people enable the evildoers to do their evil deeds. Act before it’s too late. Freedom is not free. God Save Hong Kong.

  7. Ever since 1997 Hong Kong has been descending gradually into a society shackled by the powers in Beijing. Now it has become visible on the streets, and Hong Kong people are starting to react. The Hong Kong press had been censoring itself for months until very recently, not willing to publish the daily harassment that Falungong followers endure from the CCCP mob that calls itself the Hong Kong Youth Care Association. That is a sad thing in itself.

    The HKYCA was set up by the CCCP and hires not only people from the mainland to hurl abuse at Falungong followers or locals who stand up for them, but there have also been local students who were paid for doing the same. Needless to say that these students do not last long once they realised what they were supposed to do.

    I have witnessed quite a few similar incidents as the one with the teacher. Once a Falungong follower had just finished her meditation, only to find herself surrounded by HKYCA banners, which had been put their during the meditation. She wanted to go to the toilet, but the police told her that if she stepped on one of the HKYCA banners, she would be arrested. She had nowhere to go, pleaded with the police, to no avail, and had to wait for hours until finally one of the banners was taken away.

    Hong Kong people are fed up with the blatant kow-towing of the Hong Kong police to the CCCP. The August 15 The Standard article by J S Lam entitled “No cop-out in face of lawbreakers” is a sad reminder that the police is not willing to look at itself as the one breaking the law.

  8. I am really afraid that Mrs Alpais Lam Wai-sze might break under the pressure and the verbal assaults launched against her by pro-establishment groups. It is not easy for someone to risk her job and safety, and to be exposed to public slander. I don’t even know if I could advice her to stand firm. We’re all humans. However, I’d like to say that if she were my own children’s teacher, I would support her, and I would let her know that I think my children can learn more from someone who stands up for her opinions and for the law, than from someone who teaches the young generations to be subservient, to bow to the power of money and political pressure. The alliance between business and Beijing is already clearly felt in Hong Kong. Even when I read the South China Morning Post, I can’t help thinking they are really careful and avoid too much criticism. Pro-establishment groups portray protesters as destabilising elements, as people who betray the apolitical and pro-business spirit of Hong Kong. This rhetoric is, unfortunately, powerful, because it appeals to big business and to all those career-minded people who just want to make money and prefer to leave ideals and values aside in the pursuit of a stable life.

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