Mainland Chinese who set fire to Immigration Tower granted Hong Kong residency

Good News, a free tabloid by Oriental Daily Press, reported on Aug 23rd that Shi Junlong, a former right-of-abode seeker who set fire to the Immigration Tower in 2000, was granted Hong Kong residency.

Shi Junlong Granted Hong Kong Residency

The principal offender, Shi Junlong, was granted a one-way permit (the right of abode).

Report 1

13 years ago, a group of Mainland Chinese right-of-abode seekers set fire to the Immigration Tower in Wanchai, leading to the tragedy that killed 2 and injured 44. Senior immigration officer Leung Kam-kwong was killed in the line of duty. After the guilty verdict was delivered, Shi Junlong, the principal offender, said remorselessly, “This is a tragedy created by the Immigration Department.

Today, Shi Junlong, imprisoned for manslaughter in Hong Kong, was astonishingly granted a one-way permit. He has even become the director of the Family Reunion Association, specifically assisting Mainland Chinese with family reunionification immigration. Our reporters spotted Shi, who has become portly, driving a luxury SUV and carrying a designer bag. It seems that he has settled in Hong Kong.

Although the arson case is over, pain still lingers. Under the current system, seeing the return of Shi Junlong, the Immigration Department, which lost a member in the arson attack, can’t say “no” at all.

Report 2

Aug 2nd 2000 is a mournful day for Hongkongers. On that day, around 30 right-of-abode seekers staged a protest inside the waiting room on the 13th floor of the Immigration Tower, pleading for a meeting with the director of the Immigration Department. At 6 pm, they still refused to leave. When the staffs received the order to disperse the crowd, suddenly, a protester splashed paint thinner from a water bottle and a fire broke out during chaos, leading to 40 injuries.

Among the injured, senior immigration officer Leung Kam-kwong suffered from severe burns and died 9 days later. Protester Lin Xiaoxing was also died of severe burns. Shi Junlong received a 8-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

Shi Junlong completed the prison sentence in 2005 and was extradited to China…. “2 years ago, he was even granted a one-way permit. Now, he is the director of Family Reunion Associaion, assisting Mainland Chinese with family reunification immigration.”

On Aug 9th, Shi Junlong, being portly, carrying a designer bag, wearing branded jeans and running shoes, drove a luxury SUV with a China-Hong Kong license plate. He arrived at his office in Tuen Mun and leave half an hour later. He then set off for Cheung Fat Estate.

During that time, he was accompanied by a woman who is of his age and was in a black one-piece dress. As they reached Cheung Fat Estate, he and his female companion got out of the car with two big plastic bags. In the meantime, his cell phone rang and he stopped to answer the call. His companion stood silently next to him, gazing at Shi many times. The pair then walked to a building. On the way, they moved closer and closer to each other. When they were in the front door, his companion pulled down Shi’s sleeve naturally.

The couple stayed for a while. Shi then left Chueng Fat Estate and set off for the Liaison Office and Wai Chai.

An immigration officer who worked with Leung Kam-kwong is furious that Shi Junlong was granted a one-way permit. The incident reveals the ridiculousness of the one-way permit scheme.

The Liaison Office, DAB, and Family Reunion Association


Jan 29th 2007 SCMP

Twenty-five abode seekers have been granted Hong Kong residency rights with the help of the central government’s liaison office in the city and the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong.

The 25 abode seekers, who are in their 20s and 30s and mostly from Fujian and Guangdong provinces, were among 8,000 or so initially denied residency rights by the Hong Kong government.

According to other abode seekers, the 25 granted residency were all members of the Request for Family Reunion Association, set up in 2003 with the help of DAB.

More About Family Reunion Association

Nov 11st 2011 Epoch Times

The Liaison Office is Accused of Feathering Its Own Nest

Family Reunion Association, which is closely connected with the Liaison Office, is actively recruiting new members. The association states that it can speed up application of Hong Kong identity card. According to an insider, Mr Siu, the association is an affiliated organisation of the Liaison Office, and DAB is the mastermind behind it.

Our reporters have investigated the business registration of “Family Reunion Association”. Board members reported that they live in Kwan Yick Building, which is next to the Liaison Office. The building is said to be a major source of votes for DAB….

Mr Siu has a friend whose father wants to apply a one-way permit for his adult son. He then volunteered at the association (handing out leaflets, making phone calls, joining protests and sit-ins etc). The old man questioned that anti-universal suffrage protests and pro-political reform activities have nothing to with his son’s right of abode in Hong Kong…. Mr Siu pointed out that the association has processed several thousands successful applications.

Mr Siu revealed that the membership fee is 1,400 HKD while the application fee for family reunification immigration is ranged from 50,000 to 100,000 HKD. The association also claims that it can arrange undocumented Mainland Chinese women to give birth in Hong Kong, and help Mainland Chinese who have no Hong Kong parents to immigrate to Hong Kong.

The insider estimated that the amount of application fee collected could be as high as tens of millions of HKD. It was said that the payment would be given to the Liaison Office and the election campaign fund of DAB.

The Liaison Office, FTU, Family Reunion Association and HKFEW visited Guangdong Province Old Cadre Activity Centre
Beijing’s Liaison Office, Hong Kong Ferderation of Trade Unions, Family Reunion Association and HK Federation of Education Workers (responsible for National Education) visited Guangdong Province Old Cadre Activity Centre.  Link

Family Reunion Association, Kwan Yick Building, and Vote Rigging

Please read:

Netizens’ Comments


Lay: Commit murder and arson get one’s a golden belt. (A Cantonese old saw)


Judylam651: The arson was very brutal. I recall that it was premeditated and several bottles containing thinner were brought (to the waiting room). The most vicious protester was Shi Junlong, who shouted, “Today next year is going to be the 1st anniversary of your death. You are going to become roasted pigs…” Leung Kam-kwong was the first to tell them off and said they were crazy. Then, he was on fire. He died after a while…

Fortunately, there was a video that proved them guilty…

The news is disgusting. Now, the most brutal murderer got help from DAB and settled in Hong Kong. What world is this?


AV仁老豆: Shi Junlon killed my classmate’s father and ruined his family. The whole family left Hong Kong.


病院阪黑貓: I’ve a friend who knows Leung Kam-kwong’s son. His whole family left this sad place and moved to Canada.


港人自講 Talk Hong Kong: The motherfucking Chinese killed a Hongkonger, pleaded innocent, and blames Hongkongers. Now, he can move to Hong Kong, and he even brings more Mainland Chinese to here! What the FUCK?!


tigerg: Isn’t this crazy? Why isn’t there anyone cares about this? If half of the people who oppose Alpais Lam cared about this, it would be great.

insider20092: The Disciplined Services can release a statement because of an obscenity. They act cowardly when they see a murderer helping the pro-establishment camp.


Ca: All men of the Disciplined Services are useless. They only know how to bully a teacher. When a murderer immigrated to Hong Kong, they dared not to make a noise about it.


綾瀨遙: Zen Ze-kiun and Martin Li (*pan-democratic camp) helped him. In the end, Shi Junlong supports DAB.

sure_win_ip: The pan-democratic camp is freaking stupid. They helped these stinky new immigrants move to Hong Kong, thinking that these people would support them. These fake Hongkongers betrayed the pan-democratic camp. After they arrived Hong Kong, resourceful DAB arranges jobs for them, fights for all kinds of social welfare, and bribes them with freebies and discounted banquets. Therefore, fake Hongkongers help DAB naturally.


膠事偵緝檔案: Therefore, we must have a localism party to join the election as soon as possible. We do not want the pan-Chinese nationalist and fake democracy camp (*Pro-democratic members that think Hong Kong should sacrifice for China). We do not want DAB’s team B.


longcc: Join DAB can clean up your past. Some decades later, he will follow the footsteps of Yeung Kwong and get a Grand Bauhinia Medal.


makmanyio02042: So, killing Hongkongers can get one Hong Kong residency. Mainlanders are blessed.


自信撚: Basically, Chinese dogs deliberately let him go to Hong Kong.


De Sade: You’re right. It contains the political meaning that killing Hong Kong dogs will be rewarded….


Cheung: Shi Junlong has intense hatred towards the Immigration Department and Hongkongers. This kind of people is Chinese Communist Party’s favourite, as they’re “red enough professional enough”. He will be a hardliner if he is sent to do political missions. He might become the Secretary of the Security Bureau!


Bomber Yeung Kwong was given a Grand Bauhinia Medal. Another bomber Tsang Tak-shing is a secretary for two terms! Now, this “Shi insect” killed a Hong Kong civil servant, but he can still live in public housing and work for the government! That means the Communist Party will generously reward those who killed Hongkongers and aren’t good for Hong Kong! It’s hard for Hong Kong not to doom!


Lili: He is allowed to live here because he is a murderer. If Hong Kong people have something wrong, the murderer can do it again. He can burn us to death. The only price he pays is doing jail time again! He’s used to that!

9 thoughts on “Mainland Chinese who set fire to Immigration Tower granted Hong Kong residency

  1. I just read it and I’m terrified – why that piece of … is still not dead. Go back to your ‘good communist country’ and let them give you a death sentence you should get for killing, hurting and setting a fire. What the f… is going on there, argh I’m so mad I don’t even know what to say.

  2. 殺人放火金腰帶,請大家狂share,本地及外國英媒故意不講,外國人不知香港苦況!必share!!!
    English Media won’t say a word so we have to translate the whole things – and let the world know what is happening in Hong Kong!!!!!

  3. This is the sickest thing I’ve read all day. Just because the mainland wants to dump its human garbage on Hong Kong, do we have to accept it? I hope this guy is hounded by objectors wherever he goes to the point where his life here becomes intolerable and he goes away somewhere else. The only bright side I can see in this case is that if the DAB assisted him, it may help turn public opinion against them in future elections.

  4. It is unheard of that a person with a criminal conviction let alone a manslaughter charge can be granted residence or even an entrance visa.

    But tis the sad fate of HK, where mainlanders/locusts are let in willy-nilly.

  5. Hey Hongkongers, that’s actually good news. Now he’s back in HK, he’s free game. I bet he never takes public transportation and never walks alone at night, LOL.

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