Alpais Lam’s Husband Has Left Her

On the early morning of 29th Aug, Alpais Lam wrote a message on her Facebook page that her husband had left her. She later deleted the message and wrote “Right, we’ve both collapsed!”


Alpais Lam Wai-sze: Because of the incident, my family has been under enormous pressure. The bomb has exploded: my husband has left me.

In the eyes of others, our family seems to be very united. However, whenever I need to call the police (*because of threats she received), my husband can’t stand it. He scolded me. Then he called my father and scolded him for bringing me up to be like him, participating in social movements!

While he was losing his temper, he said, “I am about to explode.” He then rushed out of the door. Everything makes me suffer. I don’t know if I will be the next to be driven crazy.

I don’t know where he has gone, and I have no will to make him stay. My father and brother will take care of me, because they can’t choose their family members; My husband can’t take care of me. However, he has the right to leave. Thus, I let him go!

If I have insomnia, I can only depend on medicine,

Alpais Lam revealed one of the threats she received,

Alpais Lam: We started blaming and accusing each other…. Even the door lock was removed…… It’s so crazy…

Netizens’ Comments

葉政淳(an activists): The ethical crisis of Hong Kong – using obscenities can ruin a family.


渣波吐露港: Is this the consequence of speaking out for justice? (sad)


無待堂(a blogger): The belligerent local Communists not only want Alpais Lam to resign, but also want her to commit suicide.


蘑菇濃湯: Internet commentators all come out. They really want Cultural Revolution this time.

(Quoting from) Ho-fung Hung

Cultural Revolution is to destroy your livelihood and ruin your family. At first, the Chinese Communist Party made Wu Han suffer only. After they succeed, many people met the same fate. The best way to protect yourself is to stop them from preying on their first target.

====Alpais Lam said on a radio show that her husband has returned to her====

5 thoughts on “Alpais Lam’s Husband Has Left Her

  1. 既然林老師已把留言刪掉, 你會覺得這樣cap圖是對嘛 ? 可否少給林老師過多壓力, 多留受害人一些私人空間 ? 畢竟不是每個人都有做公眾人物的能耐 !

  2. Reblogged this on Free Hong Kong and commented:
    This is outrageous. It’s just an F-word, for god’s sake!
    The communist running dogs are sparing no effort to set an example to the Hong Kongers: if you support what the commies don’t like, you’re screwed!
    It’s not just freedoms being eroded, but also threatening us to shut the hell up! ARGH!!!!!!

  3. Alpais, even if your hubby came back. He’s a pussy and you’re better of without him.That incident in MK is such a tiny thing. Get along with your life and let them Chicomm dogs bark up the tree. What you did is done in other countries by decent people every day. Being outspoken and taking action is a value in western enlightened cultures and is part of a democratic society. This is what makes up a mature person. For some reason Hongkongers or at least the Chicomms make such a big deal out of it. Anybody who takes that childish game of the Chicomms serious is nothing but a fool.

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