Hong Kong: A Cautionary Tale for Taiwan

Recently, Hong Kong Legislative Council member Gary Fan and environmental activist Roy Tam held the campaign “Everybody gives $100 to change the Chief Executive“, raising money for anti-Sinicisation advertisements in Hong Kong and Taiwan newspapers. The following is the Taiwan version of the advertisement, which was published in Liberty Times on September 3rd.

Hongkonger’s anti-Sinicisation advertisement in Taiwan Liberty Times
Credit: Ettoday

An open letter to the Taiwanese government and Taiwanese

Hong Kong is facing serious Sinicisation. Taiwan please take a lesson from it.

Hong Kong has too many Mainland Chinese immigrants and visitors.
We demand the Chief Executive to step down.

Today, hundreds of Hongkongers raised money to place advertisements in Hong Kong and Taiwan newspapers, shouting out for the future of Hong Kong and Taiwan. Ever since Leung Chun-ying took office, Hongkongers have been driven to complete despair – Every year, tens of millions of Chinese visitors cause havoc in Hong Kong. You can find them inside subways, town centres, and theme park. Having different culture, they destroyed Hong Kong culture and order. Hongkongers’ living space gets more and more overcrowded.

The government keeps asking Hong Kong people to be tolerant. However, it exploits our basic needs continuously. Mom-and-pop stores are disappearing. The phenomenon has reached an unbearable level. The annual 50 million Chinese visitors have put severely strain on Hong Kong. Taiwanese, please don’t let Taipei, Taichung, Sun Moon Lake, and Kaohsiung be invaded by Chinese visitors. Please take warning from Hong Kong. Don’t follow the footsteps of Hong Kong!

Ever since Leung took office, unchecked land development has become one of his major policies. The policy decreases quality of the environment. Lands that were originally designated as community centres, parks or green zones have been changed to develop residential buildings, reducing living spaces and community facilities. Many communities have been harmed.

Currently, Hong Kong isn’t lack of lands. Instead, she has too many Chinese immigrants. Ever since 1997, over 700,000 Chinese have been granted one-way permit to Hong Kong. Therefore, the average living area of Hongkongers gets smaller and smaller. Hong Kong government should demand for the authority over examination and approval of the one-way permit. Reducing the number of Chinese immigrants is the only way to tackle the core of the housing problems.

Chinese government promised to allow high degree of autonomy and keep Hong Kong’s system unchanged for 50 years. However, current major policies like city planning, population, housing etc. doesn’t prioritise Hongkongers’ interests, making Hongkongers very angry. Hong Kong should be the city that gives Hongkongers priority. For the future of Hong Kong, the stepdown of the Chief Executive is the only way to go. Give back Hongkongers the ideal home.

Hundreds of Hong Kong Citizens (including Hong Kong Legislative Council members, environmental activists, netizens, and victims of unchecked land developments)

A Taiwanese Manga Depicting Repercussions of Hongkongfication

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