Taiwanese man beaten after asking Chinese tourists to behave themselves

On Sep 13, Taiwanese netizen “eclipse mint” wrote on Mobile 01 that he was attacked by Chinese tourists after asking them not to yell, litter, and spit on Ali Mountain, a popular tourist attraction of Taiwan.


On Sep 9th 2013, I brought my Chinese female friend to tour around Ali Mountain. At the downhill section of Ali Mountain forest trail, Chinese tourists ahead of us was yelling loudly at each other, littering cigarette butts, and spitting all along. I told them what they were doing was bad and asked them to stop.

In the end, Wang, the tour guide of the group, said, “Why couldn’t we do that? We do the same in China!” I answered, “This is Taiwan!” Wang pushed me from behind and yelled, “Taiwan also belongs to China!”. I turned around and said, “Please respect Taiwan!”

Wang immediately kicked me in the chest. I almost fell over. Having regained my balance, I wanted to go forward and argue with him. Meanwhile, Wang kicked me in the cheat again. My Chinese friend pulled me apart. I fell on the ground after the attack.

Having heard our argument, Chinese tourists of the group, which was a dozen meters ahead of us, rushed towards me and stamped on my hands and feet. They even picked up stones and hit my head, chest and back. Wang also attacked me with stones. At least 3 Chinese tourist had attacked me. (Ali Mountain police later stopped the tour bus in the parking lot.) I curled up on the ground, protecting my head with my hands.

Then, other Chinese female tourists came here and pulled us apart. Lying on the ground, I told them not to leave and said I had to call the police. Chinese tourist Mr Su said, “Go ahead! That’s useless! We’re going to leave tomorrow!” (The police said their departure day was Sep 14th instead of Sep 10th.)

Chinese tourist Mr Su mistook my Chinese female friend as Taiwanese. Therefore, he punched her in the face. My eyeglasses were broken, my shoes and socks couldn’t be found. My first reaction was to take cell phone pictures of the tourists so that police could find them out. Later, Mr Su grabbed her hand and then threw her to a slope outside of the trail. She fell outside of the trail and her head hit a tree there.

Apple Daily reported that the tour guide, Wang Lei, 26 years old, is from Henan province of China.

Taiwanese netizens’ comments

(Only comments that mention Hong Kong will be chosen.)


TT4021: No wonder Hongkongers don’t like Chinese. There’s no smoke without fire.


朱冠州: I know that many Chinese tourists are that supercilious. “Had we Chinese not visit Hong Kong, you Hong Kong economy would have been doomed already.” No wonder Hong Kong is seething with discontent. I had never thought that the same would happen in Taiwan.

李東侯: I’ve been to Hong Kong recently. I was having a meal in a quiet restaurant. Suddenly, several f**king Chinese came in, I instantly felt like I was having a meal inside a (noisy) wet market.


伊勝雪:  Taiwan is going to become another Hong Kong…. If the government doesn’t plan and formulate the number of Chinese tourists that can be effectively managed, this kind of incident will frequently be seen in newspapers….


HuaLan: If we don’t give them a lesson, they will forever be that arrogant, treating Taiwan like Hong Kong.

6 thoughts on “Taiwanese man beaten after asking Chinese tourists to behave themselves

  1. In Hong Kong them Chicomms say, the locals are colonial dogs and must learn to be Chinese. I wonder what they wanna tell the Taiwanese. Taiwanese are straight from Fukien and other parts of Mainland China. Never were British. Only for some time Japanese. Are they Japanese dogs? Only a dead Commie is good Commie.

  2. Why not follow Singapore’s example, apply strict fine for littering, spitting, and those rules are very strictly practiced in Singapore to whoever crosses the rules, no matter they are kids, old, young, locals, or foreigners.

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