Headline of Apple Daily: White Woman Works as Dishwasher in Hong Kong

Headline of 2013/10/7 Apple Daily

Headline on the right:

Restaurant industry has worker shortage.

Western woman is employed as a dishwasher.

The article on the left is titled “Pitiful Pig”, which is about an injured wild boar. “Pitiful Pig” can also mean “Poor Baby” in Cantonese slang. Netizens think that the title is served as Apple Daily’s opinion on the white woman working as a dishwasher in Hong Kong.

Fanny, a 60-year-old Swiss national, who has lived in Hong Kong for 30 years, now works as a dishwasher in a skewers restaurant in Yaumatei.

Netizens’ comments


admindllmch: Western woman can’t be a fucking dishwasher? (ridiculous) Newsmen (yawning emoticon)


餐風: The news has again proven that many people think subconsciously that white people are high class. Even a white person working as a dishwasher can become news…


Psyche: There’re white girls who work as prostitutes. Washing dishes ain’t a crime. It’s a proper job. Why are people so surprised to see a white person taking the job?


A Peter Wong: What’s so special about a 60-year-old woman working as a dishwasher? Why can it become a headline on page A1?


Chou Mei Zai: This can be news headline because the person who works as a dishwasher in Hong Kong is a Western woman. Apple Daily thinks that:

1. Hong Kong is a society of the yellow race.

2. Dishwasher is a humble occupation.

3. Western women (white people) are higher class than others

Therefore, high class white person doing a humble occupation in a society of the yellow race is a big news. Apple Daily is really conservative.

2 thoughts on “Headline of Apple Daily: White Woman Works as Dishwasher in Hong Kong

  1. This is the problem with East Asians in general. Everywhere you go, every facet of life, you see some degree of white worshipping, something that is exclusive to the race. You look at blacks, south asians, latinos, they may be economically/culturally etc. worse off than whites, but nowhere do I know do you see one of them openly say “oh we are below whites in the social hierarchy”.

    East Asians mostly find it acceptable to have plastic surgery to look whiter (wider eyes, straight noses, bleached paler skin); most find it acceptable to marry into and have children with white men so their children could be whiter – whilst east asian men don’t do the same with white women because it “ruins” the white race; most of them find it acceptable to PREFER whites compared to their own for jobs, to put whites on advertising and so on because for some subconcious reason (to the East Asians only) being white = authority. It makes me wonder if East Asians are some slave race by default.

    Logic dictates that we are tribalistic in nature. We look after our own, especially when with other races. East Asians are the only race that do not show that.

    1. That seems to apply to S E Asians as well except if they have lived in the white man’s land and realise the white man is also a mere mortal. I remember my late father (born during the British colonial days in Malaysia) told me he was shocked during his visit to USA when he saw a beggar who is a white man.

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