Hong Kong Students Got Low Scores for Citing Anchor Baby and Smuggling Problems in Exam

According to 10/31/13 Apple Daily,

The examination report on Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (HKDSE) has just been released. In the report on Liberal Studies’ exam paper 2, which is about Hongkongers’ participation in June 4th night vigil, the landing of Diaoyu Islands, and the relief effort for 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, the Examination and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) said that some students misread the problems, leading to failure in analysing and explaining major factors that drove Hongkongers to join these important national events, and focus only on conflicts between Hong Kong and China such as “Liberate Sheung Shui Station“, double negatives (anchor babies), the export restriction on infant formula, and troubles fomented by uncouth Chinese tourists in Mass Transit Railway (MTR). HKEAA also said the students who got low scores wrote personal thoughts and regarded that the acts had stirred up Hongkongers’ emotions that drove them to participate in the important national events.

HKEAA stated that high-ability students knew how to cite Shanghai World Expo, Beijing Olympics, the launching of Shenzhou spacecraft, and the enforcement of Chinese identity etc when answering the questions, and clearly elucidate important factors driving Hongkongers to participate in the important national events.

Exam paper 2 of 2013 HKDSE’s General Studies

(a) What factors do you think drive Hongkongers to participate in important national events similar to the events illustrated in the pictures above? Explain your answer. (8 points)

Netizens’ Comments


霜月はるか: Answer: The launching of spacecrafts made me patriotic, therefore I decided to join June 4th night vigil.


lllamasqua: How is June 4th incident related to Shanghai World Expo, Beijing Olympics, and the launching of Shenzhou spacecraft?


吉太郎: HKEAA is a nonsense. It changed examinations halls into brainwashing grounds, threatening students with exam scores. Hong Kong-betraying government produces Hong Kong-betraying HKEAA.


As Chip Tsao said, failing Liberal Studies means that your thinking is correct.


Post_Buster: Obviously, the aim of the government isn’t about making you “love the country, love Hong Kong, love the party” after studying several years of Liberal Studies. In fact, it is impossible. The government just wants to train you to have no conscience. Now, you can suddenly become a nationalist because of scores. In the future, you will say something unscrupulous or vote unscrupulously because of money and career.

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