Mainland Chinese Children Abduction Gang Hits Hong Kong

Headline of 11/24/13 Oriental Daily: Mainland Chinese Thief Couple Robbed Baby Girl on the Street

The headline of 11/24/2013 Oriental Daily

Mainland Chinese Thief Couple Robbed Baby Girl on the Street


From 11/24/2014 Wenweipo

Yesterday night, a baby abduction case happened on the street of Kowloon City.

A young mother went out with her 6-month-old daughter, who was carried by a baby stroller. At Nam Kok Road, she encountered a Mandarin-speaking woman asking for directions. After giving directions enthusiastically and seeing the Mandarin speaker off, the mother found that her daughter had disappeared from the baby stroller.

She suspected that the Mandarin speaker diverted her attention away from her daughter by asking directions, and then an accomplice surreptitiously carried the baby away. The panic-stricken young mother called her husband to rush to the scene. Assisted by staffs of nearby restaurants, the couple still failed to find their daughter.

The police received the report and looked for the baby around Kowloon City. The mother was driven around by a police car to look for her daughter, still, nothing is found. The case is categorized as suspected children abduction.

According to preliminary info, the police does not rule out that the culprit is Mainland Chinese children abduction gang.

A 6-month-old baby girl disappeared from the baby stroller after her mother gave directions to a Mandarin-speaking woman in Kowloon City. Credit: Apple Daily
The Lost Baby Girl
The Lost Baby Girl

Singtao Daily reported that the mother is a mistress.

The mother whose daughter was kidnapped is Ms. Wu, a 31-year-old living in Kowloon City. Her married boyfriend is Mr Yu, who works in the recycle bin industry. Both are new immigrants. They have a 6-month-old daughter. Both kidnappers speak Mandarin, aged 30-40 years old.

Netizen’s comments


溫珠寶_623: Locust Vs Locust


觀塘達也: Why did Singtao Daily report like that? Use your asshole to think again


羅友恒: The main point is about the abducted baby girl. Don’t let words like “extramarital affair” and “mistress” shift the focus. I’m worried for the girl as she has been missing for so long. I hope that she would be fine.


齊心: Some people say that the abduction of Mainland Chinese child in Hong Kong serves Mainland Chinese right, and there is no need to investigate. Does that mean that Mainland Chinese are allowed to commit crimes in Hong Kong?

What we are talking about isn’t a swindling. It is an abduction. One is scammed because one is stupid. Now, an abduction is about a child’s live. Besides, Mainland Chinese kidnappers don’t check out whether your child is a Mainland Chinese or Hongkonger.

If we ignore children abduction because the victim is a Mainland Chinese, Hongkongers will become locusts in the future. Kidnapping is a crime. It isn’t a problem about “Hongkonger first”


蝗塞假期: Even if there are other reasons behind the abduction, we can’t rationalise it simply because of what the mother had done. Now, the child is in fact abducted.

BlakeLively: Abduction is unacceptable in Hong Kong. I don’t fucking care whoever the victim is.


Ho-Hung Fung: Besides, a newspaper that is pro-developers also reported that the mother is a mistress and a new immigrant. Whether the info is true or not, it isn’t the main focus. The main focus is that the developers are afraid of the overwhelming public opinion on opposing Individual Visit Scheme.

The following is a comment handpicked by VJmedia after the revelation that the mother killed her own daughter.

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