Tertiary-educated Hong Kong Citizens Discouraged from Applying for Public Housing

Yesterday, Hong Kong Housing Authority said it considers deducting points from public housing applicants who have received post-secondary education, including non-degree programmes. Netizens think that the plan is to make way for Chinese colonialists by excluding younger Hongkongers from getting affordable housing in the sky-high-priced housing market and discouraging them from getting higher education.

Consider deducting points from tertiary-educated applicants

According to The House News via The Real Hong Kong News

As of March 2012, there were 112,000 public housing applications submitted by single individuals. According to the Audit Commission’s report, one third of these applicants were students when they submitted their applications and 47% of them hold tertiary education or above qualifications.

Legislative Council members asked Pescod if the Authority will tighten the application barrier for public housing. Pescod replied that the Authority has no intention to change the age barrier (18-year-old), but will study the possibly of deducting points of applicants who hold tertiary education qualifications or above.

Editor’s Note:

To apply for public housing in Hong Kong, one has to submit an application which will be evaluate based on a “score system”.

The government excludes younger Hongkongers from getting affordable housing

According to Hong Kong Census 2011, 39.3% of Hongkongers aged from 15-24 have received post-secondary education. Meanwhile, only 12.8% of Chinese “immigrants” residing in Hong Kong for less than 7 years (in 2011) have the same educational level. That means 40% of young Hongkongers will have their points deducted if the plan implements.

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table (1).xlsx

table (1).xlsx

Netizens’ comments


水孟: From now on, public housing is built for Chinese immigrants only.


六等星: In the past, if one got into college, one could live in a big house; if one failed to do so, one could live in public housing.

Now, if one got into college, one can neither get a big house nor public housing; if one fails to do so, one can live in public house.


object七一: In fact, the government should do the opposite: assigning some public housing to applicants who have received post-secondary education only. Let them live in public housing for 10 years, starting from graduation. No succession rights. Give them a chance to gather wealth.


過氣老共: If they really do so, protests in the future will only get more violent, because young people have nothing to lose.


(Comment in the quote) If the plan developed to the stage that many students gave up their college seats in exchange for public housing and no one went to college, then it would be very interesting.

地心呼吸力: Maybe, the government’s intention is to kick Hong Kong youth out of college. By doing so, more seats can be given to the Chinese. The government can say justifiably that Hong Kong youth have no ambition and it is right to let fellow compatriots work in Hong Kong.


kiyeah: Speaking of conspiracy theory, I think the government means to tell Hongkongers to give up college education. Then, it will say that Hongkongers don’t go to college and give all the seats to the Chinese, executing the plan that makes Chinese become the ruling class of Hong Kong.


巴蘭榭2: A plan to exterminate young people

The featured photo is taken from Hong Kong Estate Gallery.

One thought on “Tertiary-educated Hong Kong Citizens Discouraged from Applying for Public Housing

  1. It is very sad to know that Hong Kong Housing Authority is making way for Chinese colonialists instead of natives. Reducing points will surely discourage higher education, which will limit their chances of getting good jobs both in their own country and abroad.

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