Macau Fruit Stall Owner Beaten to Death by Mainland Chinese

Macau Concealers (a publication by University of Macau): R.I.P

An inebriated Mainland Chinese man created chaos at a fruit stall in the early morning today. The hexagenarian owner was beaten to death.

【Reported by Macau Concealers】In the early morning of December 1st, Mainland Chinese man Mr Zhang, while being intoxicated, created chaos at a fruit stall located between Rua de Cinco de Outubro and Travessa de Cinco de Outubro. Meanwhile, Zhang had a violent quarrel with the 63-year-old owner, and struck the hexagenarian to unconsciousness with fists.

Zhang attempted to flee but was subdued by passersby. The wounded owner was confirmed dead by hospital officials. The police is now investigating the case.

Comments from Macau Netizens 


Villas: The stall is the first 24-hour stall in Macau. (Sad)


Lee: R.I.P. A few days ago, I walked past the stall with my friend. I told my friend that it was a joy that the old couple looked after the stall together. The stall had never changed for several decades.


Iu: His small shop is a collective memory for the people of Macau.


Cheng: I’m a frequent customer of the stall. The owner is really really nice. He doesn’t deserve to die early. R.I.P.


Kun: Sober Mainland Chinese are very barbaric already; drunk Mainland Chinese are even beyond imaginations.


Uranus: “Strong Country people” are getting more and more arrogant in Macau and run amok in here. Freaking go back to Mainland China!!


Kuan: Chinese Communist Party always asks us Hong Kong and Macau to tolerate Mainland Chinese. Now, someone is beaten to death. How can we tolerate?


Sou: Many people from that country fled to Mainland China after committing crimes in Macau and Hong Kong. Mainland China turns a blind eyes to these cases.


Wong: The law of Macau is to protect Mainland Chinese and oppress the people of Macau. Seeing that the high officials ingratiate themselves with Mainland China, I don’t think that the Mainland Chinese would be convicted.

The Fruit Stall and its owner. Source:
The late owner and his fruit stall. Source:

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