Pro-China Camp Leader Rips British Hong Kong Flag Apart

sumchangukflag According to Apple Daily Realtime,

Today morning, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying attended the third consultation forum on the policy address and budget in Tai Kok Tsui. A flock of people who claim to be “love Hong Kong and China” patriots rallied to support the government outside of the venue. Among them, “Teochew Spicy Girl” Sum Chan, besides waving Chinese national and HKSAR regional flags, even took out the British Hong Kong flag and yelled “a torn national flag for traitors” while ripping it off. Anti-government protesters booed her. A member of Civic Passion even attempted to rush towards Sum Chan. Police stopped the person and it was a mayhem there. Plain-clothes police even yelled they needed reinforcement.

British Hong Kong Flag As Anti-Government Symbol Yesterday, outside of the venue for the second consultation forum in North Point, a female protester, who is believed to be from Civic Passion, waved the British Hong Kong flag while standing on a fence.

Source: Oriental Daily

According to United Social Press, the same protester also went to the third consultation forum today, and she was shoved to the ground by the police.

The British-Hong-Kong-flag girl lay on the floor, injured.

Netizens’ Comments bhk6

Leung: The ripping is useless. High-ranking officials from the Chinese regime are still falling over themselves to send their families to study in the UK and obtain British citizenship.


Tsui: I was born in the 90’s. I’m furious that the British flag was ripped apart. When British ruled Hong Kong, they contributed infinitely to this city. Before 1997, every Hongkonger had a job and a living place; wanted to hold hands with governors. […]


謝智傑: Sum Chan… My birthplace is British Hong Kong. I admit that the sovereignty of Hong Kong was transferred to China in 1997. Besides holding BNO, I also hold HKSAR passport. I don’t understand why some protesters wave British Hong Kong flag in protests…. However, your ripping of British Hong Kong flag humiliates Hongkongers who were born in the period of British Hong Kong. You’d better apologise!

5 thoughts on “Pro-China Camp Leader Rips British Hong Kong Flag Apart

      1. LOL nice pic, definitely makes me feel better. Still think she needs to be beaten in real life though. Her expression when ripping the flag was disgusting

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