Hong Kong Netizens’ Newspaper Ad Against Immigrant Social Welfare Policy

Hundreds of Hong Kong netizen raised money to place advertisements against the Court of Final Appeal ruling which allows new immigrants to apply for Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) in AM730 and Hong Kong Economic Journal on Jan 15, 2014.

Anti-CSSA Ad

City-state Forum

We urge the government to amend the constitution and defend the rights of the Hong Kong people.

Hundreds of Hongkongers raised money to place this advertisement in newspapers. Why? To defend welfare, rights and dignity of Hongkongers! In December 2013, the Court of Final Appeal ruled that declining CSSA applications from new immigrants who have yet lived in Hong Kong for 7 years is unconstitutional. The decision overthrows the long-established administrative arrangement, enabling Mainland Chinese immigrants to apply for CSSA instantly upon their arrivals.

CSSA was the right of the Hong Kong people. Distinguishing between new and permanent residents is the universal requirement of social welfare for all governments in the world. The design of the system is to integrate new immigrants, the quasi-permanent residents, into the society. The court’s decision lets non-permanent residents rob the identity and rights of the Hong Kong people. From now on, public housing, health care, education, employment of civil servants etc will also be robbed by non-permanent residents. The disaster is so serious that it relates to the rights and fate of 7 million Hong Kong people. Therefore, we raised money to place this advertisement in newspapers, spreading the news to trigger discussion in the society and urge the government and political parties to defend the rights of the Hong Kong people. In here, we carefully propose remedial measures.

1. Amend the Basic Law – The Legislative Council should start the amendment process, stipulating Hong Kong citizenship – modify “Hong Kong resident” in Article 36 of the Basic Law to become “Hong Kong permanent resident”.

2. Take administrative measure – Take back the approval of the one-way permit from Beijing, tighten quotas, and require one-way permit applicants to provide financial proof to ensure that new immigrants can be financially independent in Hong Kong. Family reunion applicants should be processed by means test. Applicants with financial guarantors receive priority.

In the past, the HKSAR government interpreted “Hong Kong residents” in Article 36 of the Basic Law as “Hong Kong permanent residents”.

This accords with the customary practice in public administration. Now, as the court rejects the practice, we demand Leung Chun-ying’s government to address the issue – clearly explain how will the government deal with the aftermath in this year’s policy address.

The initiator of this advertisement: City-state Society


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