Hong Kong Netizens Hold Anti-Chinese Tourists Protest on Canton Road

Recently, Hong Kong puppet government has forecast that there will be 70M tourists (mostly from China) in 2017 and in 2023 there will be 100M tourists.

(*Hong Kong netizens have found out that Japan only had around 10M tourists in 2013 and become more angry with the present situation of Hong Kong.)

Sarah Cheung: Hey! I’ve the video to show you the truth!!
In 2013, Japan only had 10M tourists. And that is already record high. When the TV anchor said Japan will have 30M tourists in 2030, his jaw dropped!

Hong Kong is smaller than Japan millions of times. In 2013, we already had 50M tourists. Now, it is even said that the number of tourists will hit 70M in several years. Later, the number will even hit 100M. It’s unbelievable but it’s true!!!


It’s freaking time to cancel Individual Travel Scheme!!!

Yet, the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development, Gregory So, simply said, “To be honest, (the massive influx of Chinese) will affect some aspects of local people’s daily life, like they can’t get on MTR train immediately and have to wait for another train. It brings some inconvenience. However, we should see the whole picture. You also have to consider the contribution of tourist industry to employment and economy. There should be some balance.”

Gregory So’s speech provoked many locals as MTR train is already so crowded that one has to wait for as many as 13 trains to get on one during peak hour. And due to the large number of passengers, MTR train constantly breaks down.

Hong Kong MTR Train can no longer deal with
Hong Kong MTR Train can no longer deal with the massive influx of Chinese.

Hong Kong MTR train in 1993.

Anti-Chinese Tourists Protest

On February 16, netizens held an anti-Chinese tourists protest on Canton Road, where D&G protest happened. According to the event page of the protest,


The reason of holding this “Drive Out Individual Travel Scheme Tourists (Chinese Tourists)” protest is that the government fails to respond to the people’s request of reducing the number of Individual Travel Scheme tourists and even wants to increase it. The government says Hong Kong can accept 70M Individual Travel Scheme tourists and tells people to wait for several more trains.

Therefore, we hold this “Drive Out Individual Travel Scheme Tourists” protest to drive out locusts and show how we are unhappy with Chinese tourists.

If violence happens in this protest, it is all because of the government ignoring the will of the people!

A leftlet distributed by anti-Chinese tourist protesters
A leftlet distributed by anti-Chinese-tourist protesters

Pro-China groups also held pro-Chinese tourists rally on Canton Road on the same day.

Pro-China group on Canton Road.
Pro-China groups held rally to support Chinese tourists on Canton Road. on the same day.
Anti-Chinese Tourists Netizens vs Pro-China groups
Anti-Chinese Tourists Netizens vs Pro-China groups

[More reports and analyses later]

5 thoughts on “Hong Kong Netizens Hold Anti-Chinese Tourists Protest on Canton Road

  1. The mainland could drastically reduce this problem by reducing extremely high taxes on products like cosmetics, milk powder, diapers, etc. This would create more mainland employment and help reduce the crowding in HK. Hundreds of millions of mainlanders would benefit, and HK would be less like a giant shopping mall and more like a real city.

    I am certain the mainland gov realizes this also, and they don’t do anything about it. To me that speaks volumes. Prices are kept high in the mainland to encourage visitors to Hong Kong, not because the mainland gov wants HK to prosper, but because they want colonization. 100 million tourists to Hong Kong, and the mainland does nothing to try and grab a piece of that retail pie? It’s madness, unless the goal is political, not economic. Farmers in Yunnan spends an arm and a leg on medicine because the CCP wants mainland tourists to overwhelm the HK economy. I can’t really see any other explanation.

    1. “Prices are kept high” so that
      1. China can drive out foreign competition
      2. the government can suck more money out of the Chinese people.
      But of course, China uses the “People Mountain, People Sea” strategy to colonize Hong Kong, squeezing Hong Kong locals out.

      1. it’s the same strategy used over thousand of years to suppress locals. hong kong is still luckier than tibet, and xinjiang. no chance of winning in this battle. i hope my taiwan continue to fight for independent

  2. Thanks for posting this news..you are doing good job translating from Cantonese to english

    this blog is very good source for Hong Kong news, because its unlike south china morning post, that is biased, censored, even worse, pay money to read!!!


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