Hong Kong Mother Cries As She Sees the Last Governor of Hong Kong

According to Apple Daily, hundreds of Hongkongers carrying the Hong Kong flag welcomed the last Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten, who attended the opening ceremony of Hong Kong Maritime Museum at Admiralty on March 20. A crying mother who held her child and the Hong Kong flag grabbed the attention of Apple Daily.

The caption from the newspaper:

Ms Ching said that the sight of Christ Patten reminds her the halcyon days of Hong Kong, making her cry.

A netizen who also went to welcome the former governor in Admiralty said he became emotional as he saw the woman crying.


HKGMr.VENOM: I was there and saw the moment she cried – the car (of Chris Patten) left, then she cried – seeing that, my face twitched.

Other netizens’ comments

公民抗命: Her son will have to live under the oppression of the Hong Kong Commie. (sad)

A mother held her child tightly in her arm during the protest of anti-brainwashing education in 2012, fearing the future of her child.


J大武士: Seeing the woman, I’m deeply saddened. It can’t be denied that British Hong Kong is better than now. I myself don’t know how to describe the present Hong Kong. I feel that Hong Kong doesn’t belong to Hongkongers. But, in 1997, British betrayed Hongkongers because of their own interest. Therefore, Hong Kong is a fucking sad place.

“I Miss You”

Netizens displayed placards saying “We miss you so much” and yelled “I miss you” when they saw the last governor.

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Song mourning Hong Kong is the most successful Cantopop in the 21st century
“The Street of Wedding Invitation” is the most successful Cantonpop in the 21st century. On the surface, it’s about a divorcée recollecting the memory of her previous marriage. In fact, it expresses the pain of the Handover. Several years ago, netizens made a MV according to the genuine meanings of the lyrics.

*”The Street of Wedding Invitation Cards” is 利東街 Lee Tung Street of Wan Chai, where many printing shops of wedding invitation cards were once located. In recent years, the street has been gentrified to become sites of luxury apartments.

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