Mainland Chinese Family’s Public Defecation Incident [Next Magazine Version]

From Next Magazine, issue 1259, via

Around 5pm on April 15, while a photographer of the Next Magazine was walking near Sai Yeung Choi Street’s McDonald, he noticed many passersby covering their noses and walking at a very fast pace. Later, he found that a kid was squatting on the sidewalk defecating.


Standing next to the kid was a Chinese couple – The mother had taken out a piece of tissue paper, preparing to clean her child’s bottom. Standing next to her was a middle-aged man, supposed to be the father, playing with his smartphone. The scene of his child defecating on the street didn’t bother him, and he even cast unfriendly glances at passersby who were covering their noses.
The kid had been defecating for a long time. Yet, no one came up to stop it. The photographer therefore took photos of it. Within 20 seconds, the parents turned around and stared at him angrily. The father grabbed the hand of the photographer, scolding him. The mother also swiftly cleaned her kid and then joined the “carnage”, seizing the camera and lens.

When the photographer wanted to leave, the father grabbed the camera and took out the memory card, which then fell to the ground. As the photographer attempted to pick it up, his wife picked it up before him. She even wielded the tissue paper, which had feces on it, and said continuously, “Take photos of it!”

The father also launched another attack, wielding his child as a weapon and hitting the photographer’s chest. “What would you do if you had a child. You child didn’t need to go to toilet? If you want to take photos, do it now. I let you take it…” The father “threw” the kid to the photographer. Not knowing what to do, the photographer held the kid and put him back on the ground. The crying kid swiftly went back to his father.

The couple took turns to attack him. They even wielded their child (like a weapon), attracting lots of onlookers.

At that time, passersby Mr Ng, whose nickname is Ah Hou, couldn’t stand the sight and raised his hands to stop the mother from attacking the photographer. However, Ah Hou and his friend immediately became the couple’s new targets. Besides scolding him and calling him a “meddler”, the Chinese woman also used the baby stroller as a weapon and hit Au hou.

After the incident, Ah Hou said in the interview that his shin got hit and had wounds on it. He, his girlfriend, and another friend attempted to reason with the couple, however, they lost because the couple yelled. “My girlfriend said there are public toilets nearby. Restaurants also let passersby use the toilets. They could have bought their child to there. However, they simply ignored it.”


Ah Hou pointed out that, even though the police tried to mediate between them, the Chinese couple was still very arrogant and didn’t even back down a bit. In the end, everyone went to the police station and was inquired about the incident. It is reported that the Chinese man is Mr Ye, 30 years old, and the woman was Ms. Fu, 29 years old. After investigation, the police released Ye unconditionally; his wife was released on bail for offence against the person and required to report back to the police station next month.

Ah Hou, who works as a salesman, said frankly that he had seen Chinese urinating and defecating on the streets of Mong Kok. He decided to help this time because he couldn’t really stand it. “Not only did they scold the man, and they even wanted to beat him. I couldn’t stand the sight and therefore helped him out.” Ah Hou said he went to a public hospital afterward. After several hours in there, he was still in line waiting for the medical exam. To fulfill the responsibility of a good citizen, he hadn’t even had his injury checked and gave an oral statement to the police at Mong Kok Police Station at around 10 pm. This incident has given him a lot of trouble, but he doesn’t regret being a “meddler”.

Some netizens accused him of making a big deal out of a public defecation. Ah Hou expressed that he is very helpless and in a passive position. However, he doesn’t think he is wrong. “If a child needs to go, I think his/her parents can choose diapers, or they can do it in the back alley. As a parent, he/she must teach his/her child not to answer the call of nature in the public,” said Ah Hou, who further expressed that it is even worse when parents use violence.

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