China’s Termite Policy Against Hong Kong

In August, Cable TV Hong Kong released the documentary “Decrypting the Future of Hong Kong, 30 Years Later” as the 30th anniversary of the Sino-British Joint Declaration approaches. In the program, a senior Chinese Communist Party member revealed that a visit to Sipsongbanna inspired Zhou Enlai to use the “Termite Policy” to erode Hong Kong. Some netizens mock that the CCP member must have mixed up locusts with termites. At the end of the day, whether it is a “termite” or a “locust” policy, the interview proved that China had given Hong Kong “pest plagues” to ruin the city’s foundation.

The Footage about the “Termite Policy”

Senior CCP Member: Zhou Enlai then proposed the “Termite Policy”. The “Termite Policy” was conceived during Zhou Enlai’s supervisory visit to Sipsongbanna. A staff from the botanical research center brought Zhou to see a big tree. The tree collapsed after a few shakes.

Zhou was curious.Then the staff replied that it was bore through by termites. However, it actually looked normal. The “Termite Policy” means insidious infiltration by the Communist Party. Zhou said Hong Kong also needed “termite attack”.

Netizens’ Mockings

Lee: Termite or locust (policy? )


Ho: The “Termite Policy” fails. CCP has become locusts, destroying both the core and outlook of Hong Kong.

A Hong Kong writer submitted an essay titled “Termites eat Hong Kong; termites eat Taiwan” to Taiwanese Liberty Times.

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