Hong Kong Netizens Reject Martin Lee’s Vision of Hong Kong Democracy

Last night, SocRED reported that Martin Lee appeared on the stage of the pro-student-strike rally in Tamar Park and made the following statement,

But most netizens reject his notion.

Comments from Netizens


Law: Actually, his ambition is too big, too naive. Nothing can save China. At this moment, we Hongkongers only want to save ourselves. We’re about to lose our home!


Yu: If the 1.3 billion people want democracy, why must they depend on Hong Kong? They can do it on their own. And I remember what Chip Tsao had said, if the 1.3 billion people had democracy and voted to cancel Hong Kong’s border and were free to go to Hong Kong, what would happen to us?


Yung: The people of the CCP say, “Without our benevolence, you Hongkonger will have no water and food. To these unappreciative people, what’s the point of fighting for them? If we liberated them from being CCP slaves, they would even blame us for meddling in their businesses, because there would be no CCP slave masters for them to kneel in front of.


Lai :Because of this group of senior social activists, Hong Kong’s democratic progress has been delayed for several decades. They only consume the anger of the Hong Kong people with fucking useless July 1st demonstration, June 4th karaoke meeting (*June 4th candlelight vigil) and “sustainable” social activism. (*To intentionally make a protest fail, so that the issue won’t be resolved. Hence, protests and donations for the cause can be continued for a very long time.) How dare you make such a statement? Martin Lee, I fuck you ten times!!!


Lui: Motherfucking pan-Chinese nationalist


Cheng: What do you want, Martin? The battle is now leaded by the students. You still want to command them to fight for the 1.3 billion people!!! In the past, you “rice people” (*nickname given to “pan-democrats” because of their uselessness) always wanted “Democratic Handover”, which is the cause of today student strike. You should just retire right away!!

Before 1997, the Democracy Party strove for “Democracy Handover”. “Strive for democracy, Support the Handover” was the party’s slogan.

(Democratic Handover: Its main principal is that “the Chinese race has been bullied by the Western powers for the last 200 years” and it regards the Opium War as an unethical war; a stain in the history of the Chinese race. Therefore, the “return” of Hong Kong to China is a matter of course. However, facing the Chinese Communist regime, its lack of democracy will definitely harm Hong Kong. Therefore, democracy should also return to China. The aims of Democratic Handover is to democratize China (through the “return” of Hong Kong), unify Taiwan democratically, and through these, rebuild the glory of the Chinese race. )


陳: The battle is to fix the mistakes you and your party have done and the chances you have missed in these 30 years. Go away, Democratic Handover camp!

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Netizens Reject Martin Lee’s Vision of Hong Kong Democracy

  1. Check out this guy arguing that misbehaving HKers should just be shot: http://blog.jim.com/war/unlawful-assembly-in-hong-kong/

    He’s kind of influential in certain blogospheres. The gist of his post is basically that recent events would not have happened without American support, that America is the biggest threat to capitalism, and so a democratic Hong Kong would threaten the Chinese political/economic system.

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